Muslim protesters at 2012 Atheist Convention in Australia

Well, this turns out better than we thought. LOL. Extreme leftist atheists might want to rethink their alliances. Islam is not a friend to freethought and atheism.

Just in case you can’t get enough of this peaceful and loving group of people, here’s another one!

I don’t know about you, but such beauty, grace and benevolence really makes me want to convert!

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 8:49 pm


  1. islam
    This is why so many Muslims are becoming atheists ..these radicals make us all sick in the world…pushy arrogance…islam isnt supposed to be this way so they dont practice what they preach…they are causing problem in every country of the world, quit allowing immigration to these

  2. Those Muslims sure love showing off their sociopathy to everyone.

    But whoever said that Islam was “a friend to freethought and atheism”? I’m an atheist and I feel Islam is basically a religion made by sociopaths for sociopaths. Other atheists I’ve encountered feel similarly about the issue.
    While there are moderate Muslims, this doesn’t change the fact that there’s also a disturbingly huge number of “let’s kill everyone who disagrees with us” Muslims, and that the ideology itself is far too dangerous to be trusted.

    1. Athiests and Muslims
      There are only moderate muslims until the time is right and they are called, then if they do not kill non Muslims when they are called they are in turn counted as a non muslims and also have their throats cut which is how they were told to do it..
      People have to wake up to the logo of Islam, Allah was a moon god the god of agriculture, of WAR and the SWORD, does that not say enough.. they are allowed to lie for the cause of allah, to the non Muslims, in times of war (and they are always at war with with non muslims until we turn to allah), etc as long as they do not mean it in their hearts.. of course they only quote the first part of the verse to us. as they do when they say that they are not allowed to kill the innocent and other such verses but when you read before and after the verses you see the truth, we are also not counted as the innocent.
      if they were a religion of peace, and did not believe in violence and there were really moderate muslims then why is there non stop world wide muslim violence with over 18687 terrorist attacks since Sep 11th, and many thousands being slaughtered ever year, and no one is stopping them not even their own moderate muslims, no one is stopping their clerics/imams preaching to kill all who will not submit, imagine if a Christian minsiter preached these things, he would be in jail, and his own people would get rid of him..
      They say that their God is the same as the God of the Christians, like hell his, Christianity is the religion where God sends his son to die for us. Islam is a religion where Allah tells his people to die for him. Jesus said love your enemies. Muhammad said murder your enemies with a bloody sword.

  3. Religion of peace
    Wow! With the white robes, intolerence and ignorance this reminded me of a Klan rally. Loved the ” where’s the women” ” ZZ Top shout backs. nobody pushes the Ausies around.

  4. Believe me, I agree!

    But I was assailed quite nastily just this past day or so on Facebook by some person calling himself “Mystic” who had no problem bagging on Mormonism and Catholicism, but became insulting when I did the same with Islam.

    The bizarre mentality is or has been quite abundant within the realm of the Western nonbelievers – they evidently feel they are “protecting” the cute and cuddly Muslims from us mean, mean Westerners. As I say, I’ve been viciously assailed by atheists because I dare to criticize Islam. These are “extreme leftists,” apparently.

    Very weird and irrational behavior.

    Fortunately, as we can see here, there are many other atheists waking up and discovering what some of us have known for decades.

    1. I wouldn’t really say “other atheists are waking up”. While I don’t doubt you’ve encountered atheists who don’t like Islam being criticised, these can hardly be used to characterise atheists in general.

      While I obviously can’t speak for all the countless atheists in the world, I can say that I myself have been critical of Islam ever since I first learned of its existence, and that a number of other atheists I’ve encountered have had no qualms at all about bashing Islam.
      It’s not so much a case of anyone “waking up” as a case of many atheists having already long since known what the “extreme leftists” who gave you trouble apparently fail to realise.

      1. Thanks. Again, as I say, I’ve been viciously attacked by many atheists and other nonbelievers, in defense of Islam. Just recently, in fact.

        There is no doubt that the number of atheists who are criticizing Islam has increased. Which means it is a growing number, which means that more people are waking up to this nightmare.


  5. You only learn when it happens to you!
    Dear Acharya,
    Let me tell you a story: the story of my mother’s youth and her family’s struggle. In 1947, India became independent from the British. But what a price millions of Indians had to pay for the British, the leftists and the congress party of India pandering to the muslims under Jinnah who demanded a separate muslim nation and called it Pakistan.

