Pat Condell: ‘What I know about Islam’

Pat Condell is one of the most important voices on the planet today, here again hitting at the core of a major societal problem.  It is clear that what Pat does know about Islam is both accurate and enough for him to criticize it intelligently.  It is those claiming it to be a “religion of peace” who are ignorant of Islam.

I feel that Pat’s remarks at the end must be viewed as an attempt at changing the heart of Islam, rather than a factual depiction of what Islam actually “could have been,” as the religion of violence and death is pretty much as it was intended to be from the git-go.


  1. right on!
    Pat, thank you for telling it like it is regarding the threat of islam.
    I want my England back, and I am not alone. And then, I want America back too since I live here.
    If muslims cannot or will not adapt to the ways of their adopted country then they should go back to Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, or Iran, Iraq, Egypt and anywhere else Islam is at the helm.

    When in Rome, you must do as the Romans do or get the f–k out!
    That was taught to me by my Dad, and hense I have respect for those other countries I visit, Muslims should do the same, esp if they are going to emmigrate.

  2. Its because we ALL KNOW this.

  3. ofcorse
    B) Islam is not really a religion of peace misinterpreted by sadists ! its cleverly disguised to produce the bigotry your so upset about ! keep up the good work Pat….strange days these …believe it or not theres big money in running a country ! religious leaders run countries !your Queen is as much a sadist as any Muslim ! for f**ks sake don’t blow a gasket mate ! you won’t save Britain from Islam …you must set the one against the other and when in full war mode ..chuk a ( hence the name ) banger in the middle of both !cheers .

  4. I LOVE pat!
    Pat really is the cat’s a** in my book! A true hero to women and one of the only men I know of that speaks up for women risking his life, even when the feminists are deafeningly quiet.

  5. Again,Pat, shows of how misguided he is. No religion is peaceful religion. All religions preach hate and violence. Again, he stated that Islam hate jews, but did not mention the christian and other religions.
    Any given religion hate another as organize religions are huge business and they see a competition in each others. Jews religion it is as much hateful and violent as Muslim religion.
    Acharya, I read your books and I like your writings , but I do not know of what good can you see in Pat. He is a joke to me.

  6. Read and Learn why Pat is right
    Once again he’s on the money. It’s great to see Pat making a distinction between Muslims and Islamists, although he does not use this terminology this is the flavor toward the middle of the piece. In the end, the old regime must fall for the violence to stop. However well intentioned the Muslims are there will always be Qu’ran literalists that will continue to strap bombs to themselves and murder innocent men, women and children. Literalists will continue to beat there wives marry their children (age 9 is the legal age in Iran because it is considered that this age is after they begin their courses, or menstruation). Thjs is in accordance with the Qu’ran.
    Women who are raped remain silent because if they charge a man with rape their testimony is considered not admissible because they are a woman. The woman is then subject to punishment up to and including execution. So rape is fair game in fundamentalist Islamic society.

    Read “The Truth about Mohammed” by Robert Spencer…Those that want to keep there heads buried in the sand in support of the most violent religion on the planet…don’t

    I highly encourage you all to read and learn. Stop spouting naive, Pollyanna tolerance when human rights are being violated on a grand scale.

    1. If it is in the Qur’an you won’t mind citing the verses allowing it would you?…
      No it’s not in the Qur’an it’s in the Hadiths. Huge difference!

  7. :unsure: ah no …Pat’s my man….what he says always goes a long way to the other side …he knows that religion produces insane violence …he expresses himself in such a way to be diplomatic and attain the greatest audience …he’s a bit of a politician …and as woman of mature taste , i find his videos stimulating ! A very attractive man ! Keep it up Pat ( so to speak ) . xxx

  8. Islam or Christianity, all organized relegion are
    You see, you look at it as a religion, but who ever invented all this crap? Amen-Marduk in case of the Amen affirmation faith Moslem, Christian, Jewish, trio. It was not meant to be as a set of belief, man made it that way, but rather, Amen used it as a subversive conspiracy whereby this Extraterrestrial Alien will use gullible and naive humans to do his bidding (both politically and violently) under religion cover to get to his ultimate goal of: One World Government and he sit his unholy ass on it as Lord of Lord and King of Kings. He made himself the awaited Messiah for the Jews, Christ for the ignorant Christians and the waited Mahdi after Sunni Moslems rejected his plot and refused to worship him, he forthwith invented a ruse and a conflict that brought new modification to Islam called Shia Moslems, who are now awaiting his coming as Mahdi.

