1. “GOP has plotted to defeat Obama since his Inauguration”

    Robert Draper Book: GOP’s Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration ([url]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/25/robert-draper-anti-obama-campaign_n_1452899.html[/url])

    There’s a video in the article

  2. Acharya for president!

  3. Uh yes!
    If you are just asking the question now you have not been paying attention for more than 40 years.

    All presidents are related by blood (except one) at what point could you EVER consider that they are not two sides of the same coin. More than 100 years of campaign promises and America has not become Nirvana. When did you think that was ever going to take place?
    Well since you are actually asking the question it means you may be waking up.
    Look at the history of the Two Party system. It has been a scam since the beginning.

    1. Ever thought of leaving the country? Sounds as if that would be a great idea for you, and the people that have to put up with you. Know any place better to live, if so I think you should seriously consider moving there ASAP!!!!!! Or maybe you could crawl into a septic tank over a long week-end.

  4. u forgot to mention how they both bang their heads on that wall in is ra el

  5. Yes there is a big difference. Romney’s plan affected 5% of the state, not the whole state. The fine for not having it was much cheaper than the insurance and it didn’t raise taxes one penny. Barry care affects the whole country and there are 21 new taxes in Barrycare affecting every person, hospital, doctor and business in the country. Want to further take an economy down? Take a lesson from barry, our tin horn dictator.

  6. It sucks, it just really sucks that it has come to this. I wish I had a chance to live a full life before this crap set in. I blame the politicians and I blame the worst generation-the 60’s scum for much of this.

    I am just glad to know that the scumbag baby boomers are going to have a chance to be paid back for all they have done to us. I hope they suffer for years for their sins and crimes. A nice slow, pain-filled death.

    I hope they all end up praying for death and get cheated out of it only to languish in agony for even years on end.

    1. Seriously?
      The “scumbag baby boomers” and “60’s scum”? Which scumbag generation are you from? The professional victim-crybaby-gimme-disaffected-I’m-entitled-I-can’t-read-an-entire-paragraph-or-write-an-entire-sentence generation? You’ll be a “scumbag” someday with everything being blamed on you, get ready for it. And, seriously, go to therapy.

  7. Great voice!
    No DU here is there!

  8. Tail end of the “boomers” and I DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING TO MAKE THIS MESS!!!!! This is ALL about politics, and politicians. THEY make the rules. You have heard of the “golden rule” right? HE WHO HAS THE GOLD, MAKES THE RULES! They have the gold. So before you go spouting garbage and ugliness, try to AT LEAST spout it at the right party!

  9. Remember,
    The line From the grapes of wrath; WE ARE THE PEOPLE.
    The state of any nations policies is a direct reflection of the people of that nation. In other words,,everything is our fault, not the bankers, teach your children to educate themselves before making decisions. Teach your children not to hate , be selfish, and not to war with death weapons of the flesh, teach them to war against the hidden enemy within which is ignorance and stupidity of thought.Teach them to love through intelligent thought that is unbiased in fact. Sometimes grandma was right;” if you ain’t got nuffin nice to say then don’t say nuffin at all”. Then sometimes pa said it right; ” if you can’t run away a fight, fight to win, even if you have to use a big stick”.Let’s start fighting the good fight of the people. Let us not hate, lie, and murder. Let us work hard and not be lazy. Let us carry a big stick of intelligent love( wisdom) and rule ourselves with that stick- peace

  10. Libertarian GARY JOHNSON
    The former Governor of New Mexico is on the Ballot in every state and could turn our country around. He would abolish the FED, and the IRS. He would stop the Permanent WAR Economy. He’s a Dr. Paul Realist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tLN5NBZ5KU
    Miracles are possible.

  11. Here’s an example of the distinction between the two parties:

    DNC 2012 – Sandra Fluke Address the DNC

    Elizabeth Warren’s Speech at the 2012 DNC

    Bill Clinton

  12. Problems, Problems, Problems!
    Problems, Problems, Problems! 🙁

    Most people don’t know how these problems came about nor do they know how to deal with them nor do they understand who created these problems or why they created these problems.

    To begin with, the Republicans and the Democrats are basically just puppets in a punch and judy show or dumb and dumber and public consumption and to keep our eyes of real power brokers that are controlling everything. This struggle isn’t a recent event, but has been going on for over thousands of years now. This is really a power struggle between the Financial Oligarchy and republican of government.

    The Financial Oligarchy concept of man being just an animal and con be used and disposed of when ever they decide that finished with you. It based on a monetary system that they control and where they generate fiat money and then loan it into circulation and charging interest to those of us that borrow there money. They use there fiat money to buy up all of our assets and bankrupt rest of us and to enslave us and cause many of us to die. The current leader of this Financial Oligarchy is the Rothchilds and the Old City of London and we may also include the Queen of England in this system. I could go on and give more details, but I am trying to keep this post short.

