Saudi child marriage rampant

But Saudi Arabia is such a godly place! The home of Islam, favored by Allah – how could there be anything bad going on there?

The fact is that so long as 1.5 billion people believe a man who married a 6-year-old and began having sex with her when she was nine is a “holy prophet,” we will continue to see this sort of sociopathology. The Saudis are simply following the lead of Islam’s founder.  If we do not recognize that fact, many millions of more children will suffer this horrendous fate.

Child marriage still an issue in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a serious child-marriage problem….

It’s emblematic of the nation’s struggle between modernity and traditional Islam. But the lives of thousands of little girls are being destroyed as the Saudi government ponderously debates a solution.

Child marriage has been acceptable, even encouraged, in many Islamic states since the religion was born. After all, among the prophet Muhammad’s dozen wives was Aisha, who is believed to have been 6 or 7 years old when the two were married….

This “marriage” and subsequent marital rape of Aisha are recorded in several Islamic texts, including:

The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death). — Bukhari 7.62.88

While many Muslims shriek about “insults” concerning their “holy prophet,” those of us who are revolted by child “marriage” (institutionalized rape) will continue to find Mohammed’s example itself to be highly insulting to our morality.


  1. Aisha was atleast 19 years old wen she married the prophet. There are no child marriages in saudi Arabia.The Christian God came out of a vagina of a 12 year old girl. Free and underage sex is rampant in many christian countries. 12 year old legal in holland and spain.

    1. That would be a muslim lie.

    2. Amen, America has fallen away from the bible. You hear I read the bible, but really they more like only read a few verses. Then they take the verses and transform to what they interpet it. Everyone should seek the hebrew meaning of what they read to get a full understanding of Yeshewa. If they really read it they would get their head out of the sand and back into the clouds where Adoni and Yeshewa are waiting.

      Oh and Yeshewa was Jesus name. Hebrew alphabit back in the bible did not have the letter J look it up.

      A girl child is of age at 12 yrs and a boy at 13 yrs old. America is who changed it with all the so called activist (lock them up) oh we can’t do that Adoni wont approve. Well they really need to get to know Adoni aka God.

      Wake up America read that bible from front to back and we won’t sound so dumb when we read articals like this.

      1. Hebrew Alphabet?
        Bad news, Jesus and people in the Holy Land spoke Aramaic at the time of Christ. Not Hebrew. You may want to improve your understanding of what language was used at that time. You may also want to understand Jesus is a translation from the Greek. The languages used then were Greek and Aramaic by the Hebrews. Greek was used throughout most of the eastern Roman Empire and the Romans themselves used it as much if not more than Latin.

        Many of the books written for the Bible, both New and Old Testatment were in Greek vs Hebrew.

      2. the voice
        A girl or boy is not of age for marriage until they are fully developed. Some girls don’t even hit puberty at 12 so you can not say they are of age. In addition to that, the problem here is that children can not consent. A 12 year old is a child and so is a 13 year old Their bodies are going through a change but it is still growing. There are so many young girls dying during childbirth because they are too young. you would think after 100 of them died that people would stop but no they don’t. Forcing someone to marry at any age is unacceptable. If a man can choose whether he is going to get married so should the girl. But under the age of about 16 they can not think on their own, therefore, the marriage is invalid and the conssumation is actually rape…a child does not know what is even happening to them.

    3. J.Lat – response
      What racist abhorent nonsense. Completely untrue and vile. You need help.

  2. Actually, if you knew my work, you would know that I have critiqued Judaism and Talmudism in many places, including on this website.

    I resent your remarks about “hypocrisy,” as I certainly have absolutely nothing to do with supporting child abuse of any kind wherever it may be found.

    Throwing up other cultures constitutes a red herring away from the issue at hand, which is Saudi child rape.

  3. Of course, I am not going to agree with your reprehensible perspective, which leaves small children at the mercy of adult males justifying their atrocious behavior through religion. A 9-year-old child is not capable of making a “contract” of this kind and should not be having sex or reproducing, regardless of your or any other perverse viewpoint.

    Your sweeping generalizations of my responses as “nasty” is likewise not justifiable, as you give not a single example. Perhaps you previously justified some other reprehensible activity, and I responded in like kind as I have done here – is that what you call “nasty?”

    Nevertheless, you have demonstrated that you do not know my work to be making such commentary in the first place, as I most certainly have addressed the Talmud and Judaism many times over the past 15 years online.

    Do not bother to post here again justifying child rape – we will not put such disgraceful remarks through again. Insulting me will not work in covering your tracks.

  4. Oh please. The [i]tu quoque[/i] fingerpointing elsewhere is quite tiresome.

    All you have done is proved that the entire Abrahamic cultus – including Christianity, which teaches these women that their bodies are dirty and that they are “born in sin” – is a pathology that needs to be addressed with even greater fervor.

  5. Thank you for the sensible comment in a sea of depravity that is actually justifying this atrocious “tradition.”

  6. Yes, get real indeed. Countries are mere fictional borders on a map. The appeal to ignore the rest of the world’s plight is an excuse to be lazy about helping others.

    [quote]We look and sound like the idiots we are! I don’t care what the WORLD does. The WORLD doesn’t care about what I do?[/quote]
    Speaking for yourself, obviously…

    1. Right Ji
      Must confess I’m a secret lover of Prophet Acharya. I must agree with her on ever point including this one…nicely put up……

  7. “The author” has criticized Christianity and the child abuse within Catholicism many times.

    This particular post is about [i]Saudi [/i]child abuse.

  8. Since I don’t support or engage in any of the atrocious behaviors you highlight, I certainly [i]am [/i]someone who can judge them all. Using this fallacious “reasoning,” who are you to judge what[i] I[/i] do?

    There are already [i]many [/i]people involved in criticizing U.S. military policies, but it is obvious from responses like yours that more need to step up to the plate in standing up for little girls worldwide.

    [quote]Why don’t you care about hungry and dying children around the world? Millions of children around the world die of malnutrition and diseases before they reach the age of 6.[/quote]
    Another straw man, since I have never said that I don’t care about starving children. It is in my nature to address problems wherever they are, including the sexual exploitation of children, which is the subject of this thread.

    [quote]Leave Saudi Arabia alone. Live their religion alone. Live their traditions alone.[/quote]
    I would be glad to leave their religion alone, if it would leave alone me and the many millions globally who want nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, these wretched traditions are not confined to borders and are being spread globally. Why don’t [i]you [/i]care about that fact?

  9. Thank you, Samir, for one of the only intelligent, rational and evolved comments we’ve gotten here.

    I’m glad you can see and were able to escape from this ideology.

  10. Why Should We Care?
    I say, Americans need to let the World carry on the way it wants to. Americans need to focus on America FIRST!

    Lot’s of injustice here to work on. Pain and suffering right next door where ever you live. Get your focus back to your community.

    Who are we to be so arrogant to judge others activities and practices in their own country? The Arabs have been around centuries longer than America! Stop meddling in everyone’s lives trying to “straighten” their lives out in order to conform to the American Standards of right and wrong!

    We look and sound like the idiots we are! I don’t care what the WORLD does. The WORLD doesn’t care about what I do?

    Get REAL!

    1. Why should we care?
      Wow, your stupidity is amazing… Do you honestly think that they are interested in leaving us alone? Muslims are moving across the world, and wanting to take Sharia law with them. If we leave them to their own devices, we shirk our responsibility as thinking human beings to eradicate EVIL.
      If we leave them to their own devices, how long before the mullahs are saying having at children in the US, and the UK is okay too. Their religion doesn’t believe in minding their own business… They believe that if you won’t convert to their religion, you’re better off dead. They will be more than happy to spread their insanity, and depravity right into your home.
      Wake up before it’s your children they are raping.

