Pope admits donkeys and cattle in nativity scene are a ‘myth’

As are the rest of this cast of characters. Sounds like the pope took a swig of truth serum recently. He has also admitted the dating of 0 AD/CE does not represent the “real” year of Christ’s birth. What is the world coming to? Next he’ll be calling Christ the “Sun of Righteousness.” (Mal 4:2)

Nativity donkeys and cattle are a myth, says Pope

With just over a month to go before Christmas, the Pope has declared that the presence of animals like cattle and donkeys in traditional Nativity scenes is based on little more than a myth….

Jesus was born years earlier than thought, claims Pope

The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation, the Pope has declared, as he claims in a new book that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly believed….

“The whole idea of celebrating his birth during the darkest part of the year is probably linked to pagan traditions and the winter solstice.”

Basically, the pope has just admitted Jesus wasn’t born in 0 AD/CE and the nativity scene is fake. That’s two mythicist premises down – many more to go!

One must ask, of course, why the pope needs to cite scholarly consensus when raising the issue of Jesus’s alleged birth date – has not God, the Holy Spirit or Jesus himself informed the pope, who is supposed to be the direct pipeline for the Trinity in Unity?

See also the article, “The real story of Christmas,” in which it is stated:

History suggests that Jesus actually wasn’t born in a stable — or on Dec. 25.

It’s a great start. Now, if only they had stopped here: “History suggests that Jesus actually wasn’t born.” LOL. I crack myself up.

Of course, as a sun god, Jesus would have been born at the winter solstice or the sun’s “standing still” that ended at midnight on December 24th. Hence, this solar deity is born on December 25th every year, as are countless other sun gods. When it is claimed that “history” suggests Jesus was not born on December 25th, the writer is acknowledging that this date is the winter solstice and that any “historical” Jesus likely wasn’t born at that time. As we know, however, when the mythological and midrashic layers are removed from the gospel story, there remains no historical core to the onion.

The “Jesus Christ” of the New Testament is a fictional composite of characters, real and mythical. A composite of multiple “people” is no one.

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Christmas is an ancient celebration of light, with many gods born on December 25


  1. wow!!!!!
    why is the pope doing this?
    is it starting to hit home?
    is he reading the Christ Conspiracy???!!!!
    Good work Acharya S !!!!!!
    you go girl!!!!!!!

    1. Well …he himself said he’s “the Pope of the end of the world” , so , who knows ? 🙂 But i’m appreciating also his positions about social justice and his criticism to the capitalist system .Of course , they arre calling him a communist , etc, but i don’t think he’s giving a damn about it .As a brazilian cardinal once said , Dom Helder Câmara , if your help the poor with charity , they call you saint .If you ask why they are poor , they call you a communist .I prefer a communist pope ! 🙂 And a mythicist communist one would be heaven on earth ! hahaha

  2. pope pops the truth out!
    Dear Acharya,
    The catholic church as usual is pretending to be scientific. There Is No Alternative (TINA) in todays internet and global satellite tv era.

    The bitter pill of lies and fibs which the church and the bible are full of has been always been sweetened by the sugar of educational and hospital and healthcare institutions.

    I am wondering if there could be a papal bull for this historical pretense of the evangelicals spreading biblical lies and hate(of the other faiths) alongwith the education to impressionable and naive, native young minds, and healing to sucseptible ill patients and their vulnerable relatives – thus becoming prime slaughter lambs for conversion to the jesus cult.

    What a waste of human time and effort to conquer the world for the vatican state. Twenty centuries of vain delusional worldy pursuits by the catholics, when eventually the truth is dawning upon all about the nonsense that the jesus cult is.

    Acharya, your truth shall prevail.

  3. I’m holding out for his dictum on whether the Easter Bunny is a myth.

    Seriously, is there a reason we need the Pope to tell us this, except for our own immaturity? Of course, he did leave out the really important parts, but, I guess, this was a big step for the Pope-inator.

  4. Cornucopia of songwriting opportunities!!
    Now that the Pope, the Royal Pontiff of Rome and the official, earthbound Vicar of Christ has completely obliterated the myth of the nativity, my first thought went not to the billions of believers who just had their corn flakes sprayed with his holy excrement but the hundreds of wonderful nativity songs that just became obsolete and irrelevant. The sadness and depression smites my memory at the loss of blasting joyous “God inspired tunes” through my humble surround sound as I decorate my X-mas tree? Now what shall I listen to? Pagan Celtic music venerating the Winter Solstice??….Oiyyy!! However being a entrepreneurial thinker I started rewriting a few of the most beloved nativity songs, figuring there could be a gold mine of opportunity here. Why should Christians be the only ones to cash in? Here’s my first few rewrites.

