Pat Condell: Tell the truth about Islam

Pat Condell speaks truth once again.

Instead of trying to hush up the bad publicity, if Muslims are so concerned about Islam’s reputation, how about stopping these criminals from committing crimes? Sound good? Then there will be nothing to report. M’kay?

Not going to happen soon, I gather. Therefore, we will keep reporting it. We will not be made complicit in these crimes by being force to help cover them up.

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  1. exactly right: moral cowardice!
    one phrase spoken by this man explains his (and Britain’s) whole dilemma: “thanks to [b]our[/b] moral cowardice…”

    It would be unfair for me to call this man a Christian, just as it is unfair to call anyone a Muslim who does such things as rape or murder. The sacred texts of Christianity exclude this man from consideration as a Christian, just as the sacred texts of Islam exclude rapists and murderers from being considered Muslims.

    One of the foremost principles of Islam is carrying out Justice, even if true Justice calls for your own punishment. Recognizing this, Britain should make public examples of alleged Muslims (and anyone else) committing crimes against other people. But instead, exactly as Mr. Condell confessed, “thanks to our moral cowardice”, British government is afraid to execute justice, just as they were afraid to execute justice long long ago when homosexuality became acceptable in British society.

    Homosex is an abomination in Christian scripture as well as in Islamic texts, when Christian Britain failed to execute justice against homosexuals long ago, they set the stage for the present ongoing overthrow of their society by pseudo-muslim hordes.

    If Britain could once again grasp the meaning of Justice and execute it as should be done, then there is some hope for their culture to survive the current millenium to be a viable part of the golden age of (authentic) Islam that will bless humanity immeasurably.

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