  11. Child Brides
    I find this hard to believe about Islam (the religion of peace) Saudi Arabia is renowed as a bastion of free speech & human rights. Seriously though why doesn’t the Western World put billions into alternate fuel research be it coal to oil, shale to oil or hydrogen etc. Then we can tell this evil country to go to hell and sieze Saudi investments in Western countries.

    1. Make it simple
      Why bother doing research and all that just take these countries over- once spared and created by Great Britain.Histry is a proof don’t listen or argue with (Satanic army)musalmmans just Hit them and they follow … drance on drums disliked by Allah

  12. culture
    At his time 1400 years ago poeple got married at a very early age.
    In arabia until 40 years ago it was normal to get married when a man or a women reach 15 years of age. to iilustrate , in Islam the age responsibilty is when a person reaches puberty not when he or she reaches 18 ! In our world we do not have the concept of girl friend and boy freind or coupling. we call them adulterers .

    what is the alternative to adultry in our system , it is quit simple .

    westrens may not be accustomed to the idea of intercourse with a girl who reached 9 years who has monthly cycles !
    but she has sexual desires and have the ability to bear children.

    yah you like the figures of teenage pregrancy because you are not responsible to care for their children

    1. A Foul and Repugnant post by Fahad
      What about their mental capabilities at this age? Rape of a child is no more than a sick desire to dominate and harm someone. You speak of a premature development in the physiology of a little girl and then you use that to justify the fact that you are an ill piece of garbage.
      I find this type of reasoning common among islamists and sociopaths. Total disregard for the psychology and mental health and well being of a woman or a girl. You will always live in the third world until you develop a set of ethics not based on medieval dogma.

      1. A very intelligent post.

    2. Fahad – culture
      A nine-year-old girl is a child. A twelve-year-old girl is a child, with or without monthly cycles. Girls don’t stop growing physically until they are sixteen years old. Males, on the other hand, don’t stop growing until they are eighteen years old, accounting for the taller stature of males than females, on average. Would you want a child to have a baby before she has even stopped growing herself? Why would a man enjoy conversation with a child more than with an educated woman, unless all he wants is an easily manipulated sex slave and cook? A nine-year-old girl with periods already has enough to overwhelm her, without an adult male forcing himself upon her and experiencing childbirth. She’s not even old enough to watch a horror movie without being traumatized!

    3. The Voice
      A nine year old is a child. It does not matter which hemisphere or country he/she comes from. They are not capable of love in the way of marriage. A child can love their parents and family because they are shown love, though the way of being taken care of raised and reared. Marriage is a different type of love and there are duties of marriage a child can not perform one of the being intercourse. A female child may get her period as young as nine but her body is not ready for intercourse or bearing children. Her body is going through a change; it is developing but it is not yet developed and neither is her mind. Having intercourse with a child is rape because she/he does not know what is happening to them they are being manipulated into participating in the acts. That means their freedoms have been taken away because they can not think for themselves their mind is not yet able to understand the concept and they are made to think this is what their life should be when in fact it is not. Every girl and boy has the right to grow up and make their own decisions.

    4. you are disgusting
      First of not all nine year old children have reached puberty. But if they did the keyword is CHILD. Children are not supposed to get married they are supposed to be children. This is one of the reasons the east is so unstable; you guys force people to do things and they do not even know what they are. A child does not know the responsibilities of marriage and can not give consent. This is not even about your “prophet” this is about the things going on now. Young girls are dying from childbirth from being too young. When will you people ever learn. You and others keep bringing up the “western culture”. The difference is the west and their sins are not backed up by their religion. “your culture says it is okay to marry a young child which means the they must conssumate it. A young child does not know what sex is, so to force her to do it is rape. To force anyone to do something is rape. and without the person knowing what they are getting into is manipulation.

  13. Guess we need to bomb them and then they all die

    End of prophet

    1. Congratulations on your perfectly programmed response!

  14. The only difference between Islam and Christianity
    is the Islamic faith requires marriage before sex and
    christians have sex with little girls before marriage.
    I wonder why the authos is not telling the story of
    our little girls here who have been sexualized by the
    Pope and his kings that follow him.

  15. It’s incredibly depressing to see the extent to which people will go to justify this perversion against children.

    Child marriage = rape, period.

    Perhaps you should grow a conscience, rather than attempting to insult me into accepting this vile practice.

    1. [quote]It’s incredibly depressing to see the extent to which people will go to justify this perversion against children[/quote]

      Are you capable of reading English? I noted I opposed the practice, I wasn’t justifying it, I was merely pointing out you are hysterical and a hate-mongerer. Criticizing a policy is one thing, but personally I am more offended by the million fetuses murdered a year in the US – for whose laws I bear some personal responsibility – than the few minor girls who are married off by their parents at a young age in Saudi Arabia (or, infinitely worse, sold into prostitution in Thailand or Philippines, maybe you should focus your anger on the child sex slave trade, par. since the French culture minister is such an avid user of young boy sex slaves).

      [quote]Child marriage = rape, period.[/quote]

      It’s not possible to argue with such stupidity. If it were a clear case, it would be part of the definition of the word. It is NOT. What is clear is that it is part of your ideology, which is fine, but unfortunately your ideology has so blinded you that you cannot distinguish your ideology from facts. That means you are a FANATIC! and dangerous.

      To make this rational: rape is sexual intercourse / assault without consent. In the case of marriage, there is consent, typically by the minor and, in case consent by the minor does not count for you, the parents. Now you might argue neither the minor nor the parent can consent to this – though they could consent to, say, an operation, an “education” (secular humanist indoctrination), religious indoctrination, and just about anything else, but not sex. Fine, but that is your ideology. There is no way to “prove”, factually, that a 12-year-old girl cannot consent to sex, par. if her parents also consent, and par. when it is part of a marriage sanctioned by the church, state and community.

      [quote]Perhaps you should grow a conscience, rather than attempting to insult me into accepting this vile practice.[/quote]

      Again, I said I opposed the practice, and certainly wasn’t trying to get you to accept it. But what I object to is your HYSTERIA, and you greatly blowing out of proportion how something like this ranks on the scale of global injustices. Get a grip.

      1. Who is the hate mongering bigot here, but you Andrea? Child rape is wrong under ANY context. It is RAPE. Since it is normal tradition in Arabia and elsewhere via Islam or barbaric tradition doesn’t make what is an institutional thing trivial.

        Why divert attention to other forms of abuse? They are ALL wrong. Your inability to focus on the issue here shows your pre-judgmental bigotry and religious zealousness…or rather your own hysterics that you impute to the author’s article on Islam…which is the fastest and invasive growing danger to overhauling the moral degradation in our own society. That is a subject for another article….on pinpointing criminal immoral degradation (not sanctified by any decent morality). We catch those miserable POS, we put them in a dungeon and throw away the key.

        Since the rest of your article is retarded, I sense you are one of those perverts who needs to be in one of those dungeons. You are fricking dangerous to any sane society with you illogic! Are you writing from the White room?

  16. Phew. More welcome sanity in a sea of grotesqueness.

  17. We are not discussing the Talmud here, but you can read all about it in my article –

    Quotes on Judaism ([url][/url])

  18. This is why I left islam
    I was born in jordan…which is also an islamic arab country. The king of jordan claims he is a direct relative of mohammad the child molester. Jordanians also marry kids…some as young as 5. Can you imagine a 50 year old man marrying a 5 year old….then having sex with her? I turned my back on islam a long time ago….it it THE MOST brain washing ,enslaving religion of all time.

