Russians reach 20-million-year-old ‘Lost World’


“After decades of drilling, Russian scientists in the arctic have uncovered a rare piece of nature, an ancient lake buried thousands of feet under the ice. RT’s Sean Thomas, toured the frozen continent exactly a year ago, and now explains what this discovery could mean.”

Lake Vostok, Sealed in Antarctic Ice, Reached by Russian Drillers

Two and a half miles beneath Antarctica‘s ice lies Lake Vostok, a mysterious body of water, 160 miles long and 30 miles wide, that is believed to have been sealed off from the rest of the world for 20 million years….

Lake Vostok, seen so far only on radar, is believed to be warmed by geothermal energy. But why drill to it, beyond feeling the tug of mystery?

“According to our research, the quantity of oxygen there exceeds that on other parts of our planet by 10 to 20 times. Any life forms that we find are likely to be unique on Earth,” said Sergey Bulat, the chief scientist of Russia’s Antarctic Expedition, as quoted by Russian Reporter magazine.

There are other scientists who are doubtful. Too much oxygen, they argue, could actually be toxic to life. So Lake Vostok could turn out to be unique — the first place found on Earth where there is water in liquid form but nothing living.

This could have implications for the search for life elsewhere in the solar system. Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus have both been seen by NASA probes to have icy crusts, but, apparently, enough heat from inside to raise at least the possibility of hidden oceans. Europa in particular has been hopefully labeled as a possible home for extraterrestrial life. Space scientists would like to know a lot more about them. Could Lake Vostok, half a billion miles closer, offer clues as to what lies beyond, in the cold reaches of space?

The Russians, despite the cold, despite limited money for scientific research, have been drilling down toward Lake Vostok for 14 years now. What will they find in the water there?


  1. Even with the excess oxygen there could still be life there I think. After all, Earth is already home to numerous extremophile microbes able to live in extremely harsh conditions (including even a bacteria species living and thriving on radioactive plutonium rods).

    Also, it will be interesting to see if we someday find life in the moon Europa, and perhaps also Enceladus.

  2. Why is there excess oxygen?

    1. I think it may have to do with the high water pressurre caused by Lake Vostok being so far down below the ice. At extreme pressures, oxygen dissolves more readily in water.

  3. Artic
    Of course in 1888 Ms. Blavatsky Pub’d “Secret Doctine” Vol. 2, Anthropogenisis. And science has found fossils that should not have been at the North Pole. “Polar Shift” ?

    Every Mythologist, Comparative Religionist, and Scientist (Exoteric and Esoteric), Philosopher should read her “Secret Doctrine” both Vol’s. It’s a bit over the top for the average reader that is not versed in the above disiplines. Nothing more “Gnostic” than her work! I also love her SD intro, “There is no Religion higher than the Truth”

    Exoteric Science is only now catching up with what the “Mystery Schools” already knew 500,000 years ago! I love the current show “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel. The Aliens are the Past Re-Incarnations of the Soul of “The Gods” that once roamed the earth. Check out in Color the Tomb of King Tut in Egpyt. The Esoteric Symbolism is mind boggling! Look closely.

    Keep up the good work A.S. nice article…Excess Oxygen would also breed “There where Giants in those days”.

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