Sam Harris speaks truth about Islam on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell

Everyone needs to listen to the brilliant, enlightened and honest Sam Harris speaking the  unvarnished, unwhitewashed truth about Islam – and QUICK!

“We have a real problem with Islam, and it’s not an accident that we’re not having this conversation about the Amish or Quakers or Jains or even Buddhists…. Ideas have consequences, and the idea that you can get to Paradise by dying in defense of the faith – in fact, dying in defense of the faith is the best thing that can happen to you – that is a mainstream notion in Islam.”


  1. Sam Harris was exactly right throughout that entire video.

    Here was Harris exactly right from a few years ago on the Sam Harris on the Tucker Carlson Show ([url][/url])

    It’s a shame that the US gov’t and politicians aren’t listening to him.

    The Mythicist Position: Go Beyond the Endless Theist vs. Atheist Debate ([url][/url])

  2. Glad to see Sam Harris here. He’s one of my favorite writers on these subjects & I like his plain & dry way of just laying it out there. He communicates like a guy with degrees in degrees in neuroscience & philosophy. Not much of a showman, not emotive, but so clear & lucid.

  3. I just wanted to add a thought, or a perspective, vastly ignored by the scientific community. I am not writing in favor of any religion, I am not religious at all. But I am very much for the idea that this planet was never made for human use. The planet does not consist of “resources” to be used by (civilized) humans. That is the most dangerous thought that exist today.

    Don’t forget that the worship of Science is the religion of Atheism. And Science and Capitalism have more lives on their conscience than the other religions together, slaughtering all life on this planet, not just human life, in the pursuit of [i]progress[/i] and human dominion on this earth.

    And Sam Harris pretty much seems to force atheism = “the worship of science” on everyone. A holy war, more or less.

    What do you think?

    1. Science doesn’t kill. There is no doctrine to make ‘science’ an entity, unlike religion.

      Like saying Rope kills, because some people use rope to kill.

      1. Science and Humanity
        “Science doesn’t kill”

        I would like to agree with you had I not been to schools. Science was used to create bombs, Aeroplanes, missiles, rockets in the Laboratory of Science at one stage. Till that period, it was all a science and a marvel to rejoice in. But it was used to “kill in Wars” subsequently.

        If I am not wrong, there are more gory wars in the history in twentieth century, parri passu with the progress of Science. Here again we may take a plea that it is not the Science that killed but the man who misused them to kill. But by analogy, could the same argument not apply to religion as well! Just a thought.

        God bless
        Dr. O. P. Sudrania

        1. Science kills?
          Someone was killed in the name of science and or atheism? Really? Seriously? That’s like saying because a computer technician picked up a gun and shot someone that murder was committed in the name of computer technicianism.

    2. Here’s what I think…

      [quote]I am very much for the idea that this planet was never made for human use.[/quote]

      It wasn’t “made” with any intention or purpose. Why can’t humans use it? Who owns the title & rights to it?

      [quote]The planet does not consist of “resources” to be used by (civilized) humans.[/quote]

      What do you have against humans? Is it just civilized humans? Do we have moral obligations to inert matter? All life feeds off of the planet or other life. But we’re supposed to be somehow above this? Do tell…

      And false equivocation all over the place…

      Atheism isn’t a religion. It’s an unbelief in a particular thing, namely God or gods. Unbelief in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny aren’t religions either.

      And science isn’t something you can worship. It’s a method & a body of work. Religious-minded people seem to think that admiring something a lot constitutes worship somehow.

      Alternatives to religion aren’t automatically religions or analogs of them. Everyone doesn’t have that religious need to abase themselves & grovel before something.

      It comforts religious folks to think so but it just isn’t so (like so much else they want to believe). They’re essentially saying “See, they’re all fanatics just like us”. A bit of projection, maybe?

      And again, no, an economic system or scientific progress can’t really be compared to the atrocities of religion. They’re tools, methods, systems of resource management & discovery. Not blind-faith dogmas that enslave millions with god’s threats & promises of rewards after death. Apples & oranges there.

      Science has probably saved more lives than religion has managed to kill & ruin at this point. You seem to have a poor understanding of what science is. And atheism. You’ve even managed to confuse the two.

      I’ve noticed that atheists generally know a ton more about religion than religious folks know about atheism. Or science. And since atheists often use science to debunk religion, they confuse the two.

      Finally, no, Sam Harris isn’t forcing anything on anyone. He’s speaking his mind publicly. There’s a difference.

    3. I see what you’re trying to say but I believe it has less to do with science and more to do with capitalism and perhaps how it uses science. I don’t really think science is to blame.

    4. Atheism is not the worship of science and neither science nor atheism are religions. No matter how hard you religious nuts try to make it so, it simply isn’t. Always trying to drag science down to the level of your superstition just makes you look stupid. Simply because you are not clear minded on the issue does not mean that science or atheism are religions. Every time, someone says “I’m not religious, but”, I just think “Oh, sh*t, here it comes” … and it always does. And, Sam Harris is one of the most clear minded communicators on the planet currently … along with AS, of course.

  4. Moderate Muslims
    There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim – the phrase is an oxymoron.

    If you read the Quran, you know that not only that it doesn’t make sense, it is also twisted and full of perversions. Hence the reader of this book will have to make a choice – either you believe what it says or not. If not, the you are not a Muslim, if yes then you accept the violence it is waging against non-believers and infidels.

    Islam is violent!

  5. Seriously, what a shame. The video has been removed at the complaint of the FOX crybabies. I wonder if Sam Has it? Anybody know where else it might be?

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