  19. [quote]Do you really want to see Saudi Arabia’s morality replaced with a western version of morality?[/quote]
    What you have described is not “Western morality.” It is [i]human immorality[/i], period.

    [quote]Western men hate to feel that they do not have free access to all of the world’s women, and will destroy entire cultures to that end.[/quote]
    Complete and utter rubbish. In fact, such a comment would be more applicable to fanatical [i]Muslim [/i]men, who seem quite determined to enslave all the world’s women under the incredibly sexist and misogynistic sharia law ([url][/url]).

  20. Who is “our?” Why are you in my blog posting comments? Mind your own business. 👿

  21. Is that so….
    What about the multi-billion dollar porno industry, which exploits children less than six years of age? Waht about the pedophilia among Catholic priests? Do you really want to see Saudi Arabia’s morality replaced with a western version of morality?

    I have a theory. Western men hate to feel that they do not have free access to all of the world’s women, and will destroy entire cultures to that end.

  22. So?
    Whatever customs different countries have are really none of our business. If the U.S. is to be morrally superior, we had better start right here at home, as there is enormous work to do right here. Many countries, Israel included, have customs that normal people find distasteful, it’s there culture and none of our business.

  23. Holly Greig or is it Grieg
    Well before you throw stones at someone else’s glass house look at your own. What of Holly Grieg (spelling?) the Scottish girl that was used sexually by her father and all his cronies for damn near 20 years? It happens in these good christian countries also. All these men should be shot!

    1. If the allegations about the abuse of Hollie Grieg are true, then crimes have been committed for which heavy punishment is prescribed. Paedophilia is probably the most abhorrent of crimes to most Westerners. However, a criticism you can make legitimately is that in Western nations investigations of this crime often seem to go nowhere if the perpetrators are alleged to be professionals, politicians, entertainment stars, or law enforcers.

  24. Who are you to judge?
    I am not Muslim. I am non-practicing Protestant.

    But, who are you to judge their traditions, religion and age of consent? Who gave you authority to judge?

    There are countries where age of consent is 18, 15 or 12. Who are you to judge their society rules and standards?

    While U.S. soldiers are killing men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, your major concern is marriage consummation with 9 years old girl.

    While Israeli (The U.S. masters) are killing men, women and children in Palestine, your major concern is Mohammed’s 6 years old wife Aisha.

    Would you prefer to see Aisha dead before she was 3 years old? Better than that, would you prefer to see her mother, father, sister and the rest of her family dead before Aisha married Mohammed?

    Why don’t you care about hungry and dying children around the world? Millions of children around the world die of malnutrition and diseases before they reach the age of 6.

    Leave Saudi Arabia alone. Live their religion alone. Live their traditions alone.

    Please, look to your own before you throw the first stone.

  25. Child marriages in muslim countries are nothing less than very early brain-washing. Marry children…and begin subjecting them to correctings, beating and indoctrination. The so-called ‘men’ in the muslim countries are totally pre-occupied…and unable to deal on a daily basis with anything sexual…or sensual./ Giving birth, life long slavery and death is what muslim women are granted by their men. You have no equality as a muslim woman. The only time you are granted equality is if you agree to carry a bomb…thereby ending your very sad life on earth.

  26. James de Juste II

    Nonsense. Some nine year old girls can start being mature physically, sexually and emotionally. Unlike simply “having sex,” a Marriage CONTRACT is societally acceptable (in its particular society). (And remember Mohammed’s first wife was much older than he. So the people in that part of the world have a different cultural view of acceptable differential marriage ages than you do. You appear culture-biased and snobbishly self-righteous to me.)

    But most importantly here, you also reveal your prejudices by singling out the Mohammedans and bashing their cultural norms while saying nothing about the Jews and their Talmud which sanctifies having sex (no marriage CONTRACT here) for women with their sons if under nine years of age.

    And also while your at it, why not say something about American Black female’s proclivity for having sex and even having children OUT of wedlock (no marriage CONTRACT here); yes, sex even as early as nine.

    But then I don’t expect you to have an agreeable response to this, as in the past your responses to some comments, not in agreement with you, has been rather nasty.

    1. The people here are not being culturally bias; they are speaking basic human rights. Nine year old(s) do not have sexual thoughts. How do I know?? I was nine once, as were you did u think about sex?? of course not. I am not denying that there are not some out there who do..but most do not. Who is to say which do an do does not? That is their own business.These are children and children should not have such adult responsibilities. Even if they do have sexual feelings they do not know what they are and when they reach the mature age to find out it IS THEIR CHOICE TO MAKE THE DECISION WHETHER TO ACT OR NOT. Your culture forces young girls to become sex slaves to a “HUSBAND” and they do not even know what is going on. Just try to think back..about the freedom you had as a child and the creativity. Children are precious and a gift. Their innocence should not be taken away from them it is a gradual process they must go through in their own spirits not someone else(s) fantasies.

  27. Saudi
    Interesting that you dont mention the Jewish Talmud, which sanctions such behavior (Pedophilia) in their religion.

    Marriages are arranged in these countries, and consumated when the women are mature.

    Even in the USA, marriage laws have been changed only recently.
    12, 14, 16 were very common. A few states having no laws.

    I smell some hypocrisy in your post.

  28. Farah, I am glad I am Christian because of people
    From what I can tell, Islam is no different than Roman Catholicism. The man or prophet is worshipped, not God. This is why there is rampant evil in obht because man is a fallen creature. What Christianity as a whole and Islam have in common is the mistreatment of woman. Woman was a gift to man. If you cannot treat God’s original gift well, he will not bringforth more.

  29. Hyprocisy
    Those in the West who pretend to be so abhorred by this story should reflect on how women are treated in your media – as meat.

    How many stories some to the Press, daily, about another beautiful young woman found raped, hacked to pieces in a trench, or headless in a dumpster? How many women, no how many girls, young girls, are prostitutes in your streets, heroin in their veins, selling their bodies to hundreds of men to feed their habits, before they die of AIDS or Hepatitis C, or are murdered?

    Don’t point the finger at Saudi Arabia. These girls will grow up with love, cared for by mothers in the household, respected, secure, and yes – happy.

  30. looks like mr acharya belongs to or born hindu religion. this guy has history of pointing figer at other faiths.what are the hindu faiths go to youtube and watch “goutham’s aghori” and decide u r self.

  31. Hateful Diatribe
    First, you trivialize “rape” by using that word, in a hysterical tone, to describe marriages with young girls. Rape is very different. Second, when a girl reaches puberty, she is ready to mate and have children. Maybe your ideology disagrees with that, but that is a biological fact. Third, this incident happened a long time ago, when values, and life expectancy, where very different, even in the West (see e.g. – and e.g. in Spain the age of consent is still 13).

    Bottom line: you are just a hate-mongering bigot. It’s one thing to oppose child marriage – which I do – but it’s another to go into a hateful tirade about it.

    1. a young girl is not ready to mate when she reaches puberty. Puberty is just a sign of change but it has not yet changed. A girl should marry when she knows what marriage is and can understand what is happening not when a man finds her attractive.

  32. I say who cares what goes on in the Muslim world as long as they don’t come to the west! If they want to marry their Goats I couldn’t care less as long as they don’t try to tell me what I can do in my life.

    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

    1. The talmud…..the no. 1 Hate book
      Burn it.

    2. Your quotes come from anti-Semitic websites
      Please tell us where you got this information because these quotes from the Talmud you quote are all bogus! That’s right buddy–the Internet is filled with anti-Semitic websites that are filled with complete fabricated biblical quotes, made-up Talmudic quotes from nonexistent chapters, etc.