    Away In a Manger………….new version……[i](In a Galaxy Far, Far) Away in a Manger, (Because me thinks Jesus lives on Kolob)[/i]-Note: Mormon Version

    Silent Night…………..new version…[i] Silent Night( Because we just discovered there was no round yon virgins radiating beams of light from holy eyes, now we have to shut up!)[/i]

    The First Noel……..new version…..[i](Still waiting for) The First Noel (since it hasn’t happened yet!)[/i]

  5. It’s Just Marketing
    It is marketing strategy and big business. It is just more of their age old strategy of retreating a little bit at time so as to give ground as slowly as possible so as not to lose their customer base. Does anybody really think that it is about anything else. The truth means nothing to the “High Priests”. It is about contol of the titheing sheep. They will give in as little as possible, as slowly as possible.

    It will continue to get harder as their methods of control become less and less effective. They cannot resort to the old strategies of violence and persecution (unlike Islam) “They rage against the dying of the light”, but there is a new light coming fueled by people like Sam Harris and Acharya S/ D.M.

    Inch by inch, the High Priests will keep giving ground until their iinvisible God is seen for what he is. LOL “Invisible & Imaginary”

  6. William John Meegan

    Animals in the Nativity Scene are vailid represent
    Of course the Pope said that the animals in the Nativity scene was little more than a myth because all of the Christian mythos are myths, which doesn’t make Christianity any less spiritual.

    If you were to check the calendar year as we know it today in the 21st-century it is not any different as far as days in the months are concern from that which Caesar Augustus set up on January 1, 8BC. Only the Magi (astrologers) could follow the Star of Bethlehem of Judea for two years. What was the Star? If you look at the four months with 30-days you will find they create a butterfly pattern. There is only one way that the other eight months can produce two more like butterfly patterns in the Zodiac/Calendar year. The Star of David appears dead center to the Zodiacal Circle of animals: hence being born in a manger surrounded by animals.

    The story of Christianity is not a historical one it is a mythological one. And, Yes, I am a Roman Catholic.

    1. Christianity (Mythological Version)
      William….. I don’t think the Pope would agree with you about the mythological nature of Catholicism.

      So William, if you admit Christianity is mythological in nature that puts you in the minority of Christians who admit that. In fact,I’m pretty sure many Christians would claim you do not qualify as a Christian.

      If Christianity is mythological, why do you choose it over the many other mythologies?

    2. Anyone who pompously uses three names can’t be taken seriously. I’m sure there is a biblical reference for this ‘fact’.

      1. This creepy Catholic fanatic has been following me around the net – essentially cyberstalking – and spewing lies and hate speech at me.

  7. Wow, you folks have it all figured out, do you?

  8. Really impressive ! So… ? …! You mean that Santa Claus maybe never existed too !!!!!! And what about the tooth fairy !? Oooh Acharyass thank you for enlightning us again

  9. Dr. Michael Charles Scholfield

    Perhaps, more to the truth than taking animals from the manger, and telling us that the angels did not sing…bah humbug…I think our Pope has entered senility!

  10. It is a long shot for us here but then how about we start with real enlightenment,truth and not faith shall stand tall.

  11. Your “Free thought” webpage seems to be not that free but geared solely to the anti-bible train of thought

    1. That would be a mischaracterization by someone who has not actually read my work and who is trying to deflect off the FACTS I bring to light. But, yes, being “anti-Bible” in the face of constant brainwashing would be a sign of freethought, since the biblical brainwashed are generally not allowed to think freely.

      And please do note that I am also well known for critiquing Islam and all other religious pathologies. Freethought allows one to use one’s own mind and not blindly follow deleterious ideologies.

    2. Free thought requires us to question.

      Religion teaches us to believe blindly without question.

      usually backed up with death threats.

      Hellfire and such.

  12. Pope admits donkeys and cattle in nativity scene are a ‘myth’

    You don’t say.

    Next he’ll be telling us Mary wasn’t a virgin…

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