1. love this
    thank you for your sane view on things and the courage to express such an opinion

  2. Pat …
    Just gets better and better …

  3. Drain bamage …
    “Islam is equipped to rule the world the way Mike Tyson is equipped to run NASA”


  4. 😛 You are the sanest man on the planet. Aussie Mum.

  5. If only our politicians had one iota of the common sense you display Pat the UK would be a better place for us all rather than what it is; a nation that has been sovietized, one that has every thought and deed monitored, hysterically seeking any variance from the official dogma. Any diversion from the politically correct line results in mass media hysteria with the chattering classes frothing at the mouth in righteous indignation not realising that it is they, the liberal elite that is the problem.

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