      You want proof? Go to the real Talmud:

      Now in terms of these bogus rulings with name Sanhedrin on them, go ahead and read book 8 on the Tract Sanhedrin, that’s not even close how a decision is entered! there’s no 54b & 55b!

      And in terms of tricking people like you, these professional anti-Semitic propagandists know exactly what they’re doing when they fabricate a quote from some nonexistent Jew! Book 9–one of the commentators is named Shebuoth but look how deceptive these propagandists are, they created fictional Jewish commentary by some person named Kethuboth! OK, so these anti-Semites have not only just a fabricated quote from the Talmud but they constructed a nonexistent Jew who said it!

      You’re no different to the Germans who read Martin Luther’s ‘On the Jews and Their Lies’ printed in 1543. Luther repeated all the myths that were tied to the European Jews like: the poisoning of wells, charging exorbitant interest rates (and earn money from those that actually toil & sweat in their jobs) and of course there was the infamous blood libel of kidnapping Christian child (killing them and use their blood for ritual purposes).

      So you disgust me because you represent the sort of breed of mankind that so hates Jews that you’re willing to believe the fabricated lies of the professional anti-Semite propagandists as the truth and then based on this, you’re ready to point the finger at the Jews!

      Screw you and all people like you!

    3. Fake Quotes!
      These quotes and plenty like them are taken off of Jew hating websites that create phony Talmudic quotes! Don’t believe, research it yourself–oh how devious anti-Semites can be, there is no such Talmudic author named Kethuboth, however there is a Shebuoth!

      There’s lies and then there are damn lies!

      There’s no such Sanhedrin 54b nor 55b quotes–once again complete fabrications!

      If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough people will begin to believe it as the truth!

  34. Mohammadanism
    I wonder if Islaam has anything to do with Allah. It is only muhamadanan which has taken over the believers so completely. Not questioning God or their agents will continue this barbarity inflicted on human in name of Gog. People please rise against institutinized religion now before too late….thanks

  35. There is nothing “hysterical” about my commentary anywhere on this page, and your remarks is simply a sexist insult – more of the same as I initially addressed.

    Meanwhile, as you are wasting my time and yours ranting at me with all manner of vitriol and calumny, more fetuses are being aborted and more children are being [i]raped [/i]in so-called marriages.

    Get a grip, indeed.

    1. Lovely. Another round of hearing muslims defend child rape. I hope the rest of the audience pays attention to this regular occurrence.

      [quote]if you like to know what is islam ….that is not only why prophet mohamed married an 9 years old girle ….that was 1450 years old ago …and your knoldge is nothing about the generation at this time …..[/quote]

      I agree. It’s a story from a backward & barbaric time & place. So how do you decide which parts of the story to ignore as outdated nonsense & which ones to use to justify running millions of people’s lives?

      [quote]any one know presedent sadat his dauter marraged when she was 12 years old …and that is normal in our arabic countries girles marray very young [/quote]

      Sadat was a pedophile. Islam is a fossilised collection of ideas from a backward time & it keeps your Arab countries backward.

      [code]may be that is du the temperture of the sunrise …we are 1570000000 moslimes and we believe our prophet …[/code]

      So? Most of the world doesn’t believe your prophet. Are you impressed with that? Most of the world believed the Sun circled the Earth for most of human history. They were wrong. So are you.

  36. re: Hyprocisy
    [i][i][quote name=”Jack Ruby”]
    How many women, no how many girls, young girls, are prostitutes in your streets, heroin in their veins, selling their bodies to hundreds of men to feed their habits, before they die of AIDS or Hepatitis C, or are murdered? [/i][/i] Answer: Very few. The vast majority have good families, just as in Saudia Arabia.

    Don’t point the finger at Saudi Arabia. These girls will grow up with love, cared for by mothers in the household, respected, secure, and yes – happy. Answer: Just as in America, most girls in Saudia Arabia will have good lives, although never being able to reach adulthood in the sense of being allowed to make their own decisions. Just as there are a relative few in America coming from bad homes who are prostitutes and drug addicts, the same relative few in Saudi Arabia will be beaten, raped and used as sex slaves and forced servants to much older men at the age of nine or twelve, with no recourse to their pain, just silently suffering for a man’s pleasure.

  37. None of our business?
    Many people in the comments have implied that child sex marriage in other countries is none of our business.

    Presumably they think that human rights issues in other countries is none of our business, that Amnesty International should be disbanded, and we should leave the victims to their fate.

    1. Added to that nevermind, they are not just simply over there. They are also over here and very pushy like some other religious nut-jobs already existing in what should be sane rational societies. We got enough of our own problems of corruption and perversion, that to let in other religious and cultural barbarians.

  38. talmud
    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

  39. Ad Hominem
    Amazing how many people have responded to this post with acid (much like a spurned Pakistani suitor) when confronted with the bald truth of this vile practice. Pointing fingers back at the West and shouting “You are one to talk!” does not nullify the shameful criminal act of child marriage.

    Of course, so many of these practitioners of the Religion of Peace know about the shameful West from first-hand experience, don’t they? Nothing wrong with a little vice while abroad, as long as Mum and Dad don’t know, and hey, we can always blame the [i]kafir[/i] later for leading us astray and forcing us to buy overpriced drinks at the strip joint. Once they get back to the “holy land” they can show their purity and faith by finding a bride, probably amongst the local TeleTubbies fan club.

    And Oh! the outrage from the guilt-ridden Westerners here. Yes, your nations are a mess. Yes, you (we, really) have a lot of work ahead, cleaning up the mess our forefathers left us. But you know one thing we don’t have to worry about? That’s right, child marriage! Here your children can b children, and not playthings for aging paedos. This is one issue where you CAN be superior, end of story.

    1. Right on! Was Andrea really a decoy to make a sane argument? 😀

  40. re child marriages
    Had this article been written one hundred or even more years ago, the reactions would have been quite different. Just as writing on the subject of homosexuality would evoke contrasting responses iover the generations, opinionson this subject are transient. W hy do we presume that our opinion now is necessarily the correct one? By the way, the Prophet made a contract to marry Aisha at a young age but she was at puberty when he married her. This was common throughout the world, including Europe and alliances were often cemented in this fashion.It appears that children were far more mature in previous eras and took responsibilities at a very young age. While we may find it unacceptable now, you can be sure that our reactions are subject to change.

    1. Ya right! Perverts start religon. Why not justify child marriage and coitus at age 3, just because some desert crackpot pervert appealed to some sicko lame-brains from the dark ages. Bend over Elsa…the unjustifiable is making it’s way back under various methods. You are on the list, with your youngest, your dog and any other livestock. 👿 Oh..that’s precedent, which makes it ok today!

  41. Partially True
    To article author: yes, childhood marriages (and other gross human violations) are quite common in Saudi Arabia & many other “Islamic” countries. Islam is quite corrupt, has no good leaders, & the men are generally unintelligent, UNGODLY, barbaric stinkers.

    However, Muhammed DID NOT marry Aisha when she was 9. She was around 20 to 23. This is just one.
    Corrupted Hadith & other “Islamic” sources (all written by men) contibute to Islam’s current distorted state. People who hate Islam are always unwilling to consider they’re reporting on false evidence, b/c it doesn’t support their views as nicely…

    Since the majority of Muslims are incapable of rational thought & choose to accept without question anything the crazy “Islamic scholars” i.e. men tell them (which is NOT what Islam truy teaches), then they frequently spew the rubbish of “you don’t understand, it’s God’s will”, hence this myth has been perpetrated over the generations. This is why I refuse to attend any “Muslim school”, b/c I know the crap they indoctrinate.

