Robert Anton Wilson’s advice to Christians

robert anton wilsonI was going through some boxes recently, and I found a letter to me from the late great Robert Anton Wilson, written way back in 1992! Before I return this precious item to safe-keeping, I had to excerpt it here.

I had sent RAW some of my rabblerousing writings – again, eons ago, in 1992 – to which he replied, among other things:

Thanks for sending me your Bible belts, which I enjoyed reading. However, don’t be too hard on Christians. I have it on excellent scriptural authority that they can all be saved from the flames of Hell if they abjure their infidelity, accept Allah as the one true God and acknowledge that Mohammed is the prophet of God. Even Marilyn Quayle can be saved, if she takes this simple step before it is is too late.

Goats forever! Peace to all Penguins! Preserve the great furry Merkin! Keep the Lasagna flying proudly over Muscle Beach!

Robert Anton Wilson

In addition to this brief snail-mail correspondence, I met Bob in 1996 at Timothy Leary’s memorial service in a hangar at Santa Monica Airport. Also in attendance were John C. Lilly, whose hand I shook, and Leary’s goddaughter, Winona Ryder, who is little bitty person in real life.

The world is poorer for lack of RAW. Hopefully he is partying discordantly in his role as the cosmic Bob Dobbs.


  1. I understand Ryder was present at Leary’s death with other family members of hers.

  2. Another friend of mine, Dr. Carol Rosin, told me she was alone with Leary when he passed away, with his head in her lap. She was in possession of his ashes, some of which she provided for passage into space.

  3. I wonder how much of Islam the gentleman knew. One thing I do know is that 200 years after his death a man called BUKHARI collected the sayings of Mohammed. Sunni Muslims consider his collection to be the most authentic and best. After him the second best collection is by a man called MUSLIM,also from the same time.

    Now together in 8 sayings or hadiths by BUKHARI and MUSLIM you see that Mohammed says to KILL those who leave Islam.Many Muslims say it only refers to people during the 10 year war between the Meccans and Mohammed. It can’t be since in BUKHARI again Mohammed says that in the LAST DAYS many Muslims will LEAVE ISLAM and to kill THEM. So Mohammed was saying a universal rule not one limited in time.

    1. Thank you. We here are very aware of the atrocities of Islam over the past 1,400 years. RAW was being humorous with his declarations.

  4. Dr Leary
    Well one thing is for sure. Both Robert and Tim were exceptional men who were brave and spoke truth to power. I was inspired and touched by both. Thank you. Come to think of it that what I like about you.

  5. comment submitted for censorship
    RAW’s last words to me (via e-mail):

    “Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.” His memorial service in Santa Cruz was a great celebration, ashes sent to sea.

    Also, despite the oft told story that Leary’s last words were “Why not?”, his son Zachary, who was there (so, no he was not alone with Carol Rosin), reports that his final bon mot was “beautiful!”

  6. You are welcome Acharya. I didn’t know the people here were aware. Very few non-Muslims do. In I participate with the name minoria, so I will use that name from now on since I think using 2 different names might make people think I am being deceptive. It is best to use the same name always.

    Now many leftists, feminists and liberals, for some strange reason, keep on thinking Islam is NOT a threat to human rights. It is. They are WILLFULLY BLIND even after you show them the evidence. There are exceptions,like PAT CONNELLY of the UK (atheist,find him in youtube), CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS (atheist), DAWKING(atheist), MICHEL ONFRAY (greatest French philospher of today,atheist), the late ORIANA FALLACI (atheist, greatest Italian journalist of her time). But not enough, but it is a start.

    Way back in the 1970’s a book with an intriguing cover design – I was an artist back then – caught my eye. It was the the Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. It was an expensive book priced at $1.95 but because Mr. Wilson’s name contained the same name as my father – Anton – I bought it. It says copyright 1975. Acharya’s essay on Mr. Wilson prompted me today to open my boxes to find it. I did.

    From 1981 thru 1984 I lived in Denver, Colorado. Sometime then, I noticed an ad somewhere – maybe the Rocky Mountain News – that was an invitation to attend a meeting and lecture conducted by Robert Anton Wilson. The lecture was to take place somewhere in some remote location way up in the Rocky Mountains. I wanted to attend so badly. But the clandestine nature of the book, combined with the strange location of that lecture, made me decide not to go. I remember staring up into those mountains for about two weeks trying to decide. I think today, that had I gone to Mr. Wilson’s lecture, it may have been enough to cause me to make a change in life then, that would have turned me into a researcher and writer, similar to the above woman who found a letter from Robert Anton Wilson while going through some boxes recently. Books, thoughts, letters and words. Turn right, turn left, or straight ahead? One person, one book cover.

    Jon Smetana

  8. I think he was R,A,W, a terrorist here to bring trouble to…

    “You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit groupof nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends”-RAW

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