Scientific UFO evidence out of Norway

Scientists in Hessdalen, Norway, track strange lights in the night sky moving at speeds of up to 30,000 kilometers per hour, while local residents tell of seeing brightly lit flying craft. This circumstance is called the “Hessdalen Phenomenon.”

“And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space, ’cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth.”


  1. My guess is that the lights are either a poorly understood natural phenomena akin to ball lightning, or pehaps even some undiscovered species of aerial animal.
    The Hessdalen lights of Norway are rather similar to the Marfa lights of Texas and the Min-min lights of Australia.

    1. Solid Proof That We Are Not Alone!
      Amazing evidence of what the members of this planet are finally realizing; we are not alone!

      We can continue, as a society, to claim there is no evidence to support extraterrestrial visitation, but this type of material makes such claims look ridiculous. When we are presented with solid photographic evidence, it’s hard for the shills to debunk the truth. They still make an attempt, however, to do just that.

      You won’t see this on the six o’clock evening news because the truth is not permitted on mainstream media products. When it does leak out, it is explained, by paid disinformation agents, as swamp gas, natural phenomena, as well as other conventional answers.

      This is a great study that has produced quality proof that we are being visited by alien cultures.

      1. “Proof that we are being visited by alien cultures”?
        People have seen strange lights in the sky. Yes, its a mysterious phenomena, but there is not a single shred of proof that these are alien spaceships.
        My bet is still on the idea that the Hessdalen lights are a poorly understood natural phenomenon.

        Seeing as the Hessdalen lights looked more like just strange lights rather than any form of technology, and seeing as no one reported seeing any alien beings in association with them, any claim that they are somehow linked to aliens requires making enormous leaps of logic that are completely unwarranted.

        1. a poorly understood natural phenomenon ?
          Lights that form a perfect triangle as they light up, balls of light uniformly crossing the sky is an arc, nature can sometimes create fascinating displays, but its never perfect, just doesn’t seem natural to me.

          1. You’d be surprised at just how amazing natural phenomena can be.
            And even if you did manage to take that out of the picture, there’s other possible explanations as well. Such as undiscovered flying lifeforms, secret aircraft, etc, etc, etc.
            There’s still nothing to warrant labeling them the phenomena as alien spaceships. The whole “I don’t understand it, therefore it must be aliens” is no better than the medieval response of “I don’t understand, therefore it must be signs from God”.

            Also, about the “ancient aliens” idea, perhaps you might like reading the following article by Acharya S:
            She gives an alternative explanation to the ancient astronaut theories.

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  3. Yeah, a flaming bigfoot or beti a yeti… named Freti; you geti?

  4. A natural/supernatural phenomenon
    I first wrote and had published an article about this phenomenon in 2002: It’s a worldwide phenomenon with many regional names that is still apparently little understood by some. It’s related to geomagnetic planetary forces, and has most often been reported in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway and certain areas of Southern England, and has been reported for millennia.

  5. How does atmospheric lensing create evidence on/in
    Your “Guess” is based on what?, did you even watch the video?.
    If you had of done, you would have found that a 2x2x1meter square patch of ground has been removed with clinical precision, no tool marks, no signs of vehicles onto which the materiel could be loaded.
    No evidence of any kind of human activity. in a remote spot with no vehicular access, and the type of vehicles that possibly could get there would leave gouging evidence of the appearance.
    So a 2x2x1 meter “Lump” lifted in, apparently, one go, no tool marks or evidence of a removal vehicle.

    The min min lights are caused by atmospheric lensing, the Marfa lights of texas are the same thing, By watching you would also have seen that the spectrum of light these B.O.L emit is complete across the entire spectrum, now, it can’t be the sun doing it at night can it.
    It cannot be Gas, or, car headlights as their spectrums are very easily identifiable and would show peaks/troughs/voids in expected places dependent upon the elements used to create the light.

  6. Apparently you are not aware of Hessdalen. Hessdalen is the town with the most UFO reports. Several scientists there cannot explain the phenomenon for years. It is not a natural phenomenon as you assume.

  7. would have been easier
    Should have just went to “BILLY,S”, HOUSE, HE WOULD HAVE BROUGHT YOU UP TO DATE…

  8. Not natural at all.
    The later footage by the students is common triangular craft known as a TR3B most likely reversed engineered captured craft at area 51 / Groom Lake. They had up until recently a fleet of these but there have been developments…… check out divine cosmos david wilcocks site about the details.

  9. absurd diversion
    Where are we, 1961? NO ONE can get a clear photo?

    That is not possible, anywhere, with any photo gear?

    Unlikely. This ‘Saga’ stinks, on ice.


    1. Yes, it’s the same old “suggestive” evidence. And this is the best they can produce in an area where apparently there have been numerous previous “sightings”. And who can believe that serious scientists would not have more monitoring devices than a video camera? This report is encouraging mindless credulity.

  10. Face the truth
    No matter how compelling the evidence or how distinguished the university or scientists involved, some people refuse to believe.

    We need to accept that many have been primed by their religious influences to believe that aliens are “fallen angels” or demons from the as explained in the Bible.

    Any other explanation cannot be believed as a matter of faith.

    But the Bible doesn’t explain pyramids built with impossible precision or cut stones so large that no machine can lift them.

    Some folks refused to believe that the Earth is round and some doctors went to their graves without accepting that tiny bacteria on their hands killed their patients. Is the truth any less true simply because some will not hear it? Their logic is no different than someone who was blind from birth refusing to believe in light and colors.

  11. There is a god, who created this universe, he/she did not create this whole universe just for a bunch of very unevolved humans, that is completly ridicules, would you build a trillion homes for one family ??

  12. P.S there are also numerous SOULS on this planet who have had lifetimes on other planets.

  13. It might be interesting to use dual cameras hooked up in stereo to track the lights.
    The existing photos show tracks of the lights’ movements, but only in two dimensions. More might be gained if we knew something of their three-dimensional paths.

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