    Hence all this stupid justification above is utterly meaningless. You CANNOT justify any man marrying a 9 year old. The Qur’aan (The CORRECT translation) clearly speaks against oppression & how women should be treated. Clearly, many Muslims do not follow the Qur’aan. The “men” have also tried their best to manipulate its translation to skewer women’s status.

    So, the Prophet Muh’d DID NOT marry a child, Think what you want, but this has actually been discussed many times before. You’d be presented with actual historical evidence that confirms this if you made this accusation in a public forum with knowledgeable Muslims.

    You are also wrong about all Muslims all believing child sex is appropriate. The majority do not even KNOW what those crazy Mullahs dictate & do not care. But it is true Muslims are sheep & need to question the Hadith instead of follwing it blindly. BTW, “Islam” in Saudi Arabia is NOT the way it’s practised by all Muslims everywhere else.

    Saudi Arabia is a vile country. Most of its women are illiterate whereas one Iranian university has a female population of over 65 %. At least try to be reasonable & not make silly, unsupported statements when attacking religion.

  42. Child Prostitution – Vastly Worse, Where’s the Out
    Mexico is a “Catholic” country. My home is in San Diego. Cross the border into Tijuana, go downtown, next to the police station, and what do you see: countless pre-teen and young teen “prostitutes” offered up to American sex tourists. Aids and STD is rampant; pay is almost nothing; the police act as their pimps. This is VASTLY more outrageous than the church-, state-, community- and FAMILY-approved MARRIAGE that occurs in Saudi Arabia (though, again, I oppose child marriage and wish they would increase the min. age to at least 16).

    Only question is: how could your indignation and anger possibly ramp up higher to deal with such a much more odious and offensive “rape” than what you describe in your story? Or perhaps it is not so bad, b/c it’s not those dirty Semites doing it!

    1. What difference does it make you incomprehensible twit? Dirty Mexicans, ‘Semites’ (so-called), dirty whites pigs, irregardless of the justification….it is fu**ing WRONG! Help to do something about them all instead of flapping your lips in justification of another retarded religon (Oh..that makes child molestation OK! Male or female..women treated like dirt). You are one sick bitch trying to contrast one thing with another in order to defend the other or simply be a nuiscance argumentatively. 😡

  43. re: Human Rights
    [quote name=”The Human Rights fan”]I am a fan of human rights. Especially those described by the United Nations, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [/quote]

    Unfortunately you are not very skilled at reading legalese, as I will prove momentarily…..

    [quote name=”The Human Rights fan”]"Article 16.

    (1) Men and women of [b]full age[/b], without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
    (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the[b] free and full consent[/b] of the intending spouses.
    (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State."

    [b]Adult [/b]men and women can marry, [b]not children[/b]. Period![/quote]

    That’s not what it says. It says those of “full age” have the right to marry, it does not say those under “full age” (whatever that is) are prohibited from marrying. Use your brain! That’s why the bacteria carried by comets from Mars gave it to you!

    In any event, there are many other provisions in this Declaration that you would not agree with, I am sure; moreover, the UN is constantly breaching the Declaration itself, par. when it bombs, or authorizes the bombing of, people into little itsy bitsy little pieces.

    1. Duh…Thanks for the empty lesson in ‘legalise’. Your masterful counter arguments on the subject of this stream, chid marriage, rape and law are so powerfully persuasive, that I just expelled all the bad gas that was interferring with my thought process. :woohoo:

  44. Marrying Children
    Nuke the Bastards. That is the only way to stop their radical insanity before they take over the world.

  45. yahia ali mohamed

    if you like to know what is islam ….that is not only why prophet mohamed married an 9 years old girle ….that was 1450 years old ago …and your knoldge is nothing about the generation at this time …..any one know presedent sadat his dauter marraged when she was 12 years old …and that is normal in our arabic countries girles marray very young …may be that is du the temperture of the sunrise …we are 1570000000 moslimes and we believe our prophet …

  46. re:
    [quote name=”Acharya S”]There is nothing “hysterical” about my commentary anywhere on this page[/quote]

    I see, attacking a religion, and its 1.5 billion adherents, calling them sociopaths and other insults, is not “hysterical”. But, having sex with your wife, is rape. OK, I get it – I have been introduced to your “dictionary”. But let me give you a piece of advice – language is for sharing ideas, which means, you cannot just give words any meaning you like. Or perhaps you are a sollipsist ….

    [quote name=”Acharya S”]your remarks is simply a sexist insult – more of the same as I initially addressed.[/quote]

    It can’t be a sexist insult since I don’t know your sex / gender …. I call it the way I see it, doesn’t matter who wrote it. (I guess you are a woman but not African-American, or you would have added “racist” to your litany of unfounded accusations?

    1. If you knew my work, you would know that I critique pathological aspects of any and all [b]ideologies[/b], whether sacred or secular. Religion especially should not get a pass for its endless atrocities against humanity and other living beings.

      Are you seriously suggesting that religion is above criticism? Especially cults of death and enslavement that have destroyed something on the order of 500 million human beings over the past several thousand years?! Are you mad?

      I have never called every single Muslim a “sociopath,” so you’ve raised yet another insulting straw man – you just can’t seem to help yourself with the ugly innuendos and insults, obviously. Apparently that is the only way to make your point?

      You have repeatedly insulted me with invective, calumny, vitriol and libel, yet you also obviously know nothing about me or my work.

      [quote]But, having sex with your wife, is rape. [/quote]
      Your continual justification of raping a child is truly despicable. Your pedophilic messages will not be put through henceforth.

      It is utterly reprehensible that you would for one moment justify this abysmal practice – have you engaged in it yourself? Or been a victim of it? It is further disgraceful that you would actually attack and repeatedly disparage the character of someone who has stuck her neck out in order to expose this atrocity.

  47. re: Marrying Children
    [quote name=”JD”]Nuke the Bastards. That is the only way to stop their radical insanity before they take over the world.[/quote]

    Wow, you make the Nazis seem like swell guys. What a remarkable accomplishment.

  48. The person who keeps justifying child rape? A serious reprobate.

  49. Comparisons
    I see in the comments here and in similar discussions elsewhere all the time where someone is commenting or educating on a commonly accept social practice in one culture that is generally backward and abhorent, and someone responds with some comparison in our culture to a similar event to some how show moral equivalency. The difference is that in the one culture it’s a common accepted practice, in the other it’s a criminal exception. That’s quite a difference.

    An example – At times in Roman history it was a common practice to toss unwanted babies in the trashheap, especially those from the “lower” classes. It was commonly accepted practice until the early christians came along and started saving and raising them. Given the thought processes of some above the retort would be – yes, well that happens here too – babies are abused and murdered all the time. The difference is we find that unacceptable and an aberration of the norm not the norm.

    For those practicing this form of logic I’m curious is it a lack of rigor in logic? Or simply an expression of utter decadence?

    Also – As Archarya said their is also a physical as well as moral cost to the practice – early marriage and child bearing by young, still growing mothers leads to a lot of physical ills for the child and the mother. This was well known to the British doctors working in India in the British Raj where child marriages were also common. Toss in generations of first cousin marriage genetic issues doesn’t help either.

    To those that want to simply destroy evil – it’s a quick, easy, effortless response but not real constructive – even if you nuke a population that you stereotype into a homogenous non-human, all evil no good ones that should all be destroyed then you have also have added poisons to the environment and harmed generations, and you have also become the personification of your own projection and make it easier for others to see you as evil and non human as well – i.e. payback.