    My mother was 16 years at that time growing up in undivided India,in Sindh which is now in Pakistan. Being hindus(Sanatan Dharm) they had to flee for their lives, leaving behind ancestral houses, land, and everything they had. The muslims slaughtered raped and took over everything that the fleeing hindus owned. Luckily, my mother’s family safely landed up in hindu majority India. But the struggle to rebuild from sratch was immense, intense and relentless.
    This mayhem in 1947 was the eventual result of one thousand years of arab and muslim mideastern invasions which the nothwest part of hindu India had faced.

    Presently, the whole world is facing this muslim onslaught. As the old saying goes: If you do not learn from history – you are condemned to relive it, because history repeats itself again and again.


  6. So, this isn’t what Islam is supposed to be?
    Firstly, I’ve watched hundreds, maybe thousands of videos from all over the Earth and watch MEMRI every day. Muslims are like this all over the Earth … same signs, same shouts, same clothes, same insane facial expressions, same threats, same behaviors. If this isn’t Islam, what is, and why aren’t those imaginary moderate Muslims defining what Islam is instead of these monkeys? The “this isn’t the real Islam” [i]argument[/i] simply doesn’t hunt with me or anybody else here at FTN. Unfortunately, this IS the real Islam as evidenced by behavior, writings, videos, the Koran and the hadiths. Let’s pretend that only 1% of Muslims are “radicals”. That’s 15,000,000 radicals on the planet … more than the total population of Jews on the planet. If so, then WHY can’t the other 99%+- of Muslims straighten them out? My contention is that they don’t want to because the so called “radicals” are what Islam IS all about, conquest and submission, and the same 99% are hard at work lying for, apologizing for, rationalizing for and supporting the 1%. But, I do understand. An ideology based on the psychopathic rants of an imaginary, nomadic, barbaric war lord could be nothing but a blood lust death cult.

    Secondly, any person who claims to be an atheist and an apologist for Islam at the same time, is simply, by definition, not an atheist. Or, maybe they’re just a complete idiots. I do realize, however, that there are thousands of young, disaffected twits out there who imagine themselves to be atheists because it’s the fashionable thing to imagine, rather like having tattoos, body piercings and spiked hair. My guess is that most of them are probably still in a pubescent or slightly post-pubescent state of rebellion against the religion of their parents, which is typically Christianity and are much too immature and or stupid to see the disingenuousness of their position.

    1. Excellent, I have been trying wake people up to exactly this also, but our politicians and media keep dumbing people down with that they are a peaceful religion, and they are when there is only a few of them and they do NOT follow what the quran says.. Mohammad also was very peaceful when his numbers were few, but when he aquired enough numbers to become a force, he became a bloody force.. he did what his moon god said, allah was the god of agriculture, WAR and the SWORD.. so why would a prophet choose a god like this if he didnt intend to it for war to subdue the people… so as Mohammads words were of peace, etc in the beginning he obviously chose this god for a reason as Allah was one of 360 gods of the time and Mohammad would have known what allah stood for so his intentions were obviously there from the beginning…..

  7. Islam is a race … to the bottom.
    Actually, A, I don’t see it as weird and irrational behavior when viewed within the context of and considering that these people are typically products, or by-products, of a public school education which has done little more than make politically correct/multi-cultural morons out of its students for the past many decades. But, yes, from a sane and rational point of view, it is weird and irrational behavior.

  8. LH
    Wow, they are really trying to sell their loving deity to the Infidels. I shall for sure avoid them and their god!! Christians are just as determined to sell their deity as well. I for one do see it as irrational behavior.

  9. Koala Bob.
    When they break our Laws strip them of Citizenship ,confiscate their assets ! & buy them a one way ticket back to where they came from !

  10. What I Think !
    so what we all beileve in some thing different and this is coming form a 11 year old 😀 i learn about all different religions and i dont care what they believe in because they can belief what they want no what you want !

  11. the problem is they are australians, most of them are born here. where do you want to send them back ? And they spread very fast, if we ignore the problem now it will be irreversible like in india and europe .

  12. These muslims are just living as their holy books instruct them to. That is how complicated the situation is. All they do are acts of worship. The implication is that, any action against them is a breach of their religious freedom. Meanwhile, to them, the scope of their religion goes beyond our laws. It will take collective efforts to check this situation. The ignorance is just too much.

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