    So to sit and criticize or promote any religion, is pure ignorance, why? Because that is why he invented them and set them up for in the first place, to divide and conquer humans, so he can use his diabolic traceries’ and telepathy, driving one over the other to get finally to his goal. It really makes no difference what set of crap each religion made up of; he purposely designed it that way as a tool, he knows exactly what he was doing, all the programming and conditioning is pre-configured. You see (Amen) in Egyptian means the Hidden One, the all seeing eye on your Dollar bill, he is really not hidden to the educated and intelligent who can decipher his plot and each and every evil he is behind, he is only hidden to the ignorant who would not believe he exists, or think religion is the center focal issue, not he, the scum back behind it all. So you can sit down in front of a camera and say crap about this and that, you are just either willfully or unknowingly are being used to deceive yourself and others. Next time tries not to focus on the religion, but on by who and how it was setup, who is benefiting from it and what is the end goal of this diabolic means contrived to subvert humans.

    For a modern day example of all this conspiracy, that prove beyond a doubt that all 3 religions invented by Amen/Marduk were in fact, supposedly are lead by a man who never existed in fact, and that they are all a one single tool to achieve and end goal. One can look at how Moslems, Jews and Christians in fact worked hand in hand to bring about this nightmarish events that unfolded and more yet to unfold thru the same plot and with the same tools. Jews demolished the WTC 1, 2 and 7, Christians blamed Moslems and Moslems rather than voice a truth, worked in cahoots with the other religions, helped Christians and Jews round up all other Moslems and robbed them out of trillions in Gold and cash. Helped Christians loose all their freedom and dignities, Moslems acted their intended roll as planned for them perfectly by Amen. In Tehran, they marched with candles, in Syria and Arabia; they turned their prisons into torture chambers and murdering all those sent by the Christians and Jews to their land and secret prisons. Moslems poured trillions into Western economies and markets, making Jews and Christian profit immensely. You see, WTC were nuked, that is right, nuked by Christians with Jewish help and with conspiring Moslems, from Pakistan ISI to Saudi King and his stooge Bin Laden, even Al-Qaida is in fact is fictitious group created by the CIA-Christians and has their buddy Osama a Moslem scum back like all Moslems help in all the planning. But the real one behind it all, is Amen-Marduk, inventor of all three religions. He is the one that has the power to make 5 billion humans get deceived in an age of advanced science. So here it is, Google this: Dimitri Khalezov, listen to all 26 video patiently, then understand what is really going on in the world. Hopefully you will not come in here again and put up a video, wasting our time listening to fits criticizing one or the other religion, because it is a waste of your life, unless you are paid to do so. It is not the religion that is the issue here it is the one behind it all.

    Google Dimitri Khalezov and watch all 26 videos, if they still up.

  9. 😮 my friends we all bash our wives ! bokertov !

  10. Playing with words can be fun but to say it as a truth that a word means something else in another language is a long stretch to be a truth. It would be as ridiculous as saying if you spell God backwards you get dog and then go off to some metaphor with a message that’s suppose to verify the supposed truth. There are hundreds of languages and dialects on this earth and to pick a word here and there to mean what you want it to mean puts it in a category of a game to me.

  11. re: (Gibberish)
    [quote name=”rabbi vuerst”] 😮 my friends we all bash our wives ! bokertov ![/quote]

    What’s that supposed to mean?

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