‘Not in the name of Islam’ rally in Dearbornistan

islam will dominate the worldIt’s a step up from the usual, and, even if it’s not entirely sincere, at least we are hearing protests from a sector of the American Muslim community against one of their own for a change. In an area with one of the largest Muslim populations in the U.S. – unaffectionately called “Dearbornistan” by certain citizens – a Muslim group is planning a rally to protest the alleged actions by the Nigerian Islamic fanatic and would-be terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who supposedly attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009.

The “usual,” of course, has largely consisted of denial and justification for aggressive, violent and anti-infidel activities on the part of professed Muslims, wherever they may be. Such tacitly or overtly approving behavior – as well as what might be considered fearful timidity to declare violence incompatible with their brand of Islam – has created a tremendous amount of resentment and mistrust of Muslims in general by the non-Muslim population.

As I say, even if this effort is not as sincere or popular as non-Muslims would like it to be, it is a move in the right direction and will send a signal and plant ideas in the heads of others. Almost anything is better than the smugness, arrogance and megalomania of many Muslims who truly believe that they are better than non-Muslims and that they are destined to take over the world, against the will of hundreds of millions, and impose Islam upon us all. As many of us know very well from looking at Islamically dominated cultures, nothing could be further from the truth than this conceit.

How about next the “Not in the name of Islam” crowd take on creeps like the one pictured here or the wretches in England led by the foul Anjem Choudary?

Dearborn group plans ‘Not in the name of Islam’ rally outside hearing for Flight 253 suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

A community group in Dearborn, home to a large Muslim population, is planning to protest the actions of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, accused of a failed Christmas-day terrorist attack on Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines Flight 253.

Abdulmutallab’s former teacher described him as a “very devout” Muslim, but members of the local group, known as the the Dearborn Area Community Members, want to make it clear that his actions don’t represent their religious beliefs….

Protest planned to tell world: Islam is peaceful


  1. Definitely a good thing. Way to go, guys. An anti-terrorist rally instead of anti-west tantrums? I’m not looking this gift horse in the mouth. Huge step in the right direction & a brave move on their part considering the backlash they’ll get from big parts of the muslim community. They deserve to be praised & supported.

  2. equality for women
    The major problem with Islam (and there are many) that I have is their treatment of women. Women have virtually no rights and that is dispicable. Even Jesus(if He existed)had high reguard for women. I do too. Acharya is one of the brightest brains on the planet and if any belief system makes women play second fiddle I despise them!

    1. Although you say that under Islam, (which in its darkest guise is a terrible blight on humanity), that women have no rights, we forget that the current agenda being followed by our Western powers will leave [u]no-one[/u] with any “rights”. Focussing on the game going on with Islam while ignoring what is happening in our own backyard is possibly what the “powers that be” really want. The future is in our hands, not some Islamic rabble spouting their hatred of the West. Let’s see through this charade and question our own government and their motives a little more closely.

    2. I was born in the U.S. and im also a Muslim. You must not be very educated because women in Islam DO HAVE rights. If you read the Quran it says men and women should be equal. Please do not post comments about something you have no idea about. Or at least educate yourself before you post something thats not true!!!

  3. @using my brain
    It is sad you can’t trust Muslims. I am an American and Muslim and work on countering terrorism for the USG. By the way, the majority of US intelligence analysts with fluent Arabic and Urdu skills are Muslim. My country trusts me and you should learn to trust your fellow citizens.

  4. Wish i COULD trust muslims
    Sorry Ahmed but fact are facts british muzzie DOCTORS the folks who sare to do NO HARM try bombing airports! was not MO Atta an enginer? just cuz folks have education does not stop them from trying to make us join your cult or die is that NOT what you book sez? I have read it and your prophet was a baby raping savege and those who follow him CAN NOT AND NEVER BE FULLY TRUSTED.

  5. No muslim can be trusted ever
    I wish it were not so but it is and no amount of lies and half truths can change it! Muslims can NEVER FULLY BE TRUSTED. deny it all you want but truth will out.

  6. Women’s Rights in Islam?
    As is often the case with people who go around pointing fingers at others, you yourself are missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

    I am well aware of the paltry positive remarks as concerns women in Islam – there are a handful. Nothing short of complete evil could be that total in omitting [i]anything [/i]positive in such a massive movement.

    That being said, while you are accusing me of ignorance, you are absolutely ignorant of the blatant misogyny and sexism within Islam, even though we can all see it with our own eyes. Are you really that blind? Women being forced to dress entirely in black or blue, with either slits or slats for their eyes? What kind of bizarro world do you live in that that is “women being equal with men?”

    You will answer that the burkha/niqab, etc., ad nauseam, are “cultural.” That may be, but they are only acceptable in Muslim countries, where women are treated like crap. We can all see it, so you lose all credibility denying it.

    Here are some of the great “rights of women in Islam ([url]https://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url]).”

    You should be ashamed and embarrassed for making such ridiculous and insulting remarks, which deceit only adds to the suffering of women worldwide but mostly in Muslim countries.

    How to Debate a Muslim ([url]http://sheikyermami.com/2009/06/16/how-to-debate-a-muslim/[/url])

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