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Our Lord and Savior Ursus

Readers familiar with my work in comparative religion will know that for years I have asserted that most of the germane characteristics of the Christ tale long predate the Christian era. In this regard, the following information regarding apparent Stone Age religion ranks among the most important I have yet encountered.

In the book Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints, archeology professor Dr. Brian Hayden states:

“…in some myths, the bear, as master over the entire animal kingdom, is sent to earth by his father to understand the problems of humans and to find solutions for them. In a scenario recalling the story of Christ, the bear sacrifices himself for humanity; afterward there is a communion in which the participants eat the body and drink the blood of the bear. This leads to his resurrection…” (115)

This bear-savior cult Hayden dates to some 50,000 years ago, its object of worship along the lines of the Ursus spelaeus or cave bear in the image here. Hence, the idea of a dying-and-rising savior is extremely old and did not appear suddenly 2,000 years ago. Indeed, numerous pre-Christian gods were depicted as dying and resurrecting. It’s an ancient story – the greatest story ever sold.

There is much more of this type of information in my books The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God and Christ in Egypt.

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  1. Getting very close to the origins of the story here. And is far older than any other myth in existing knowledge. The origins of the old mushroom cult was the bear who ate the poison fruit so the people could eat. It well… no one is ready for that story, many still think those people were tall hairy knuckle dragging apes, this belief couldn’t be more wrong. Gobekli Tepe will soon prove this to be true unless they decide to keep the current scientific mythology going!

  2. I imagine it will long remain a mystery exactly how far back in time these traditions go.
    Evidence such as these cave bear myths make it clear that the tradition of a “dying and rising saviour” not only predates Christianity, but also predates officially recorded history.

  3. Gene, I don’t know what you mean by “scientific mythology”, but I agree with the point you make.
    One thing science has shown us in the past few years is that Neanderthals and modern humans met about 30.000 years ago. They are the same species and though they were seperated a long time before that, they still could have offspring, because we all have 4% Neanderthal DNA (except for black africans). As humans, the Neanderthals must have had a culture with ideas and stories. There must have been an exchange of ideas and of course adoption and adaptation. It is not surprising to me either that the meeting place of Neanderthals and homo sapiens was the Middle East. As bears were not common in the Middle East, the stories must have travelled south and perhaps came with the Neanderthals. So perhaps this bear-myth is a Neanderthal religion. When people settled down and became agricultural societies, the meaning and importance of these stories might have been lost and became a way to control and manipulate people, which the religions still do.

    1. Darwinian dogma is scientific mythology. But evolution is not even yet to be properly described. To many variables in nature for us to yet see the picture, without dropping all dogma on it’s butt. Religious belief is our current mental “operating system” or programming however not all within religious belief is bad take the “Big Ten” for instance good basic ideas but not very…Err fully explained or properly understood, lots of gray area in them. Simple primitive people could not get the full understanding of what was being conveyed. Problematic is our future right now, we turn blind eye toward our own countries and fight and kill in others, all while the basis of our current world economy is killing it’s self and us probably much of the flora and fauna too!

      Have any of you heard about this story about the human animal hybrids being done in England?

      1. Chimeras
        Yea I saw that article. Alex Jones has spoken about chimeras in his radio show. He had a whistleblower talk about what she saw in a Chinese laboratory run by the bill and melinda gates foundation. Spooky. Alex Jones says they’ve been cloning for at least 30 years. Tell me they haven’t cloned humans…. Yea right. They could easily fake a space alien invasion with an army of cloned chimeras and call them aliens. Ha ha crazy right. Truth is stranger than fiction. I just want to clone my dog; the world only needs one of me. But they have my blood in storage (like everybody else in ameriKa; they could clone me or mix foreign DNA with mine, and create who knows what. This 21st century thing is getting crazy.

  4. Resurreection?…for what?
    The eternal wish or desire:

    The contradiction of the fundamental in religion concepts

    Why the Christians , Catholics, Bautists …etc., believe and want to resurrect?

    Christ promises eternal Glory with the father¡¡¡

    So if they want to come back, it means that the Glory of the father is not good enough?

    I live in and old house, is a familiar house,it stands for more than a century. Sometimes I think , What would happen if my ancestors who lived here resurrect?

    I will need another miracle ….more rooms in the same house.

    The Islam also quotes in Sahih Muslim, (chapters 781, 782, The Merit of Jihad and the Merit of Martyrdom) The posiibility of return from paradise to resurrect .

    If you want to be a Martyr, you will have the chance up to 10 times, to die and resurrect for the sake of the great honour that has been bestowed of serving Allah.

    Of course they resurrect for the divine mission to murder as much infidel people they can.

    The brouchure books of the witness of Jeohva, are hilarious. You will see high quality drawings about resurrection, people collecting beautiful apples, oranges, grapes…food. In this paradise.

    My problem is that also the bible tells that if you resurrect, you will not suffer anymore , from pain, disease , and you will not be hungry.

    Probably those apples are for the lions, that in paradise are vegeterians.

  5. To assist in ‘dating’ the above cult. First it was ‘Star Worship’; later became ‘Lunar Worship’ and much later still; Solar Worship. (Another nice Trinty!)

    The current Catholic Church, is a Lunar-Solar Cult. In stating the above, I don’t mean the actual objects in the sky ‘either’. That would be gross idolatry.

    The Bear Cult, would be emblematic of the ‘Big Bear’ in the Northern Sky, and or the little bear, which contains the Pole Star. The ‘current’ pole star, was not the one back when this cult thrived. And just where do bears come from? This also informs me–this cult knew about the Procession of the Equinox’s–even so far back as then. As the Big Bear contains Natures Mystical SEVEN. As one Pole Star symbolically dies, another then resurrects onto the new Pole Star–in order of the Procession of the Equinoxes. It also denotes, the Seven Human Root Races. But–that might be a bit to heavy here to explain…

    Remember–all Religion is sacred symbolism…Lift the symbol from the concrete, and sit it back in the Subjective world…

    This Cult outlined above–is millions of years old–not 50,000…I’d hazard a bizarre guess, and say that when huMANity lived at the North Pole, when all was green and plush. Was when this Cult thrived…

    Hope this helps…

    1. Hypathia: “This Cult outlined above–is millions of years old–not 50,000…”

      What is your evidence to back up such a claim? I’m trying to help you out here but, if you’re going to make outlandish claims like that then you need to provide the evidence to back it up. Otherwise it makes us all look bad, understand? Do not make such claims that you cannot back up or it ruins it for us all making us all look like kooks. We have credible evidence that the Bear clan existed 50,000 years ago along with support from highly respected scholars. If you have credible evidence to support your claim then share it please. If not, then please refrain from ever making claims that cannot be backed up.

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