Muslim teacher ‘burns’ ALL books EXCEPT the Koran

In addition to engaging in what is generally described as “anti-Semitism” – usually illegal in Germany – this Muslim man teaching Islamic supremacy to his all-Muslim class in Germany also “burns” every other book in the world, as he makes the following claims:

“Allah sent the Quran for all mankind… the Quran is the last update for all people on the earth down to the last one…. And the Quran abrogates all previous books, cancels all previous books.”

As I and many others have stated, it’s not the actually burning of the Koran that offends Muslims – it’s the “insult” to their “holy book.” The Saudis and others burn thousands of copies of the Koran every year – why are there no violent protests against them? Banning the burning of the Koran is the thin wedge-edge of forbidding any “insult” to the Koran, Mohammed and the Arab tribal god Allah. This ban constitutes Islamic or sharia law. Under such a ban, we would lose our freedoms in countless ways and would essentially be second-class (subhuman) dhimmis or forced converts to Islam.

This Muslim teacher has no respect for any other book, when he claims the Koran abrogates or cancels all books other than the Koran. As in the slang expression used when someone disrespects another person, “You’ve been burned!,” this man is basically “burning” all other books. The way things are looking, he’ll probably get a pass – and some more government funding.

The question is, do you want this Islamic supremacy taught in your public schools?


  1. All that needs be said, oh yeah! :woohoo: B) VIVA FREEDOM! From Iran!

  2. Here’s one these fundamentalists can’t answer.

    How about I have DIGITAL copies of the Koran and delete them, then dump out the trash.

    What are you gonna do then?

    Come get me. I dare you.

    1. Guess old hard drives have some uses. B)

  3. Civilized people learn to respect ALL books, both those they lile and those they have no use for, and this is the hallmark of civilization. Most traditional religions have bigotry and anti-intellectuality ingrained, and this is why it is a good thing for such to undergo periodic reformations. Christianity reached its nadir with the crusades, especially the Albigensian one, and of course the Spanish Inquisition and Thirty-year War. Even with its Reformation, Christianity is only slowly overcoming its own bigotry and conforming ever so slowly to Christ’s teachings, those that were not totally destroyed by Rome in their zeal to reinvent the religion is a way they could control all Europe. Judaism experienced a fine reform movement in America, and countless valuable members of our society have come out of Reform Judaism. The inherent Talmudic bigotry is slowly becoming insignificant, having no place in a civilized modern world. Islam, however, is far behind Christianity and even Islam in growing up, and we can expect violent reactions against any moral improvements for awile. Muslims must not be allowed to display violence or open hatred based upon religious bigotry, not when they are living in Christian lands, at least. If they want to murder women or infidels, they must be confined to their own lands, where such behavior is culturally tolerated. There is nothing in the Koran that mandates hatred or violence, I am told, but human nature is religions own worst enemy. Christianity had to deal with it, Judaism is even today, and Islam will just have to grow up as well.

  4. Quarn is Copy of Jewish and Bible, with some editi
    Read about who Really Muhammad was and where he grew up

    The Hajj was pre-islamic and everyone would get naked and go around Kabba in those times. Kabba where Muhammad grew up was 10 times worst than Las Vegas as sin city. Sex in all forms, adultery, gambling, everything was common there. Muhammad most definitely sexually abused when he grew up in those days (It was very common). Even today the Saudi’s engage heavily in drinking, adultery, sex, homosexuality. Just have to live there few month and you will find out.

    Today Muslims when they go to Hajj, they are basically Naked (man and women walking and traveling around), just a white towel (Ihram) like Toga they ware. Jut wearing Ihram and walking around makes both man and women aroused. Then in Hajj women should uncover their face and feet. Mixed with man like a sardine. You can imagine the sexual feelings. I heard stories from my Dad who went there. Women are recommended to go at night. 60 years ago with no lights, you can imagine what it was before there was electricity.

    A high Persian priest named Salmon Parsi, who wanted to fight the Persian empire cast and tax system wrote the Koran initially from copying Jewish and Christian books, then he took Persian version of God which was “All Forgiving and benevolent”. So in Islam Doctrine of equality and brotherhood, as well as no taxation comes from him (Muhammad was illiterate and Arabic did not have written form at that time), to fight the Persian Empire cast system. He called his followers “Mo-Salmon”, meaning followers of Salmon, later became Muslim.

    Because Koran was so well written by Salmon who was a very educated man of his time, Arabs/Muslims thought it was written by God (Allah). Since Mohammad was Illiterate and could not have written it.

    Muhammad called God, Allah-Akbar, after his pagan God, Allah. Akbar means “big/Giant in Arabic. Muhammad destroyed all Pagan God, except the black stone the symbol of Allah.

    Muhammad had seizures, to cover it up, he would say God was talking to him. After Seizures, he would add his version of doctrine to his benefit as exceptions to the original doctrine written by Salmon. These are called Hadith by Muslims, Such as

    – One Can Lie to non-Muslims
    – One can Slave non-Muslims(Muslims were the biggest black slave drivers)
    – People should convert to Islam, otherwise pay high taxes
    – Killing Non-Muslims is approved by Allah, because they are non-believers
    – One can break their promise to non-Muslims
    – Muhammad is the last Allah/God messenger (which shows how selfish he was)
    – Only rich people can go to Hajj (He did not want poor people to go there and hurt his business of making money!!)
    – You can commit any crime, just pay 20% (Khomes) to the Allah Treasury and it is all fine by Allah.

    The list goes on and on, with lots of things which were good for Muhammad’s belly, under belly (Sex) and his pocket, in Muhammad’s Hadith.

    In Koran, written by Salmon, you can find out that it is said “The Devil will come to your dream and will talk to you and will make you do bad things such as slaving, killing, breaking promises, etc”.

    So based on Koran itself, Muhammad might have been talking to the Devil, when he said he was talking to Allah!!. What proof he had that he was talking to God?? All he said in his Hadith are mostly evil

    So many Muslims are brain washed by the Sheikh’s and Mulla’s paid by the Saudi’s, so Saudi’s would not loose their income from Hajj after oil is gone. It is the biggest business in Saudi and the oil money is fueling the expansion of Islam to new territories by these fanatics.

    Most people in the beginning were forced to accept Islam, or they wanted to get away from taxes and cast systems, but they fell into a bigger hole and a dark one!

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