Sexist Buddhists expel Aussie monastery

acharya buddha d.m. murdockI say, good riddance! The pretentious Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand has expelled an Australian monastery from its order for ordaining two women as monks, proving once again that organized religion doesn’t make people more godly or enlightened. As I’ve written about before, in spite of its various superior aspects, organized Buddhism of the past several centuries has developed a serious sexist streak that lumps it in with the less-enlightened Abrahamic faiths and virulent strains of Hindu fanaticism as well. In fact, for the most part the organized religions of the past couple of centuries have largely based their identity on how oppressive they can be towards women. Buddhism in many parts of the world has proved itself not much less chauvinistic than these others, and here we go again, with this patently ridiculous move that will eventually spell the end of the old-timers, as the innovators attract more enlightened and healthier devotees.

In any event, it’s high time to throw away the sexist religious cults for the most part. Truly enlightened people have no need for organized spirituality of any sort. Become a Buddha, not a Buddhist! It’s much more liberating and fun. When you are a Buddha, you get to write your own ticket, not follow a bunch of deadening rote and rules. You become the creator of your own drama – as I say, much more fun. Don’t put off living life – do it now!

Thai Buddhist council severs ties with Perth monastery over women

Bangkok – Thailand’s Sangha Supreme Council which governs the country’s Buddhist monkhood has severed all ties with and Australian monastery for ordaining two female monks, media reports said Tuesday.

‘The expulsion took effect Monday after the council had ruled to cancel the monastery’s status as a branch of Wat Nongpapong in Ubon Ratchathani province,’ The Nation online news site reported.

While the expulsion means the Bodhinyana monastery in Perth can no longer claim to be ‘sanctified’ by links with the famed Forest Temple in Ubon Ratchathani it does not mean its temple status in Australia has been revoked….

Phra Bhramabvanco recently allowed two bhikkhuni, or female monks, be ordained in Perth although the Theravada sect of Buddhism arguably forbids such a practice….

On a personal note, an absurd follower of an Indian guru was attempting to insult me once by telling me that I was not behaving like a (good little) woman, to which I replied, “Consciousness has no gender, you stupid little man.”  Again, being a Buddha is a blast!

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  1. Sexiest Buddhist………
    “On a personal note, an absurd follower of an Indian guru was attempting to insult me once by telling me that I was not behaving like a (good little) woman, to which I replied, “Consciousness has no gender, you stupid little man.” Again, being a Buddha is a blast!”

    I concur your observation that [b]”Consciousness has no gender, ….”[/b] This is what is the essence of the [b]”Spirituality”. [/b]This does need to qualify it as organised or plain. Spirituality is Spirituality, like Conciousness is Conciousness. This does not need any prefixes or suffixes.

    It is this [b]”Conciousness”[/b] factor is the “Energy” principle, which as you rightly said, has no gender, no colour, no form, no names, no physical qualities of perceptible nature, like taste, smell and etc. That is why, it is not the Christ, or Krishna, or Buddha, or Allah &c; that is important, but it is [b]”Their Conciousness”[/b] that is important. This is the essence of pure [b]”SPIRITUALITY”[/b]. It is miles away from the
    obtuse definition and practices of modern day so called [b]”Religion”. [/b]We aim to attain the very “Conciousness” factor through the study and practices of true “Spirituality.

    This is why, I always add a word of caution from fake “Guru”, the one you certainly encountered. He himself was a poor misguided soul, needing himself ‘Enlightenment’. In Vedas, they define the real “Guru” by the following “sloka” in Sanskrit:

    [b]”Guru Brahmaa, Guru Vishnu, Gurudevo Maheshwaraa;
    Gurur shakshaat param Brahmam, tasmaiw shree Guruwai namah”. [/b]

    This particular “sloka” or stanza summarises the qualities of who can be or called or qualify to be called a “Guru”. In essence, it means that one who has known the “Trinity” i.e. “Conciousness” in the form of ‘Brahmaa’, ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Mahesh’; who are the denominators of “Ultimate” “Conciousness” i.e. “Brahmaa”. A man who has himself attained that Conciousness alone qualifies to be called a “Guru”. I am sure the one Acharya met was not even worth calling a Guru of any denomination. In fact they are a bloat on the name of a Guru and it is these kind of street brands who defame the real spirit of the teachings and cause misunderstandings.

    Expressed in other words, it should make you a better person in totality – that is in “Body, Mind and Soul”, in its trinity. A better Christian, a better Muslim, a better Hindu, a better Buddha and so on. Failure in that conversion is a failure of that Religious or Spiritual practice, whatever you wish to call it.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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