• May 27, 2023

Radio/video program on Bible, Moses, Exodus, religion and myth!

Here’s the Youtube recording of our conversation at “Beyond the Trailer Park” on January 21, 2015. I explain quite a bit about ancient religion, mythology, the Bible, Moses and the Exodus!


Did Moses Exist? front cover

4 thoughts on “Radio/video program on Bible, Moses, Exodus, religion and myth!

  1. THAT was an excellent discussion! You were fantastic, Acharya and I would love to see you giving lectures on the university circuit. Your knowledge on the subject is extraordinarily vast.

    You obviously have a lot to offer secularism and mythicism in a very positive way. I love how you are not just negative bringing religion down; you actually debunk the literal/historical interpretations and provide the real historical milieu of the day demonstrating the origins and evolution of where these myths began and what they all mean.

    Special thanks to the “Beyond the Trailer Park” (I laugh out loud … now that is funny) girls, Beth and Heretic Woman for having you.

    I wish I could’ve learned about your work as a kid instead of all the lies and misinformation. Your work should be taught at schools, colleges and universities.

  2. I would love to have that book about wine and viticulture mythologies. What also got me interested is the thing about drinking wine to prevent infections. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928, but interesting to know that people are aware that drinking wine can prevent infection from drinking local water.

    1. Thanks, but that is a very ignorant opinion. Moses is demonstrably a myth, and if your friend wants to know the deep scholarship instead of silly speculation, he should read my book Did Moses Exist? Otherwise, he is not an expert whose opinion we should care about.

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