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Moses book discussed on Red Ice radio!

Did Moses Exist?Here are a couple of new short-but-sweet reviews of my Moses book:

“Profound and impeccable scholarship.

“With profound and impeccable scholarship, D.M. Murdock systematically dismantles the Moses myth, exposing its non-Mosaic origins and its impossible premises. At the same time, she presents an enlightening survey of ancient Middle-Eastern history and mythology in general. This is an important book for anyone who wishes to understand biblical syncretism and the truth behind its traditions.”

Barbara G. Walker,
author of Man Made God
The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
The Crone, Feminist Fairy Tales, et al.

“Acharya, you are an incredible researcher. Your book on Moses testifies of your skill as a scholar. Your resources are inexhaustible. Thank you for this excellent book!”

Keith Soest

D.M. Murdock/Acharya S on Red Ice radioBe sure to have a listen to my Red Ice radio interview with Henrik Palmgren of Sweden. Henrik is always a great host, very knowledgeable, insightful and polite. We discussed my new book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver for much of the first hour, and then we talked about related (and contentious) current events, such as Israel and Islam in Europe – you won’t hear such frank and deep conversation about those hot-button issues very often!

Here’s the first hour:

Acharya S – Hour 1 – The Moses Myth, Yahweh Supremacy & Cultural Genocide

Apparently, if you want to listen to the rest of it, you have to register with the site here:


D.M. Murdock, also known by her pen name, “Acharya S,” is the author of several books on comparative religion and mythology, including “The Christ Conspiracy,” “Suns of God,” “Who Was Jesus?” and “Christ in Egypt.” Murdock is an alumna of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, where she studied Classics, Greek Civilization. She has lived in Greece and is also an alumna of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. She speaks, reads and/or writes to varying degrees English, French, Spanish, ancient and modern Greek, Latin, German, Hebrew and other languages. Acharya S has gained expertise in several religions, as well as knowledge about other esoterica and mystical subjects.

In the first hour, we’ll discuss her latest research “Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver.” Although many scholars today are clear on the mythical nature of the Exodus tale and the probable (to them) non-historicity of the Moses character, there are a number of historical or quasi-historical individuals and events that have gathered attention as the possible “real Moses” and “real Exodus.”

In the second hour, we’ll look deeper into the origins of the Jewish tribe, Yahweh and the Ten Commandments. She provides comparative mythology or mythical motifs also found in other cultures that relate to the Moses myth, the Ark of the Covenant and more. She’ll talk about the profound correspondences between the tales of Moses and the Greek god Dionysus. We’ll also talk about Yahweh supremacy and the foisted idea of the “chosen people.”

Later, we’ll talk about the danger of disconnecting from our ancestral cultural heritage and how it creates a hatred of the natural world and disconnects us from nature. Our ancestors maintained tradition and mythology for important reasons. The Abrahamic religions have swept across European countries, replacing imperative ancient myths with disastrous results. We discuss maintaining culture and heritage in a forced multicultural world. We’ll talk about those who are attempting to override European shared heritage to replace it with something far worse.

The response to this show was phenomenal! My Moses book on Amazon did very well when the program first aired:

Did Moses Exist? on AmazonKindle Edition

Did Moses Exist? is also available on Kindle! I’m very excited by the excellent job David Deley did in turning this big, illustrated book into a Kindle edition. Not only was it tricky dealing with all the 126+ images, but there is a slew of Hebrew, Greek and other languages in different alphabets, which also was tricky.

dmestudyguideThe companion Study Guide to Did Moses Exist? is also available on Kindle. (U.S. residents can obtain the Study Guide free when they order through my site.

Did Moses Exist? is also available for browsing on Google Book Search.

For more information, go to http://DidMosesExist.com.

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11 thoughts on “Moses book discussed on Red Ice radio!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, it’s well worth the time. This woman has some of the best ideas for peace and protection from terrorism that I’ve heard from one person in awhile. I’d recommend her to any high school reading list. Kids need to be brought her ideas before they’re brainwashed completely with divisive ideologies.

  2. Acharya, I enjoyed your interview with Henrik Palmgren.
    RedIceCreations.com is excellent.

  3. Acharya! The Interview you did with Henrik just recently was absolutely awsome! And yes, I will have to go through it at leased another 2 times before i get the full depth and breadth of all you both covered! I’ll be buying the book as soon as I’m humanly able. Thankyou

  4. Acharya! The Interview you did with Henrik just recently was absolutely awesome! And yes, I will have to go through it at leased another 2 times before i get the full depth and breadth of all you both covered! I’ll be buying the book as soon as I’m humanly able. Thank you

  5. Acharya is just in time to reveal the truth of the human society. The effect of the abrahamic religions are even worse than we believe. They abolished the true rule of reincarnation and made us irresponsible to mother earth. We are most probably mythomaniacs with an insane believe that resources on earth are infinite. Our problem will be that there will be no earth left coming back to. I miss the position of Echnaton and Nefretiti who actually were the founders of monotheism, even if true monotheism also is a myth.

  6. As always, you were perfect, Ms. Murdock. Thank you for sharing your great wisdom. I loved every second of it!

  7. I’m a Red Ice Creations addict, and have listened to nearly all their archived shows. This interview with Ms. Murdock was absolutely in the top tier, a home run. Her intelligence, education, research, and knowledge of the ancient world are extraordinary. Not to mention the fact that she is an excellent speaker and presenter. I enjoyed this interview immensely.

  8. I have read the comments on acharya’s interview.found great. I could not watch/listen it as I am in a small village In India.I just know her very profound and exllent scholorship by inernet.I did not read her books because they are a little inacceble to me.anyhow.at any cost I find those books.
    I also very curious about her pen name as acharya.I am also acharya (brahmin.Hindu)I am very curious know her husband as well as parents.I selute her as she is such a profound and incappable scholar.please help me.

    1. As my book demonstrates, Dionysus’s myth does predate the emergence of the Moses myth in the historical record. These parallels are traceable to ancient myth predating even Dionysus, and they ARE mythical motifs, not biographical details. The Greek writers did not copy the “biographical” details of a historical Moses.

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