Osho: Sex is sacred

osho speaks on sex sacredHere’s an issue that really needs to be discussed. Within the realm of religious fanaticism, sex is often given a bad name. Some religions/cults have the most appallingly perverse attitude towards sex that it takes the breath away. Without naming names, these cults of oppression and death are at once obsessed with sex and incredibly hateful towards it. The segregation of the genders, the blatant and horrendous misogyny, coupled with a long tradition of men not being able to control their sexual urges, have led to a hideous perception of sexuality that includes endless abuse and rape.

It is high time to throw away all these sick cults – these organized religions – and their nasty view of human sexuality in favor of an enlightened perspective, as is discussed by the most venerable sage of sages, Osho.


  1. Sex is Sacred
    This was my first ‘free speech’ display in Venice (1994) – The New 10
    Commandments – #4 Let Sex be Sacred. There are 2 paths to enlightenment – Meditation or #2 Sex to Superconsciousness.

    Accept only POSITIVE commands from


    Take RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

    God is within your HEART …nurture HER.

    Harmoniously position yourself to all of LIFE.

    [b]Let SEX be sacred.[/b]

    Give and receive from your HEART.

    Convert all situations to their HIGHEST possibility.

    Nurture your body – it is a TEMPLE OF LOVE.


    Search not – that which is, IS, stop and see.



  2. It seem that many religions have a history of punishment and suffering and so its no surprise that their followers bring the negative energy of suffering and punishment into all areas of their lives including sex.

    When I was a teenager, the majority of my peers smoked. They were very uncomfortable and distrusting of a male focused on the healthy function of his respiratory system. I wanted to use it in harmony with its intelligent design for my highest good. They were also distrustful of anyone that wanted to honor their biology in general as they seemed hypnotized into choosing all kinds of destructive patterns.

    But ya know what? I rather like my respiratory system. And my digestive system. And my circulatory system. And my reproductive system.
    It seems that there have always been influential people that wanted to talk me into disrespecting my wonderful biological gifts, essentially trying to shame me for appreciating them. Not just religions either. I often felt ostracized when choosing health and well being.

    Since giving up the punishment and suffering based religion of my childhood, I am freer than ever to participate in co-creating my fit healthy body. Some people think that giving up Biblegod causes people to become destructive. But I have found I treat all my systems with much more respect since giving up the Dark Empire’s god of suffering and punishment.

    I rather like my reproductive system. I’m glad Col. Robert Ingersoll pointed out the peculiarity of a deity that didn’t spend any time explaining how a man and woman can be together sexually in a wonderful and enjoyable way. He got me to thinking. Why didn’t Jesus say something to his male followers like “Hey a healthy marriage is really important and I know my Dad made you all to really enjoy sex so let me share with you a couple of secrets that will have your special lady howling with pleasure all night long and loving the way you make her feel so that she’ll never think of straying. Ok first you….”
    Really a HUGE omission for a deity if your going to write some infallible words.

    Life force and sex force are being twisted, corrupted and perverted by some groups that really don’t seem to want people free to see what love and joy can be shared in a positive healthy life affirming way. I suspect an ugly hidden agenda but I felt that way about the media pushing cigarettes too.

    Thank you Acharya S for opening a dialog on this topic.

    1. It is sad…!
      Mr Osho is nothing more than a charlatan who took advantages of his disciples and others, he presented an attractive idea of free thought and free sex philosophy which practiced in a society would bring chaos and destruction to it.
      Actually Mr Osho has advocated a childish idea of a very permissive society that cannot work in real life of course, on the other hand it did give him a very nice collection of Rolls-Royce motorcars, the community he created collapsed in 1985, few frauds were reveled and he was arrested subsequently.
      So please do not quote from this charlatan who new very little about other religions including Islam.

      1. Osho was a brilliant, educated man
        From your remarks, you appear to know very little about Osho. Please don’t write derogatory remarks about people you know so little about.

        As Osho said, “Don’t bite my finger, look where I’m pointing.”

        The man’s words are recorded in thousands of books, videos and audiotapes. You can’t simply dismiss him because of a some sensational newspaper articles – is that where you get all your information from? What was he arrested for? Was he found guilty of anything? You don’t know, do you?

        If you actually knew anything about Osho, you would also know that he was [i]extremely [/i]well educated about many religions, including Islam. Because of deranged, violent fanatics, however, he didn’t speak about Islam as much as other religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Shintoism – and he spoke volumes about them. He read thousands of books on the subject and studied religion for decades. He was a professor of Philosophy at Jabalpur University and an All-India debate champion.

        Your remarks indicate that [i]you [/i]are a charlatan when it comes to knowledge about Osho.

        And what does this post have to do with Islam in any event? Are you actually going to try to defend Islam of all things?

  3. Sex is sacred
    Thank you Acharya for this great article. I hope to see many more like this.

  4. Devoted Servant of GOD
    I’m highly happy and delighted to have been part of this lecture by our Father Spiritual Guru. I can really say that I did enjoy his lecture and guidance and enlightenment. I hope you shall continue to bring such a fantastic wonderful enlightenment to us in the future to come. “GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE”

    1. Mohammed! Where have you been? 😀

      I have been concerned about you, since I haven’t heard from you in a long time.

      I’m very happy to hear that you have such high regard for Osho’s views here. Such words fill me with great hope.

      Continue reforming Islam, my friend. I hope you succeed in bringing many people to your kinder, gentler path.

