Just loved this astute and rational analysis of Saudi Arabia. Everything Pat Condell said is completely true. Saudi Arabian men do indeed have innate homosexual tendencies (I believe all humans are bisexual, it is a matter of degree, culture and circumstance, that determines which sexual preference becomes dominant inside you). In the muslim culture where women are “protected” by their closeted gay men, by being separated from men and socialize only with women, those burkas are not going to stop the women from satisfying their needs for intimacy and loving companionships with other women. The whole culture/religion is a breeding ground for homosexuality…”not that there’s anything wrong with that”, as Seinfeld once said. What puzzles me is that most of the gay men I know are not violent, here in the West. Many model themselves after women! Nothing makes me laugh more than an entertaining drag queen. Maybe what Saudi Arabia should have is a Gay Pride Parade, just to lighten things up!

  2. I just might …
    have to promote Pat to honorary 1st degree black belt for that one.

  3. Pat Condell’s Conclusive Elucidations
    Pat Condell is a master at using his last sentence to conclude his verbal elucidations.

  4. religionsarepolitics

    Saudi Arabia exposed
    I would suggest reading the Book entitled Religions are Politics in the name of false gods to see the real picture about Islam, Muslims, Hallal meat etc. The book is free to read and it is on religionsarepolitics.org

  5. Gayest country…lol
    More wittily amusing, excoriating truth-telling from Pat.

  6. Political Reasons for Non-Existence of Jesus
    Actually, political/economic reasons: I think I got this info from Karl Kautsky’s “Foundations of Christianity”. The farmers of Judea were being taxed out of their farms by the Romans. This is why they were constantly spawning revolutionary “zealots.” If a “Jesus” had come along and told them to be nice and pay their taxes (“Render unto Ceasar”) he and his disciples probably would have been lynched or run out of the country. The same applies for telling them not to store up grain, etc. There is even a parable justifying usury which must have also been a plague to the farmers. The actual early Christians were homeless people in the big cities and rich “drop-outs” from Roman society (mostly women). They didn’t worry about paying taxes. They needed to suck up to the Romans by seeming totally docile, unlike the rebellous Judeans. Long after the alleged time of Jesus, they resorted to tarring all Jews with the same brush to achieve this end. But the Romans weren’t having any of it!!

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