Saudis males sleazy dancing with each other

The extreme gender apartheid of Saudi Arabia has really worked out well to make the “holy kingdom” the pillar of blissful heterosexuality.

Be sure to see Pat Condell’s biting commentary on this subject of misogyny, homophobia and rampant homosexuality in the oppressive and hypocritical KSA.


  1. Here is more regarding the history of Muslims

    “Article and Video about the Barbary Wars when the US smashed the Muslim Pirates of the Mediterranean”

    “Skanderbeg,Albanian Prince,pretended to be Muslim for more than 20 years,Retracted and fought the Turks”

  2. Pat …
    is such a naughty boy. 🙂
    Sheesh, sexual repression has such wonderful results …

  3. Could never comprehend the homosexual bonding. But then its not about comprehension, bonding is all about emotions and cannot follow any formulae or rules.

    Sleazy video indeed. But its doubtful they’ll agree.

    Or perhaps they know its all sleazy, if they have the ‘conservative and strictly straight’ outlook built into their minds, and most probably they do, and are enjoying their descent into some muslim hell.

    Takes all kinds…

  4. mmmm
    😮 have their leaders really got a fear of women ? Or is it a fear their subjects might not fear their sex ? after all if they don’t fear their nature they could unite and rebel against the religious oppression innit ? :woohoo:

  5. Maybe some eunuchs invaded the party :unsure:

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