  50. age of Virgin Mary when Jesus was born
    um–, concerning Jesus coming out of the vagina of a 12 year old—where did you conjure up that disturbing imagery? We don’t know exactly how old Mary was, but traditionally she has ALWAYS been portrayed or described as at least nubile, meaning an adolescent girl in the 15-18 age range. Indeed, her reaction to her pregnancy and Jesus’ birth suggests at least that age. In any case, European and middle-eastern Christians have never visualized Mary as a barely pubescent 12 yr old, but rather as a well grown young woman. That is born out in countless works of art, literature, and meditations.
    As for Aisha, there is controverser about her age at marriage. Her own very strong and positive adulthood suggests she was not raped at nine years old. By some accounting she was ninteen and that makes more sense.

    1. She was 12 research it. See chrisians think it a bad thing. In Gods world nothing changed it has always been 12 for girls and 13 for boys. Why do you think they have a Bat Mitva for girls at 12and Bat Mitva for Boys at 13. Girls mature earlier than boys.

  51. Volume 7, Book 62, Number 87:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet said, “A prophet among the prophets went for a military expedition and said to his people: “A man who has married a lady and wants to consummate his marriage with her and he has not done so yet, should not accompany me.’ ”

    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88:
    Narrated ‘Ursa:

    The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her [b]while she was nine years old [/b]and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 89:
    Narrated Anas:

    The Prophet stayed for three days at a place between Khaibar and Medina, and there he consummated his marriage with Safiyya bint Huyay. I invited the Muslims to a banquet which included neither meat nor bread. The Prophet ordered for the leather dining sheets to be spread, and then dates, dried yogurt and butter were provided over it, and that was the Walima (banquet) of the Prophet. The Muslims asked whether Safiyya would be considered as his wife or as a slave girl of what his right hands possessed. Then they said, “If the Prophet screens her from the people, then she Is the Prophet’s wife but if he does not screen her, then she is a slave girl.” So when the Prophet proceeded, he made a place for her (on the camel) behind him and screened her from people. 😉

  52. re:
    [quote name=”skullnboner”]You are one sick bitch trying to contrast one thing with another in order to defend the other or simply be a nuiscance argumentatively. 😡 [/quote]

    I’m not defending the practice, you idiotic moron. What I have complained about is the hate-mongering in the article against religion and the fact that the diatribe and tone is vastly disproportionate to the harm done. I am pointing out that many societies – including the US, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, etc. – treat their children / fetuses much worse, yet I don’t see a general attack on those countries and all they believe in.

    Oh, why do I bother, you are much too stupid to understand.

  53. re:
    [quote name=”Acharya S”]Are you seriously suggesting that religion is above criticism?[/quote]
    Of course not. But congratulations on critiquing your own straw man …. For the umpteenth time, what I am complaining about is your [b]hate-mongering[/b]. Criticism is fine; damning an entire religion and its leader, and its adherents, is hate-mongering.

    [quote name=”Acharya S”]Especially cults of death and enslavement that have destroyed something on the order of 500 million human beings over the past several thousand years?![/quote]
    It all looks so bad, until you look at the secular alternatives …. Also I think the 500 million is clearly made-up ….

    [quote name=”Acharya S”]I have never called every single Muslim a “sociopath,”[/quote]
    Right, you called Mohammed a sociopath (by accusing him of sociopathology) and, since the 1.5 billion believe he is a “holy prophet”, by implication they are also sociopaths, as by implication they believe in sociopathological behavior. Excuse me for connecting the dots.[/quote]

    [quote name=”Acharya S”]You have repeatedly insulted me with invective, calumny, vitriol and libel, yet you also obviously know nothing about me or my work.[/quote]
    Are you joking? I have lambasted this article for being hysterical and hateful, and then critiqued you for clearly misstating my position time and again, which you continue to do. You should not be writing about setting up strawmen to attack …
    [quote name=”Acharya S”]Your continual justification of raping a child is truly despicable. Your pedophilic messages will not be put through henceforth.[/quote]
    My justification of child rape? F*** you!!! I’m outta here, going back to the civilized world – which, compared to you and your friend skull-f**k, is pretty much everyone else.

    1. You are apparently incapable of having a civil discussion. I was not the one throwing out one invective after another such as “hysterical” and “hate-mongering” – the latter of which is in itself a hysterical accusation.

      [quote]Right, you called Mohammed a sociopath (by accusing him of sociopathology) and, since the 1.5 billion believe he is a “holy prophet”, by implication they are also sociopaths, as by implication they believe in sociopathological behavior. Excuse me for connecting the dots.[/quote]
      And that would be one of the few times you have connected them correctly.

      Knowing that he is recorded in Islamic texts as having married a 6-year-old girl and having sex with her when she was nine, as well as many other atrocities, not to consider Mohammed a sociopath is a pathology in itself.

      Anyone who would follow such a character knowing about these alleged facts from Islamic texts has serious issues – as do those who repeatedly defend such individuals.

      [quote]Also I think the 500 million is clearly made-up ….[/quote]
      And you would be wrong once again – and apparently quite ignorant of the world’s history vis-a-vis religious fanaticism.

      Islam = 270 million dead ([url][/url])
      Christianity = 250 million dead ([url][/url])

  54. entirely missing the point mr. grape

    “What of Holly Grieg (spelling?) the Scottish girl that was used sexually by her father and all his cronies for damn near 20 years? “

    You’ve missed the point entirely. Do Mr Greig and Co hold themselves out to be prophets and have 1.2billion deluded followers?

  55. I find it very sad that so many on here are saying that we should simply allow other countries in the world to go ahead with their traditions despite all the evidence that their traditions are harmful.

    One person above said that at puberty a girl is ready to mate and bear children. This is simply not true. Any child that is going through precocious puberty is considered to have a medical problem. Most girls who BEGIN to go through puberty before the age of 8 (first sign is usually a small tender lump under the areola) have an endocrine problem.

    To say that a child is ready emotionally to be married and have sex at 9 is just sick.

    Even when a child starts to menstruate, many times the ovaries will not start working for up to 2 years after. Considering that the average age of first menstruation to be at 13.5, this means that the child (young woman) is not ready to bear children of her own until she is 15.5, and while I do believe a 15.5 year old is still too young and immature, her body has reached it’s adult proportions and complications from a pregnancy and subsequent birth are reduced.

    There is a big difference between a 9 year old and a 5.5 year old.
    There is an inconsistency with regards to when puberty began back then. With the most recent research dating back ONLY to the 1830’s, the trend has been for the age of puberty to start earlier now due to improved nutrition and medical care. In the 1830’s, menstruation in girls began around the time they were 16, while now it is around 13.5. If we consider the time of Muhammed, it is reasonable to say that their girls would reach puberty within that range, and not at 9 as some have suggested.

    In many of the Abrahamic religions, it is common for women and girls to be treated as objects. What one must realize is that these religions were written 1400-5000 years ago. This was duriing a time where many thought the world was flat, rabbits chewed their cud, and locusts had 4 legs. The human species has come a long way in understanding the world around us in that time, but the religions have not evolved along with our understanding of our world. We now know the damage that can be done to a child by sexual intercourse, pregnancy and birth before they are ready. We also know about the psychological damage that is done.

    We cannot condone behavior simply because it was written thousands of years ago if we have knowledge that the information is out of date. We must continue to move forward, making life better for every living thing on our world, not stagnate in the past while ignoring what we have learned.

    Child marriage/rape is outdated and morally wrong.

  56. The Human Rights fan

    You have proved nothing
    So Andreas, you claim you have proved me wrong, do you?

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not talk about the right to marry children. If the declaration intended to support pedophiles and child molestors, wherever they might be found, I suppose the declaration would be a lilttle bit more clear on that. But, as anyone can read for themselves, it is not. So if you manage to read that into any of the articles…well, I guess that is why there is the article 30.

    Do you think that Ban Ki-Moon agrees with your interpretation of the article, or with mine? Would you insult him too?

