• April 21, 2024

Navajo Code Talkers: Heroes of World War II

A truly fascinating story: The Navajo Code Talkers are credited with being vital in the defeat of the Japanese on Iwo Jima and, by extension, their final defeat in World War II. Surmised to be related to various Syno-Tibetan dialects, the Navajo language is extremely interesting, as is the origin in Asia over 10,000 years ago of what was to become the Navajo people, as well as their subsequent isolation and the novelty of their culture developed during that time.

The small but powerful Navajo presence in the Second World War provides another example of what a relative handful of dedicated and gifted individuals can do against a much mightier foe.

Much gratitude and respect!

Further Information

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6 thoughts on “Navajo Code Talkers: Heroes of World War II

  1. proud to be navajo
    i am soooo proud to be Navajo. although i am half i am Navajo. i take great pride for the code talkers. i am greatful to have a great uncle that was a code talker. i will forever be greatful til the day i die.

  2. I don’t blame you! What a cool culture. I wish I were one too. :cheer:

    Do us all a favor and be sure to preserve your traditions and language!

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