Pagans celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge replica in Washington state

Pagans celebrate solstice at Stonehenge replicaI hope everyone had a HAPPY SOLSTICE! This Stonehenge replica in Washington state looks awesome – now that’s what I’m talking about.

“Religions that treat the sun as a deity turned to the summer solstice as a holy day. Greeks celebrated their god of agriculture, Vikings planned raids and early governance around midsummer, and Plains Indians, including the Sioux, marked the occasion with a days-long ritual.”

One of the earliest Christian festivals was the supposed “birthday” of John the Baptist on June 24th, which is the last day of the three-day summer solstice celebration. In the New Testament, Christ is depicted as being born six months later, traditionally at the winter solstice. These two figures represents very important milestones, symbolizing the sun from one solstice to another.

Jesus is the growing sun from winter to summer solstice, while John is the dying sun from summer to winter solstice. Hence, the enigmatic verse at John 3:30:

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

This verse and others, as well as countless icons and traditions, demonstrate handily that CHRIST IS A SOLAR MYTH. Those who claim otherwise are NOT experts on the subject.

Pagan homage at replica Stonehenge

As their sons returned wounded, dead or not at all, from heavy fighting across the Atlantic in 1918, people in the small Columbia Gorge town of Maryhill sought to commemorate their sacrifice.

On a visit to the original Stonehenge in Wiltshire, Quaker Sam Hill heard stories of dark doings and ritual killings. What better way to mark the Great War then raging, he thought, than to construct a replica near his estate in Maryhill, on Washington state’s southern rim with Oregon.

He argued that combat between nations was an irredeemable folly and the dead soldiers an offering to the “god of war”, so he built a West Coast incarnation of Stonehenge in tribute.

The monument nearly lines up with sunrise on the solstice, just like Stonehenge – though stories about Bronze Age human sacrifices there were almost certainly false. The original structure was probably one of the earliest calendars.

And much like Stonehenge, the replica draws a coterie of neo-Druids, pagans and wiccans each year on the summer solstice. About 30 turned out in small groups from Oregon and southern Washington state.

Hill’s testament to the First World War dead stands alone on a reedy outcropping several hundred feet above the Columbia River. Inscribed inside are the names of soldiers from Klickitat County.

Like Stonehenge, it contains an outer ring of 16ft stones, an inner grouping of 9ft stones and five pairs of arch-like stone pillars called trilithons.

Religions that treat the sun as a deity turned to the summer solstice as a holy day. Greeks celebrated their god of agriculture, Vikings planned raids and early governance around midsummer, and Plains Indians, including the Sioux, marked the occasion with a days-long ritual.


  1. I know you work is intense and very well researched but may I suggest a new look at work done from Austria and Germany and France area by this web link – thank you – Paul here.

    and the similar intense work of Laura Knight Jadczyk


    1. Thank you. I am well aware of Carotta’s work, as I’ve included it in my ebook A Pre-Christian ‘God’ on a Cross? Dr. Carotta was kind enough of to peer review my ebook. I have also mentioned his work elsewhere.

      I’m also aware of the other work, and I do not care for it, especially the author has chosen to attack me on repeated occasions.

  2. The deity who proves that the second law of thermodynamics is not the undoing of evolutionary theory and gives Superman his powers …

  3. Hi Stellar house
    I just read your article on about the Annunaki. As you already know there is a wide spread cult like belief in extraterrestrial visitors who had came to earth and genetically manipulated humanity into existence to use as slave labor to mine for gold. This belief is widely promoted by ancient astronaut theorist’s. Such theory is also promoted by Dr. Malachi York and the Nuwaubian nation, Dr. York wrote a scroll called man from the planet rizq, claiming that humans were created by E.T’S which are the equivalent to the angel’s/Elohim of the bible. Jordan Maxwell and David Icke are also firm believers in extraterrestrial involvement in human creation and affairs which take place today. Supposedly the Annuaki (according to David Icke) are indeed reptilian’s who have not only had their hand in human genetic manipulation, their off spring (the blue bloods) happen to always be manipulated into positions of power, hence the illuminati. I’m not sure how much of a conspiracy theorist are you, I would say (in my opinion) you are a huge one for you to put out a book called the Christ conspiracy which I THOUGHT WAS beyond fantastic.

    Long story short you don’t agree with the concept of ancient astronaut theory, of extraterrestrial visitors coming to earth at some point in humanities remote past, so what do you make of the hieroglyphs found in one of the Egyptian/Kemetic temples of objects which resembled space crafts, i.e Helicopters, planes ect,. ?

    1. Thank you for your interest in my work and for your comments and query.

      I know the Sitchinist theory regarding the Anunnaki, obviously, since I wrote my article specifically to address it. Despite the beliefs by various individuals, the Anunnaki were not aliens, whether reptilian or otherwise. That is simply a false paradigm based on ignorance of the ancient mythology, which is astronomical, revolving not around “alien” beings but around the celestial bodies.

      Who Were the Anunnaki?

      The so-called “spacecrafts, helicopters, planes,” etc., supposedly found in Egyptian hieroglyphs represent a question of mistaken identity. For example, the “space shuttle” hieroglyph is a well-known symbol representing a hand.

      Here is a skeptical analysis of these hieroglyphs.

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