    Then we have the Republican form of Government concept of man in God’s image. This concept of Republicanism was originally develop in ancient Greece and the Greece Democratic when they cities states some almost 3,000. Right about this time we also had the Jews or should I say the Israels with a government owned and operated banking system. This became known as the Hellenistic Greek type of thinking and later on banking system known as a Credit system. It didn’t really take off, because it was suppressed by the Financial Oligarchy Group for several thousand years. In the fourteen Century during the black plague period of European history in the Council of Florence, which only lasted about two years, the Christian from all over Europe met. To decide what everyone could agree on what the Christian should be and what they could all agree on. The second thing they did was to resurrect the idea of the Nation State to beat this Financial Oligarchy. The third thing they did was to establish the principals that modern science was basted on. They had there man from Islam there and he showed up with the Platonic Solids. They took the Platonic Solids and Classical Music toned at 256 C as the foundation for knowing all the sciences with Classical Music being the foundation for it. This is what generated the Renaissance and the revival of Europe in all sciences. The concept of a credit system didn’t come along until the creation of the Massachusetts and the Pine Tree shilling was created. Which was used for the development of the Massachusetts colony before the Revolutionary war and was the foundation block that Alexander Hamilton used to establish the First National Bank of the United States of America, after the US Constitution was ratified and President George Washington was elected President.

    This formed that second block which lasted between three to four hundred years before it finally broke down and disintegrated, with Abraham Lincoln being one of the last members of this group. The United States was created by these people to do an end run around this Financial Oligarchy that has stop there efforts in old Europe. This Financial Oligarchy as since taken over the United States and has subverted it and is the final phases of it destruction.


    But, even under these terrible condition, the American under the Authority of Constitution could still change things, but the hour is late and it almost too late if we wait too much longer to act.


    What would we do to save the United States javascript:JOSC_emoticon(“:idea:”) 💡

    1. We need Glass segle which separates commercial banking from investment banking. No more bail out for those investment banks or for Wall Street. They would go bankrupt.

    2. Put the Federal Reserve into bankruptcy and re-organization into a new Third National Banking system. The Federal Reserve System is a Private Banking System owned by other private banks, with it own share held by those private banks and most of those private banks aren’t even American banks even. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is unconstitutional and violates the sovereignty of the US Government by a foreign entity to act as a central bank of the United States. This banking system does not have our best interest in mind and wants to destroy the United States and the American People and we owe them no loyalty. With a Third National bank which would be owned and operated by the US Government, instead of private international banking system, then the United States will be a sovereign Nation again. We would be able to generate credit for internal improvement again and build our nation back up again.

    How would you rebuild America?


    3. Oh, by doing what we have always done in the past! The Federal and/or State Government investing in key infrastructure that really needs to be built and we really do have a need for that infrastructure like roads, rail roads, mass transit system, dams, electric power plants, space programs, etc. In other words, we need to do what Kennedy did with the space program or what FDR did with the four rivers project. It what Lincoln did with the transcontinental rail road act or what the US Congress did 25 to 30 years earlier with the act to create 60 new rail road from scat in the new Republic. The Eire canal is an earlier government project for developing the United States.

    So what would we do today to rebuild the United States. We need a really big project that will have a really impact on the entire United States of America or otherwise it won’t really help us much or have much impact on restarting the US Economy and get it going again.

    We need a major project like NAWAPA or the North American Water And Power Agreement. The United States would have to negotiate with both Canada and Mexico to get an inter-national agreement between both countries, because it crosses inter-national borders. Basically, what it does is to bring water down from the arctic from Alaska, the Yukon, etc. and runs it down the rocky mountain trench to water the western half of the United States. It would basically re-engineer the western half of the US and green the deserts. It would end the water crises in the west. It would generate 6 million jobs if we did that and across the entire United States. Detroit would have to be cranked up again to meet the new demand for materials so we could build this project.

    If we want to save the United States, we have to do these three things or the United States is finished.



    If you want to know more about building NAWAPA as a way of saving the United States. Then go to LaRouchPAC.com

  13. The Green Party: Jill Stein ([url]https://www.freethoughtnation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4202[/url])

    Libertarian: Gary Johnson ([url]http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/front[/url])

    Spoiler alert: Poll finds small following for Libertarian candidate ([url]http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/10/spoiler-alert-poll-finds-small-following-for-libertarian-candidate/comment-page-2/[/url])

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