Muslims demand Facebook adhere to Islamic/sharia law

A comment is being circulated on Facebook claiming that the site has not only allowed Islam-critical pages like “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” to thrive but has also removed four major Muslim Facebook pages with a total of about 2.5 million members. In other words, this “chain email” is claiming that Facebook has taken a dramatic anti-Islam stance, and the comment is further demanding that the site restore the Islamic pages, make it illegal to criticize Islam, and remove all FB pages that are critical of Islam. In other words, it is demanding that Facebook follow Islamic or sharia law….

Muslims demand Facebook adhere to Islamic/sharia law


  1. I am absolutely overjoyed to see those muslims com
    I lost my facebook page due to their mass reporting. It could not happen to a nicer group of jerks… Finally Facebook figured it out, it appears. I thinrk as soon as a viable alternative appears, I will switch to it. Perhaps Diaspora. I no longer trust Facebook at all.

  2. HAHA
    All I can say is watch this vid and may be you’ll get it. :whistle: 😮

  3. Too Bad

    Too bad for them…can’t have their way..they make demands…or what? Freedom of speech, and if they don’t like it…they don’t have to be on Facebook! 😛 🙂

  4. This left me with more questions than answers. Why were their pages removed? Do female muslims wear ninja hoods in their profile pics? Do they have to have a male relative present when they IM anyone?

    This is just hilarious.A bunch of West-hating throwbacks are wallowing in Facebook drama. And once again trying to dictate to westerners how they can act in their own country. So when is draw Muhammad day?

  5. We all have our own separate Beliefs, founded in various religions, because we are individuals. It only makes sense that a situation such as this would produce various ways to praise OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, the Creator. I think my Beliefs are correct as much as you do yours. Common sense.
    “Everyone thinks he’s right. And some of us are so convinced that we’re even willing to fight to the death for what we believe. And with all that conviction, sincere as it may be, we keep digging ourselves in, and making that [hole] deeper and deeper, because in the final analysis, if everyone is right, then no one is right.
    So what’s the answer? Don’t be so sure of your beliefs. Don’t be so quick to jump to your belief, because what you believe may not be as true as you first thought. Have the courage to filter your beliefs through the filter of common sense. Don’t take your preconceived beliefs and try to justify them rationally. Instead, use rationality to come to your beliefs . . . And whatever doesn’t make sense, have the sense to let it go. . . And if we don’t get our heads straight, it will only get worse.” -Nissim Dahan
    I do not want to force anyone to believe as I do. Then it would not be your will, it would be my will. I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. You may not. Whether you choose to believe or not is your decision, not mine. I have put my ’Beliefs’ through the ’Filter of Common Sense.’ Have You? We all are not going to have the same convictions about ‘Divinity‘, the same religion, or even the same beliefs about a common religion. Wanting to kill someone because they do not believe as I do, on anything, is not good. I should have the patience and tolerance to accept the fact we do not agree. Common sense.
    Furthermore, there are bad elements in every religion, culture, and nation. I can not say one religion, culture, or nation is bad because of some and not all. Thus, not all Muslims are bad when a few do wrong; not all Christians are bad when a few do wrong; not all Middle-Easterners are bad when a few do wrong; not all Americans are bad when a few do wrong; etcetera. Plus I can not blame the people for what their government does. We all, worldwide, have bad politicians, bad bureaucrats, and bad military leaders. And the same is true as before. All are not to be blamed for the actions of some. Common sense.
    So what is the answer? I personally agree we must stop ‘Extremism.’ Such things as killing, fighting to the death, and forcing your will upon others are extreme. Islam is the ‘Religion of Peace.’ But beating people or killing them for ’honor’ are not peaceful actions. Fighting and killing to force your will upon others are not peaceful actions. Flying a jumbo jet into a skyscraper, or done twice, or any other building, and killing thousands of people in the process is not peaceful. Careful Islam, I think there is a ‘poisonous snake in the grass.’ Common Sense.
    I also personally agree with the ‘Golden Rule’ which should be, in my opinion, followed by everyone:
    “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” -Jesus Christ
    If you like something done to or for you, then do it for someone else. They will, most likely, also like it. If you do not like something done to you, then do not do it to someone else. They will, most likely, also not like it. Common Sense.
    We all will not agree on everything; we must accept that situation. So let people decide for themselves what is currently best for themselves. If someone wants to do something that does not affect you, and does not support extremism, then let them do it. You may not agree with what they are doing , but let them. OUR HEAVENY FATHER obviously does not want to control us. I believe we must follow that example. Do not force your will on someone else. Not advocating hedonism, let their will decide what is best for them. Common sense.
    I’m not forcing my will on you. Why are you forcing your’s on me? May OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’s Will Be Done.

  6. stand up
    We must refuse to be intimidated by muslim terrorism.dMD

    1. Let me guess …
      You’re a stand up comic, right?

  7. Well, Muslims …
    Don’t let the screen door hit you in the *ss …

  8. Islamic Conundrums
    Sharia Facebook? That essentially means ‘no’ to any type of social media, because the potential temptation for mixing of sexes and exposure to the ideas of kafirs. Maybe the Saudi royals can fund computer hackers to eliminate all social media internet sites. That would be the realization of Sharia compliant Facebook. What a silly notion!

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