Oceans die, while human trivialize

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Oceans die, while human trivialize

When I look at the news, I am often struck by the trivial matters with which people seem to be obsessed, while the world around them is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket. For example, So-and-So’s ugly dress at the latest Hollywood party gets 5,000 retweets, while nobody seems to care much about the fact that our oceans, seas, rivers and waterways in general are becoming cluttered with junk and toxic chemicals…

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 10:00 pm


  1. Very sad state.
    EVERYTHING we do to nature we do to ourselves! People are so compartmentalized, desensitized, and caught up with being slaves to the corporate world that, they can’t see the world around them dying. And, when you try to point it out to them they get stupid with their defenses and excuses. Much like christians do when you question their faith. It’s the same anti-instinctual psychosis that is anti-evolutionary benificial. (I hope that makes sense?) It is plain ole self-destructive behavior that goes against our biology and instincts.

    In the ‘Gospels Accourding to Acharya’, Acharya/you talk[s] about “BORG’s” and that is EXACTLY what I see all around me. People are trudging through their days just trying to make it to the next and along the way they also find self-destructive behaviors to escape it. And, I have seen in many of my friends, a creation of la la land, i.e…if I just keep on this path it has to get better, if I just do it right this time. It’s absolutely crazy to me! They can’t get off the never ending circle of psychosis.

    Big banks, corporations, and all the rest of the evils of capitalism are notorious for inflicting psychological trauma on the human poplution through its constant propaganda of self hate and you need more sh*te(Im borrowing that from Dr. Murdock) to make yourself happy….you’re a worthless piece of sh*t and you need stuff to make you feel good. grrr I have too many friends caught up in this glad-trap! And they worry about meaningless crap like.. what they are going to buy next or where to take their next vaction they can’t afford and getting their hair and nails “did” every week. Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with keeping a neat appearance, but going over-kill with the tacky finger and toe nail tips is just frivolous and toxic! And, it contributes to nail infections! But, who cares, its all about how you look, what you have and how much you SPEND! Spend, spend, spend, so the evils of capitalism make as much money off of the human population as possible and at their[humans] expence.

    And you know who I think some of the biggest victims are to the patrairchal/capitalist society?? MEN! Yep, men are kept tied down to to meaningless jobs and reduced to mere paychecks. They earn their place in the family as walking paychecks and most work in toxic enviornments. SO, they are killing themselves to be paychecks. And whats worse is that most men blame women for it. Believe me! We want men spending more time with women and children!! It makes men better people. Study after study show that men who spend more time with their families(esp the women!) are happier and live longer and the more nurturing the relationships, the better. These capitalist institutions, which are poluting our enviornment, also force men(and some women) to be away and disconnected from women and children. It is the ever on going struggle to set apart the men from the women and to hide from the fact, that men’s only connection to the real world and all its beauty is through women. Every single man comes from a woman and every single man started the very beginings of his life as a female. Men need to stop trying to seperate themselves from women! It creates a deep rooted hatred of themselves and will destroy everything in their path of self destruction, if it does not stop.

    Stop patriarchal corporate institutions from destroying our planet earth by joining the feminist movements, and that means you too MEN!!

  2. I bet not many will even think about this!
    First I do not buy “GLOBAL WARMING” but, people on the mass are destructive and vile. Not to say that all are bad but most do not have enough thought to survive without special assistance. The only warming the producers of such for public consumption films are worried about is the same as that which “RELIGION< GOVERNMENT

  3. Stop believing and Start understanding
    The two characteristics most abundant in the world today are apathy and egoism. We recycle our plastic bottles by sending them to a garbage heap in India. We recycle our computers by sending them to some third world country that employs their children to scavenge the raw materials like arsenic and lead thus causing disease and poisoning their water supply. Individually, what can we do? We can stop using plastic bottles. The water from your tap is as good if not better than the bottled water from some corporations tap. Ensure that the recycling program in your area is being responsible and is doing what they claim to be doing. If not then stop recycling. Landfills are engineered quite well these days. The requirements for them are very stringent so as to ensure that groundwater does not get contaminated. Some even use the trash to generate electricity via gas turbines or deisel generators. Stop doing things simply because Madison Ave and Wall Street tell you to. Stop believing and Start Understanding.

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