Nazareth scholar: ‘No house from Jesus’s time found there’

Jesus era house nazarethPer an inquiry to Rene Salm, author of The Myth of Nazareth, I have received a response pointing me to his new post on his website:

No “house from the time of Jesus” has been found at Nazareth!

On December 21, 2009, news regarding a small excavation in Nazareth was released simultaneously to multiple press agencies around the globe. Many articles immediately touted discovery of house remains “from the time of Jesus,” a view allegedly expressed by the archaeologist herself. However, the brief official statement from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) does not support this thesis. The IAA release is the primary report and supersedes secondary sources such as articles in the press and interpretive remarks. This will continue until a scholarly report with independently verifiable itemizations, diagrams, and discussion appears in print.

The IAA report makes no mention of first-century remains, much less of evidence from the turn of the era (“time of Jesus”). Consistent with other excavations in Nazareth, structural remains found in this excavation date to “the Roman period,” which lasted into the fourth century CE. The only other dating divulged in the report is of structural remains from the Mamluk period.

The small excavation took place between Nov. 11 and Dec. 7, 2009, under the direction of IAA archaeologist Y. Alexandre. It took place in the so-called “venerated area” next to the Church of the Annunciation, located on the Nazareth hillside. At this time, the official release from the IAA is the primary report and ultimate source of information on this excavation. As is normal, statements going beyond it must be supported by the presentation of verifiable evidence, and statements contradicting it must be viewed with skepticism.– Rene Salm

Rene has written more since the above post was first made – see his article here.

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  1. Media Hype – I guess
    So I guess this would be a form of media hype – of the religious flaver. :unsure:

    The following is from a YouTube video page.

    [quote]”If you read all the ancient texts like the
    bagavad gita or the mahavarta for Krishna or the accounts of horus in
    Egyptian texts or for mithra or buddah on an on you will find that
    they were never said to be [b]crucified[/b]”[/quote]

    I am almost positive that NOWHERE in the first part of the Zeitgeist Movie was it EVER STATED that “Krishna” or “Horus” (or any of the others) were specifically had their deaths described as being a form of crucifixion, but I am getting to the point I do not even trust myself.

    So please tell me that I am correct. This may seem off-topic, but it really fits as far as I’m concerned. It fits into a category of MIS-info or dis-info or “confuse the hell out of them”-info. – House Found – NO House Found. etc.

    1. Yes, KC, you are correct in being suspicious of comments on YT, as they often come from babbling Christian apologists who know next to nothing about the subject.

      Krishna is called one of the “world’s 16 crucified saviors” in a book by that same title, but he is not said in “Zeitgeist” to have been crucified. I discuss this contention in detail in my book Suns of God ([url][/url]). While ZG does say Horus was “crucified,” I clarify that contention also in detail in Christ in Egypt ([url][/url]). The point of this parallel, regardless of which character it is contended for, is that the god or godman in cruciform or the shape of a cross is a pre-Christian motif that becomes derivative within Christianity, one of many such motifs in fact.

      So this type of comment on YT and elsewhere is being used a a straw man and red herring distraction from the real issue, which is that Christianity is a rehash of the earlier Pagan religions, changed to make these important pre-Christian religious motifs revolve around a Jewish man.

      When you cruise around the net, you will come across many such logical fallacies by rabid believers, including the lovely ad hom falsehoods they throw up against me personally. I have addressed them repeatedly in my books and demonstrated them to be false.

      1. ACHARYA – Spells Relief
        Thank you for your prompt reply and setting my mind at ease. It is only in the past year or so that I have paid this much attention to politics and religion (the two subject my mother had suggested NOT to discuss – for the sake of unknown, but usually bad repercussions). In this time I have learned about “straw man arguments” and the infamous “ad hominem” debating tactic.

        I remember seeing at one of your sites that you have debunked the debunkers with a video of your own. I have most of your books, but I’m a slow reader. However it was somewhat recently I happen to be entralled by your “The Christ Conspiracy” of which the title is more appropriate than I thought.

        PS I got that error 403 again from responding to the link in the email that sends me to this site and asks me to login (even though I was already) and THEN I get the 403 no permission warning that I am not an administrator. I sent you the info once before via email, but did not get a reply (I forwarded the email to your regular one).

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