    Since you apparently is unable to restrain yourself from insulting others, which I take is some kind of personality disorder perhaps with its origin in an abusive childhood (where you raped as a child?), I can only feel sorry for you.

    Because, you see:
    “The right to free and full consent to a marriage
    is recognized in the Universal Declaration of
    Human Rights (1948) with the recognition that
    consent cannot be ‘free and full’ when one of
    the parties involved is not sufficiently mature to
    make an informed decision about a life partner.
    The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
    of Discrimination Against Women (1979) states
    that the betrothal and marriage of a child shall
    have no legal effect and all necessary action,
    including legislation, shall be taken to specify a
    minimum age of marriage. The Committee on
    the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
    recommends this age to be 18.” /Unicef

    So Andreas, you have proved nothing — except yourself being a poor sod…

  57. Thank you for another sane voice in an appalling sea of depravity.

  58. I’m a little late on this topic, but I’m going to add my 2 cents anyway.

    I am utterly disgusted with some of the comments about child brides! It was WRONG then and it is WRONG now! Period! I don’t give a flying f@#%k if she is in puberty and ready to breed. Objectifying young girls and degrading them to chattle for old men is absolutely DISGUSTING! And study after study shows that the younger a girl is when she has a baby the shorter her life expectancy. But, I guess that doesn’t matter since all patriarchal religions have dehumanized, degraded, objectified and reduced even little girls to mere baby making machines.

    I would add that the perves that have posted on here finding one way or another to justify the evil practice of child brides needs to do some research in matriarchal and indigenous peoples who haven’t been exposed to or contaminated by patriarchal invaders. They do not sexually oppress their adolescence. The kids are allowed to express their sexuality in a healthy way with their peers, with NO adult interference. The young girls are also not getting pregnant and having baby after baby. They are practicing herbal birth control that has been passed down from ancient times. Mothers introduce their daughters to the herbs when they start puberty. They also have no need for abortion as there is never an unwanted pregnancy.

    Peggy Reeves Sanday has written extensively on the indigenous matriarchal society that she lived with and continues to go back year after year.


  59. raping of children
    I’m way late on this one myself, but seeing as how I’ve let other subjects important to me slide (buddhism in prison), I need to toss in my two cents…
    I thoroughly enjoy reading Acharya’s writing, and was in fact drawn to it after repeatedly following links to her writing concerning the problems with religion in general. Judaism, Christianity, you name it; she calls ’em like she sees ’em, but never in a rabid, I’m better than you attitude. She calls on us all to be better, in all that we do, and to think critically about what we are all taught.
    I was raised in the deep south, in a southern baptist church, where I was being abused at a young age (pre-menstrual). My abuser was the coach for the school that the church ran for even younger children.
    To make a long story short, I left home at 13 and had to get by, no matter what it took. I wasn’t ready, and in the south at that time, teen marriage and childbirth were still the norm…
    No matter what culture you are from, having sex with a child is wrong. To say that a 3 yr old, a 6 yr old, or a 9 yr old, even if she is having her menses is ready physically, mentally or emotionally is not only sick, I can only say that anyone that teaches that it is acceptable in any form is inherently EVIL.
    This stands for male children as well. Muslims are well known for being sodomites, because they keep their women so under wraps that unless they’re married, that’s the only recourse that they have. Their history is full of male children being systematically raped along with the horrors they visit upon their females.
    Victimization of those unable to defend themselves, or too young to know better are hallmarks of most of organized religion, it doesn’t matter which one you name. To use one’s religion to justify behavior that is WRONG is criminal, and should be treated as such.
    Thanks Acharya, for all that you do. Keep up the good work!
    Love the calender, by the way…

    1. Thanks, Beth. Sorry you had to suffer so, but you did a great job spelling it out vis-a-vis Muslim sexual repression expressing itself in child rape of both genders.

      I concur that having sex with a child is [b]evil[/b], under [i]every [/i]circumstance. Those who advocate or justify such atrocity based on “culture” and “tradition” are reprobates lacking innate decency.

  60. Contacting Saudi Government
    Might be worth contacting the Saudi Government on this matter. Give them a kick to encourage them to outlaw child marriages. As well as other governments like Turkey in which the practice takes place.

  61. The Human Rights fan

    Human Rights
    I am a fan of human rights. Especially those described by the United Nations, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    When I look it up — it’s pretty easy to find, at — and I read Article 16, I cannot find a single line saying that it is ok to marry children. In fact, I read the opposite.

    “Article 16.

    (1) Men and women of [b]full age[/b], without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
    (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the[b] free and full consent[/b] of the intending spouses.
    (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

    [b]Adult [/b]men and women can marry, [b]not children[/b]. Period!

    When I continue reading the Articles in the declaration of human rights, I find Article 25, saying:

    “2) Motherhood and [b]childhood [/b]are entitled to special care and assistance. [b]All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.[/b]”

    Child rape is not exactly what I call “social protection”, now is it? Child rape in the name of Mohammad (or whatever perverts call themselves) is simply not ok, at least not according to the Article 3:

    “Article 3.

    [b]Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person[/b].”

    I also know that there is an Article 18 saying that:

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

    But teaching, practicing, or worshipping child rape is not ok, not even in the observance of Islam.

    The reason why muslims are not allowed to rape children, even if they talk about Article 18, freedom of religion, is that there is an Article 30, saying:

    “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.”

    Unfortunately, neither Saudi Arabia, nor any other islamic nation, seems to be pretty interested in human rights. Which, of course, is why people defending those vicious nations’ right to rape children, happen to be, well, muslims…

    And like Acharya use to say, this topic is about Saudi child marriages, so don’t bother complaining…

  62. raping of boys in islam
    Just recently, the Taliban issued a new set of 30 rules to its fighters.
    Many of the instructions were to be expected: rule No. 25 commands the murder of teachers if a warning and a beating does not dissuade them from teaching. No. 26 outlines the exquisite delicacy of burning schools and destroying anything that aid organizations might undertake –such as the building of a new road, school or clinic. The essence of the other rules are easily left to the imagination, basically involving what militant Islam is about: vile hate, death and destruction.
    But there is a curious rule that the Western media has typically ignored. Rule No. 19 instructs that Taliban fighters must not take young boys without facial hair into their private quarters. Aside from the question of what is permitted if a young boy does happen to have facial hair, this new Taliban commandment brings light to a taboo pathology that underlies the structures of militant Islam. And it is crucial to deconstruct the meaning of this rule — and the horrid reality that it represents — because it serves as a gateway to understanding the primary causes of Islamic rage and terror. Rule No. 19 obviously indicates that the sexual abuse of young boys is a prevalent and institutionalized phenomenon among the Taliban and that, for one reason or another, its widespread practice has become a problem.The fact that Taliban militants’ spare time involves sodomizing young boys should by no means be any kind of surprise or eyebrow raiser. That a mass pathology such as this occurs in a culture which demonizes the female and her sexuality — and puts her out of mind and sight — is only to be expected. To be sure, it is a simple given that the religious male fanatic who flies into a violent rage even at the thought of an exposed woman’s ankle will also be, in some other dysfunctional and dark secret compartment of his fractured life, the person who leads some poor helpless young boy into his private chambers. The key issue here is that the demented sickness that underlies Rule No. 19 is by no means exclusive to the Taliban; it is a widespread phenomenon throughout Islamic-Arab culture and it lies, among other factors, at the root of that culture’s addiction to rage and its lust for violence, terror and suicide. There is a basic and common sense empirical human reality: wherever humans construct and perpetuate an environment in which females and their sexuality are demonized and are pushed into invisibility, homosexual behaviour among men and the sexual abuse of young boys by older men always increases. Islamic-Arab culture serves as a perfect example of this paradigm, seeing that gender apartheid, fear of female sexuality and a vicious misogyny are the structures on which the whole society functions.

