1. goodbye civilization

  2. Pat Condell RULES!

  3. it is time to stand up and put your foot in big brother’s mouth

  4. I like Pat’s stuff on Islam, but their kindred ‘Semites’ violate the Truth and Free Speech…long before the Islamics started! Monkey see, monkey do.

    As for Obama making obescience with religious groups and liar/terrorists of the Muslim kind, so also does he scrape for Israel and it’s Judahites…ie Jews. I make very little distinction between them. Here’s the usual bowing to the arrogant Judeo-Zionists as every Pres.. before him (note: he spent more time in Israel than with their opposition. Most of the bad mouthing toward Obama is imposturing for it’s own sake. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jul/24/israelandthepalestinians.uselections2008

    These are the same people whose fellows in America and elsewhere continue to enforce lies with suppressive and oppressive laws and actions, with their sacred ‘Hollowcaust” fabrication. Truth? None of these adherent of either religon, secular rank and file or otherwise are interested in that, except when it might benefit them!

    Tell it like it is, Tell it all, without fear or favor!!

  5. Hey Rene –

    You would not believe the abuse I endured yesterday after posting an article for Faith Freedom called “Allah the moon god ([url]http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/10/22/allah-the-moon-god/[/url]).” First, a Muslim attacked me, then a Christian, and then a lefty liberal loonie who has been cyberstalking me, calling me a “Zionist,” “racist” and “Islamophobe.”

    But the most vicious assault came from a woman who runs an anti-Islam organization. Why? Because I DARED to bring up the Israelite genocide of the Canaanites (conveniently overlooked by the lefty loonie). Apparently, according to these right-wingers, that genocide was justified. My suspicion is, of course, that she is a bibliolater who believes in the Jewish tribal rantings as “God’s Word.”

    And now I know that I don’t fit in with any of these wacky cultists, as I’ve always known, because I didn’t fit in with them in high school either.

  6. ossified4reason


    I am beginning to like you more and more. I never got along with any of the aforementioned groups myself 😉

    Those of us here in freespeech-anti violence-and-science-makes-sense land appear more few and far between as time goes on. Some cultist hate group is always trying to hitch a ride on the freedom agenda. We just have to throw them off again. Peace

  7. I’m pleased that you support Pat Codell Acharya.
    I recently read a short biography and was extremely surprised to learn that
    he’s someone of little education(except in the University of Life).
    What is astounding is his articulation and clarity of thought!
    His contempt for the sheep who embrace non empirical faith must surely
    make them uncomfortable; as his monologues are couched in the clearest
    unambiguous terms.
    The possibility that he might be the victim of a serious physical attack within the UK is very real and I therefore salute his bravery.
    Several British professional funny men have admitted that they are somewhat apprehensive of applied violence should they mock Islam.
    Hopefully in the near future ,the asphyxiating dogma of political correctness will be set aside.
    And there will be an end to dogma trumping common sense.

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