  5. Devoted Servant of ALLAH
    Hi Achraya

    Blessings quite an age. I’ve been out of town. My Dad passed on to transitional eternal spriitual life and have to go and attended the funerals in Lagos Nigeria. I’m now back to London. Regarding the Guru Ariata Osho. He was propagating the truth and nothing but the truth. You can also see that we look alike from the spiritual light on his face and my face.

  6. Unrestrained Passion leads to Chaos.
    Sex is like fire, it is very powerful and very useful, but outside it’s place it was intended for, it becomes destructive. Fire keeps us warm in winter, we cook our food, we produce energy, but out of it’s place it destroys life, limb, and home, likewise sex, designed purposes is for pro-creation and intimacy within the confines of lifelong heterosexual commitment. Unrestrained passion contributes to societal disfunction and chaos, the results more laws have to be enacted to restrain man from his uninhibited passions, . This is what the state wants, because it’s power increases to enforce unrestrained passion.

  7. Osho
    I love Osho for no reason at all.

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    1. This is not an official Osho site. I suggest you go to the Osho people in Poona ([url]http://www.osho.com/[/url]) if you want to join the organization.

  9. Every sacred experience around the world is done with clothes on and in a ceremonial communion.

    If you are having sex naked then it is a sin.

    Sex is not sacred. Monkeys do it. Slugs do it. Peter North does it!

    Sex is biological.

    As far as Osho is concerned, he opposed the reality about sex because if he told the truth that sex was just biological he wouldn’t have an audience.

    1. Yes, we are quite aware of the typical, anti-sex attitude found in various religious fanaticisms. Indeed, addressing such an attitude is the purpose of this thread – it is clear you neither read the text here nor watched the video, before spewing the same old, tired propaganda.

      Human beings have the ability to perceive sex as sacred, and so may choose to, if they wish.

      My purpose here is to encourage raising sex up, as has been done for thousands of years in various spiritual traditions. Osho has nothing to do with, except that he expressed the concept very well.

      If you choose to perceive sex as “dirty” or “animalistic,” that is [i]your [/i]choice – it also represents the typical anti-human, anti-sex religious mentality as found in the Abrahamic religions.

      “Every sacred experience around the world is done with clothes on and in a ceremonial communion. If you are having sex naked then it is a sin.”

      That is [i]your [/i]dogma, not mine, based on your own religious fanaticism, I would wager. I will continue to view sex as sacred, whenever I wish to.

      Thank you.

  10. https://freethoughtnation.com/index.php?option=com_
    //Sex is not sacred. Monkeys do it. Slugs do it. Peter North does it!//
    Oh,simply because monkeys do it,it’s not sacred?
    So,we are superior to monkeys with regard to sex?
    Who told you so?

  11. Kalyan Krishnan

    I am glad my first is yet to happen 👿

  12. Wretched sinner, who has recei

    A sin is a sin – no two ways about it.
    You all need to recognize your sin and repent. Satan is the one who leads people to say “everything is permissible”.
    The focus on pleasure is the first grave error. the focus on our own pleasure is sin, because we are supposed to be caring for others and showing mercy and kindness to others.
    This is done AT THE EXPENSE of our own pleasure. Life is not about pleasure, that just leads to more sin.
    There is so much sin in the world that all of us need to do whatever we can to help atone for this massive amount of sin. Unless we want another major disaster, like the great flood of Noah’s time, we had better get our act together and give up all thoughts of sex outside of a committed marriage. Even then, only certain forms of intercourse are allowed. No crazy stuff and certainly no sodomy (anal sex). This led people to be put to death in the Old Testament.
    Jesus is merciful. He awaits each of us to simply approach Him with contrition in our hearts. if we ask in all sincerity, we will be forgiven. that is out Merciful Saviour.
    Give Him a chance and allow holiness to pervade your consciousness, not all of this depravity and wickedness.

    1. Thank you for the drive-by illustration of Col. Robert Ingersoll’s cogent commentary:

      [quote]”If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane.” –Col. Robert Ingersoll[/quote]

  13. Well, Osho is a Zen master. I’m not surprised that people develop such an attachment to him personally, but if you listen to what he says, he is directing you towards your own experience of wu-wie, or emptiness of passions. Osho, doesn’t want followers, he wants you discover you own inherent nature, using the tools of Zen. Nothing Holy. Outside Words and Letters. There are more precepts from Bodhidharma, but who is this mysterious gentleman? I’ll tell you this, the third patriarch lives. Take a look at the lineage texts, and get a clue. You will not be able to solve this riddle with the intellectual mind. Even quite intelligent people who know everything, don’t know THIS!

  14. Furthermore, even Osho himself needs to be slapped one time! He says the missionary position is the worst. THIS, just after he finishes saying the witness has no judgement of good/bad. It’s bullshit! Try to catch him when he’s in a better mood, so you can see the real master. The woman should be on top always? That’s just plain stupid. I can’t imagine anything more stupid than being locked into one position for love making. Osho himself is against such stupidity. He’s waiting for you to be a master. Stand up and call him out! TELL him. Osho, this is stupid. You can enjoy the delicacy in any position. Clearly, this man has anger just below the surface. He is against all religions he says so repeatedly, and here here he is striking out against a (Christian) position of sex. He is just teasing your stupidity, because he is a master, and he knows you are gullible. Don’t buy everything he says. He is preaching Buddhism sometimes, and not zen. There is no witness. 4 people are having sex? Gibberish. WAKE UP. At the same time you cannot disregard all that he says, that is equally stupid.

  15. I believe it was Adams first wife Lilith who objected to the ‘missionary” position and wanted to be on top. She was turned into a demon …an angry one at that. Perhaps there is a connection here.

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