    1. Thank you.

      I wrote an article about this subject for The tradition of raping boys in the Islamic world goes well beyond just the Taliban, unfortunately, but you provide the facts vis-a-vis that group of savages.

      Afghan boy rape rampant ([url][/url])

      “what militant Islam is about: vile hate, death and destruction”

      “gender apartheid, fear of female sexuality and a vicious misogyny are the structures on which the whole society functions”

      Absolutely correct – except that what you describe is not “militant” – it’s [i]classical [/i]Islam. It’s truly embarrassing that decent people follow this sick cult with their heads in the sand.

  63. The Cruci – Fiction
    I have created a new page at my site—

    The Cruci – Fiction

    Major Fabrications Of The Christian Evangelists
    Posted by Chris Porter

    Recent Alterations.
    First of all I would like to point out the fact that the bible is not a static source of information and is constantly being changed to fit the religous organizations agendas. One of the most blatant examples of this is the fact that the King James Version was written in 1604 and completed and published in 1611.

    1. Lets take a closer look at a verse from the (King James Version) Acts 5:30 which states “The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree”

    Now lets take a look a the (New American Standard Bible) which began its copyright in 1960.
    Acts 5:30 “The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you had put to death by hanging Him on a cross”.

    2. Acts 10:39 (King James Version). And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree.
    Acts 10:39 (New American Standard Bible) We are witnesses of all the things He did both in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem They also put Him to death by hanging Him on a cross.

    3. Acts 13:29 (King James Version) And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.
    Acts 13:29 (New American Standard Bible) When they had carried out all that was written concerning Him, they took Him down from the cross and laid Him in a tomb.

    4. 1 Peter 2:24 (King James Version) Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.
    1 Peter 2:24 (New American Standard Bible and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.

    5. Galatians 3:13 (King James Version) Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
    Galatians 3:13 (New American Standard Bible) Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us–for it is written, “CURSED IS EVERYONE WHO HANGS ON A TREE”–

    Every scripture in the older King James Version which had the word tree in it has been replaced with the word cross in a newer version of the bible called The New American Standard Bible.

    This is absolutly one of the most blatant examples of religious groups who change biblical scriptures to fit their story the way they want it to look. For obvious reasons they have got to have their Jesus hung on a cross and crucified. To say that God sent his own son to die on a cross for our sins is not only repugnant but repulsive. If you believe this crap then you believe in a much lesser God Than I do. This is not God.

    Earlier Alterations.
    Now I would like to bring your attention to another example of changing scriptures to fit their story from a much earlier period. Such as when these Gospels were first written.

    All the Jewish accounts – various Talmudic passages as well as the Toldoth ( The Generation of Jesus) or toldoth Jeshu written in Hebrew are absolutly consistent in having Jesus “ slain and hung in a tree”. The Acts Of The Apostles were written no later than 60. There is no mention in the Gospels written later which indicates the New Testament writers lost their fondness for this metaphor.

    There is no mention of Jesus being hanged in any later Gospels. Assuming this to be correct and the fact that the “Hanged in a tree” passages are from the older parts of Acts then all references of Jesus “Hanging in a tree” are older than the first Gospel. This suggests that the “party line” changed sometime after Paul started writing but before Mark did. Thus the Cruci-Fiction story is older than the oldest Gospel but not as old as the oldest New Testament passages. It must have been invented somwhere between 50 an 70.

    The Jews never crucified antyone because it was not their custom of execution. The Jews executed transgressors by stoning, burning, beheading, or strangulation. There are 29 references in the old testament of offenders being stoned. As for being hung in a tree afterward this is common practice and is written in Deuteronomy 21:22-23 as long as the body is taken down by nightfall. It was a long standing practice in Jewish law that no punishment could be inflicted unless it was sanctioned in the scriptures, and there is ample scriptual precedent for offenders being “slain and hung in a tree”. The victim being dead, is not hanged by the neck, instead he is suspended by his hands which are tied together over his head.

    If the Jews executed Jesus by crucifying him they would have done so in violation of their laws.
    Leviticus 24:16, “And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death.”

    It is often said that the Jews arrested Jesus and then turned him over to the Romans for execution. But in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15 an undoubtably geniniune letter of Paul and probably the oldest book in the New testament it very plainly states that Jesus was killed by the Jews.
    “ For ye also have suffered things of your own countrymen even as they have of the Jews: who both killed the lord Jesus and their own prophets and have persecuted us.” Assuming this to be correct Jesus could not possibly have been crucified.

    The Jewish council of law, The Sanhedrin was composed of Godly men who had sworn to the solemn oaths to follow the strict dictates of scripture, and of Rabbinic law. There is nothing in Jewsih law or custom to suggest that it is possible to arrest a prisioner, convict him and then turn him in to some other group for execution. According to Leviticus 24:16 the penalty for blasephemy is to be stoned to death. When the Romans crucified someone the victim was left on the cross for many days after it was dead and left there until it decayed. It served as a visible warning to others. A soldier remained to ensure no relatives would take body down and bury it.

    For the Jews hanging a body in a tree was the symbolic equivalent driving a wooden stake through a vampirs heart.

    One advantage of the Cruci-Fiction story is that it allowed Christians to claim Jesus fate had been prophesized in Zechariah 12: 10.

    Upon a moments reflection it is obvious why it was in the evangelists self interest to change the story of Jesus from “hanged” to “crucified”. The notion of a body hanging in a tree had a significant emotional impact only to those raised in the Jewish tradition from the proclamation of Deauteronomy 21:23 That a body hung in a tree “is accursed of God.” But the notion of a body nailed to a cross had a very emotional impact throughout the Roman empire for it was the Romans favorite means of execution.

    The Cruci-Fiction story was substituted later when the evangelists discovered it far more effective in rallying the insurgents among the Gentiles to their cause.

    It was the first major fabrication of the Christain evangelists.

  64. wow
    A true biblical scholar. Not. You will have to go back a bit farther and look at all the possible translations of the Greek original than a King James Bible. That is scholarly study at beyond its weakest.

    One also has to understand the allegorical context, etc. Your so called research proves you know how to find passages in the King James Bible, which was produced 500 years ago……not much else. You may want to go back to whatever apologists group you came from for a bit of a re-education.

  65. m
    It is true the prophet mohammed met aisha when she was six. He asked her guardians if he could marry her. Aisha was apparently given the option to marry him at the age of 6; she said no. Mohamed came back when she was 8 and the marriage contract was completed. He then had sex with her when she was 9 years of age. In those days it was the norm and aisha tended to the dying old man in his last moments of life. I believe he struck her once on the chest when she gave him a fright one night. Other than that they say she liked it.

    But you should check out this ignore the silly graphics at the begining.

    imam Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl – with parental consent

  66. Criminal Imam Bukhari wrote his book 250 years later of Prophet Mohammad death. He was neither eye witness nor had any documented paper in his hands. He wanted to defame the Prophet and invented false story that Prophet married a six years old girl which means Prophet violated the commandments. This is unbelievable.
    Here is the fact after the death of his first wife Prophet Mohammad used to come to Masjid very late as he had to take care of his house hold. Some one suggested to marry 48 years old widow Bibi Ayesha sister of Abu Bakr Sidiq which was accepted. here is yyhe question If She was young where is her children??
    Criminal Bukhari wrote another fake story that Prophet Mohammad married eleven wives and whole night he would visit them. This is the biggest lie of the time.
    Majority of ignorant Muslims have more respect for Bukhari then Prophet Mohammad.

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