1. Pat Condell is right up there with the late great George Carlin pbuh (pot be upon him). I love Carlins “Religion is Bullshit” bit. A prophet indeed.

    Keep ’em coming Pat!!!

  2. Actually Pat, atheism is a belief system, a religion if you will.

    Were you born this naive, or is it the result of a lifetime of wasted effort?

    A bit of advice, in the immortal (pardon) words of Sgt. Hulka, “Lighten up Francis.”

    1. Atheism isn’t religion. It arises out of the objectivity of science that there is no empirical evidence for deity, so there’s no realistic basis in maintaining such belief.

  3. As usual Pat is a voice of sanity in a presently rather insane world. I put many of his diatribes on my iPod.

  4. Anger-nature is his only mode
    Anger-nature is Pat’s dominant mode. I’ve always appreciated the pragmatic Chauncey Wright on this subject:

    “Atheism is speculatively as unfounded as theism, and practically can only spring from bad motives.”

    Chauncey Wright to Francis Ellingwood Abbott, 28 October 1867, LETTERS OF CHAUNCEY WRIGHT, 133.

    Man created the gods, not the other way around, but that’s no excuse for hatred, spewing and bad form. The world will be better when people behave better. With all due respect, Pat, your diatribes (I’ve watched a few) strike me as the mirror image of the hatred and prejudice you claim to abhor.

  5. Mr Wright is Mr Wrong
    That was phenomenal. Nice job once again by Pat.
    Plebian … is that all you got? How shameful. An old tired inaccurate characterization of atheism and an ad-hominem attack. Debate and intellectual discussion typically requires addressing at least one if not all of the points made by the speaker. You did none of that. Brenton is on the money once again. Atheism is a non-acceptance of superstitious nonsense that has no evidence. It is not a belief at all. It is the lack of a belief and more importantly an understanding that the dogma isn’t supported by anything except inaccurate characterizations and ad-hominem attacks.
    Cleanthes…you are way off. There is anger and lack of respect (justifiably) but I don’t hear hatred in Pat’s voice. For some reason you have equated the two. They are not the same. Pat is measured and well spoken. Your Chauncey Wright is wrong. Belief in God or a lack of belief in a god is purely a product of ones personal deductive reasoning. If you haven’t gone through this process then you truly have no dog in the fight. You are just a pawn of whomever you have given your will over to. I agree that true theism and true atheism arise from the same thought process. If the process has a god at the end of it then you go one way if not then you go the other. Neither is bad and neither is good. It just is.
    Those that profess theism or atheism that have not gone through this process are simply parroting someone that they deem to be an authority figure. That’s where the trouble begins. A little advice on Mr Wright…stop appreciating him he is not pragmatic he is narrow minded.

  6. Ali Condell
    Typical Condell harangue: moralizing his way into the amoral void. When is this clown going to realize that the absolutist ethical ground implicitly invoked every time he speaks is a direct heritage of the Christian culture he now abominates. How long, for instance, would intolerance for animal cruelty last in a completely Godless universe? About two shakes of a kosher lamb’s tail, that’s how long. Condell, I believe, feels constrained to lump Christianity into his atheistic assaults for fear of being called “unfair” or biased by the Muslims. Without Christianity, all of Europe would long since have fallen under the dark sway of the crescent, and who knows but that today, mutatis mutandis, we wouldn’t find Ibn Condell calling for prayers, just as loudly and insistently as ever, from atop the centuries old minarets of London?

  7. Agressive Atheism
    Pat Condell does a great disservice to religion and, that’s quite nice.
    I see some judgments here that seem as if looking through the butt end of a telescope without knowing where Pat is really coming from. His viewpoints are clearly in the right direction even given that the masses are still chained to ignorance, apathy and the denial of both and need a flawed method (religion)of growing in consciousness and truth.

  8. debates
    Pat Condell makes complete sense.
    the same as Dawkins , Hitchens etc.
    it is just plain common sense to realize
    that religions are just infantile nonsense.
    believers should not be debated by enlightened
    people as you are giving them a platform of
    respectability. if a debate is going to take place
    with a religious person there should also be a flat earther,
    a wizard, a faith healer,a psychic medium,a christian,
    a muslim etc. as these all have the same moronic beliefs.
    i admire your bravery Pat,
    you are a breath of fresh air.
    I look forward to your video’s.
    keep up the GREAT work.
    Be carefull m8 you are up against primitive morons
    controlled by greedy killers

  9. Pat Condell,
    you are a breath of fresh air
    in our insane society.
    keep up the good work m8
    i wish you where a politician i would vote
    for you in a second.
    I look forward to all your video’s
    in the future.

  10. “The think slime of pious ignorance” … gotta love it.

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