Obama’s exciting energy plan

barack obama capitolI have to admit that whenever I hear President Obama speak on the new American energy grid, I think, “I LOVE THIS GUY!” Never has a politician satisfied my environmentalist sensibilities so thoroughly as Obama. I cringe when I see him bowing to the Saudi king or adhering to Islamist propaganda, but all those “sins” fly out the window when he speaks about the “smart grid” and the future of the U.S. vis-a-vis energy. At those times, Obama is himself smart, charming, appealing, handsome, well spoken and thoroughly likeable. His words in this regard also fill me with the most hope I’ve felt in a long time.

So, hear, hear and three cheers for Obama on energy! Please extend your support to him on this issue, as it is a vital matter for our future and that of our children, as well as our national security, eventually freeing us from sending hundreds of billion$ annually in oil money to hostile countries.

Obama Names ‘Smart Grid’ Projects

The Obama administration on Tuesday named 100 utility projects that will share $3.4 billion in federal stimulus funding to speed deployment of advanced technology designed to cut energy use and make the electric-power grid more robust…


  1. GOOD! But Obama does not go far enough. I live in a coal extraction state and people would not believe how it is being turned into a desolate moon scape through mountaintop removal. Permits have been denied temporarily, but so far it is 500 mountains in Appalachia (the 2nd most varied and rich habitat on earth).

    “Clean coal” (carbon sequestration) is a myth and a rate payers’ cost nightmare at best. This administration needs to be more outspokenly pro-renewable sources and be prepared to turn our backs on the dirty dinosaur energy sources at an accelerated rate, despite the heavy-duty bribery machine in D.C.

  2. obama is bush’s cousin
    as has been pointed out by many researchers, all 43 ‘presidents’ have direct blood relations to European monarchs. all you have to do is google “Great Britain owns the U.S.” to find out the truth about the matter. it is time for all of us to stand together against the tyranny of the “State”. David Icke says it best,”Presidents are not elected, they are selected by bloodline.”

    I agree totally with Acharya’s article regarding we are all children of the Cosmos. It is time to stop identifying ourselves as a race, a nation, a religion, or any identity at all. government is neither necessary nor virtuous, it is a small group of people who reserve the use of violence against the rest

  3. Yes, that is always a problem. I am certain that Obama is aware of this mess, but he may simply be including coal and nuclear energy as a temporary stop-gap measure.

    Thank you for not convoluting this particular issue with all the rest.

  4. Well, I am being attacked all over the place by nasty, hateful people for posting something positive about Obama and his energy plan. Here are some of my responses for posterity.

    Even though I was very specific in my choice of words as above to emphasize that I was only speaking about THIS issue, people had to bring up Afghanistan, the Illuminati, global warming and other issues in order to bash Obama and raise a straw man against my comments.

    Here’s my response: There is no need for disrespectful, nasty comments, which certainly do not strengthen your case. Have you actually watched Obama speak about his energy plan? Are you capable of addressing one issue at a time, or are YOUR heads too stuck in some grandiose conspiracy plot?

    Appreciating the energy plan has nothing to do with worshiping Obama as Christ – that is an absolutely idiotic contention. I am dealing with ONE issue here, and that is what Obama is doing with the American energy grid, which so far is a vitally important and welcome change.

    Unlike some people, I don’t simply hate and entirely dismiss individuals based on where they may differ ideologically from me. I find that sort of blind discrimination and bigotry to be nothing different than what you are criticizing. I have no interest in replacing one nasty, hateful mentality with another nasty, hateful mentality, which is what you are displaying here.

    Further response:

    “Do you think his energy plans will start going towards making carbon emissions taxed like in the UK?” This isn’t my area of expertise, but it seems as if that’s part of the agenda. All I know is that we NEED a new energy grid to get us off foreign oil. Self-sufficiency, sustainable energy without dependence on foreign oil – that’s what we need – to stop giving almost a trillion dollars a year to foreign countries (except Canada, unless they continue down the slippery slope of Islamist appeasement and free speech restrictions). The two top oil reserves in the world are Saudi Arabia and Iran – do we really need to continue empowering those awful, repressive regimes?

    THIS is a hateful comment:

    “He’s his own religion, and clearly has a grip on some of the most logical thinkers. You point out the flaws of Christianity but you’re buying into Obama Christ. Come on, now, Acharya…”

    I was very specific and clear in my assessment that I was only speaking about THIS issue. You know little about my impression of Obama, including my concerns before he was elected. You have insulted my intelligence by assuming that I mindless and robotically “buying into” something, as if I am a complete idiot who is somehow being brainwashed against my will. I don’t appreciate it at all.

    I agree 100% with Acharya’s comments on Obama’s energy plan.
    If a man is dressed in a brand new beautiful set of clothes, I can like the clothes but still dislike the man. Or, I can like his striped tie, but dislike the rest of his clothes, as well as the man.
    I can like everything about a woman and still hate the awful earings that she wears.
    I like Acharya’s comments on Obama’s energy plan.

  6. Buying into ‘Obama Christ’? Really? Is that what you got out of Acharya’s post? After the mess left by the previous administration it is clear the the Obama admin is trying to address some neglected issues. Ad-hominem attack doesn’t speak well of one’s debate prowess and I would love to see a point by point argument against Obama’s plan so that I may squash it succinctly under my boot of reason. If he has a grip on some of the most logical thinkers perhaps that speaks well of his position. Start thinking damn it and stop spouting party slogans.

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