Neith the Egyptian Goddess | Virgin Mother of the World

Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso has published a fantastic study of ancient goddesses that essentially PROVES the pre-Christian motif of the Virgin Mother, thus rendering the Christian story derivative and MYTHICAL. (And my research FACTUAL and ACCURATE.) Here are some great excerpts from Dr. Rigoglioso’s book.

Neith the Egyptian Goddess | Virgin Mother of the World

Neith never engaged in any kind of sexual union; that is, she was eternally a virgin. Yet, as the primordial Being, she was also generative. Thus, in Neith we have one of the earliest appearances of the archetype of the Virgin Mother, the Holy Parthenos, in her original, unadulterated form.


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    Quote of Sam Harris from the “free thought” web site.

    ” … in fact, dying in defense of the faith is the best thing that can happen to you – that is a mainstream notion in Islam.”

    Says who? Says Sam? Where is the research? Did he pick this …out of Islamic scriptures like the Koran? Holy scriptures are full of crap. That doesn’t prove anything about the majority of beliefs or actual practices commitment of the ‘faithful’.

    Did Sam Harris send out teams of people to stand in front of and interview Muslims leaving their mosques in Western countries, such as in Europe or North America? Did an overwhelming majority say it’s the center of their faith to sacrifice their life for Allah? If the question was framed that way, he might get the same response from Christians leaving evangelical churches. Where is the data of Sam Harris’s claims?

    Sam Harris should stick to the science of neural biology not the social science of religious belief.

    — Gary

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    You must have meant to post in the blog below:

    Sam Harris speaks truth about Islam on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell ([url][/url])

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  3. Neith: Egyptian Goddess
    Very interesting and informative. I never doubted your information Acharya….this just confirms what you wrote. Why can’t the Bible Thumpers understand, or is it that they don’t want to learn the truth?

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  6. Lady of the beasts
    The It’s common knowledge that Mary in Roman Catholicism is the modern representation of the prehistoric goddess. She was known by many names to the ancients eg Ishtar, Artemis, Hathor, Kali, Demeter, and Ashera to name a few. The Revelation of john portrays her just as her prehistoric ancestors did. In prehistoric Asia Minor she was found in grain bins adorned with jewelry and riding upon a beast.

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  8. girl needing answers
    Hey, I was reading this blog, and y’all seem to know some stuff. What can you tell me about Neith and her caing motherly side? This dont have anything to do with the papaer above but I need to know :-), thanks :-)!

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