Muslim imam charged for threatening woman over veil

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Moroccan woman (Photo by Babasteve)

This story is important for a number of reasons, including and especially the willingness of the Spanish authorities to charge and prosecute this man. Many times, such legal action is not taken, especially these days in Europe. The story is also helpful in demonstrating exactly what the differences are for women under Islamic domination as contrasted with “Western” influence.

Although he denies the charges, this bully apparently thought that he was ordained from on high – according to Islamic scriptures, dogma, doctrines and traditions – to menace and threaten this woman and her family. He evidently felt he had the right to impose his cultic mindset on others, based on his religious fanaticism.

Of course, much worse things happen to women all over the world largely because of religious brainwashing and fanaticism, including and especially Islamic. Indeed, this woman may have been gang-raped and killed if she had behaved in this (free) manner in Saudi Arabia.

“…Benbrahim had harassed her and campaigned to have her removed from her job in the town hall’s cultural department purely because she had a job, dressed in a Western style, drove a car and associated with non-Muslims.”

To be a good Muslim woman – apparently according to this imam, who is quite orthodox in his Muslim beliefs – she must not:

  • have a job
  • wear anything but Muslim clothing, including hijab, niqab, chador, abaya or burkha
  • drive
  • associate with non-Muslims/infidels

What we discover, therefore, is exactly what Islam means for a woman: Debilitation and isolation.  And that demoralized and derogated state is essentially enslavement, since she obviously has no choice, according to megalomaniacs who believe they have the right to impose such debilitation and isolation on her against her will.

Imam in Spain charged for menacing woman over veil

MADRID – Charges have been filed against an imam in northeastern Spain accusing him of threatening a woman who refused to wear an Islamic headscarf or abide by certain Islamic customs, prosecutors said Thursday.

The prosecutors are seeking a five-year jail sentence for Mohamed Benbrahim, a Moroccan, on charges of calumny, coercion and menacing behavior against fellow Moroccan Muslim Fatima Ghailan. The two live in Cunit, a town in Catalonia, a region with a sizable Muslim population.

The court filed similar charges against the president of the Islamic Association in Cunit and lesser ones against Benbrahim’s wife and his daughter.

In a statement to the court in the nearby town of Vendrells, Ghailan, 31, said Benbrahim had harassed her and campaigned to have her removed from her job in the town hall’s cultural department purely because she had a job, dressed in a Western style, drove a car and associated with non-Muslims.

She said the imam and his supporters also pressured her husband and children.

Ghailan filed a complaint in December, 2008, after she said she and her husband were accosted in the street by the imam, who told them they would be run out of the town….

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  1. Syrian Nationalist Party

    Islam is religion of the cowards who surrendered t
    It is so disgraceful, awful and appalling, even criminal, the way Islam treats women. But it treats men bad too. This third invented Ammonite religion requires men to pray 5 times a day in a very humiliating manner, by bending and touching the floor in submission. Unlike what many Moslems falsely state that Islam means Peace, it is in fact mean surrender and submission. No wonder why a billion Moslems now day are beaten up and downtrodden the worlds over, their cowardnes is only matched by the cowardnes of the god they submitted and surrendered (ASLAM) to Amen-Marduk. Why do you think, so many Moslems have followed the Judeo-Christo Fascists on 911, never voiced a sound to prove their innocence, why do you have these rulers all over the Moslem world so corrupt they steal the nations wealth and send it to New York and London. Because that is the job assigned to them by the New World Order Master Amen-Marduk from the time he invented his diabolic surrender scam. Why use armies to defeat people and force them to submission, just brainwash them and makes them feel sinners if they do not obey, it is a lot easier to control people in such a way, you will have no opposition and you will be worshipped as god on top of it. Islam, is the most undignified set of believes that are introduced by Amen Marduk to deceive people of Arabia, prepared them for the final take over. Now that the forces of Awaar Aldajjal Almasih, the one eyed beast, managed to wipe out any possible resistance whatsoever, disguised under fighting terror, the Moslem countries are in sight for the final take over from Pakistan, Yemen and all of Arabia will be under the rule of the new world order. All the wealth and resources will be ceased and Moslems will go back to camels and bending over to Amen.

  2. Two faces of Islam
    Well I am not surprised because this is a common and a simple law abiding family that the Imam can exercise his cultic spirit and exorcise
    the simple family. But the Islamic Laws that apply to an ordinary citizen and the high and mighty are totally different in the Islamic society too. The Sharia does not touch the big-wigs. Peruse here an invaluable link of the [b]Governor Punjab (Pakistan) Salman Taseer’s Family Wine Dance Party Pictures [/b]in the following link:


    Do not forget to read the comments section too, some of which are in Roman Urdu. But most of them are in English. Have a go and enjoy.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  3. Re
    That link above about Taseer’s family is quite sad. I am amazed at the angry muslim posts about a family having fun, dancing and kids being kids growing up normally. Hopefully a day will come when all people can live happy normal lives. Islam is doing it’s best to assure that day doesn’t come any time soon unfortunately.

  4. History of christianism
    I don’t think there is so much difference on how Catholicism was imposed in America by sword killing millions, i.e. inquisition, on how Quakers (Christians?) slaughtered millions of American Indians, how millions died in the world wars with each opposite side blessed by priest of all kind or religions. Catholics killing Catholics, and Lutherans, etc. just for naming a few.

    At the end nobody really cares about god everybody is fooled by the owner of this world.

  5. This is actually a really good thing. Here we have a woman strong enough to stand up to this bullying & authorities enfocing their laws to defend her rights. Personally, I feel her husband should’ve stomped this idiot for such behavior. In England I doubt she would’ve found any real men willing to actually enforce the law in this case. Round of applause for Spain & Fatima!

  6. Honor killing: “Abuses like these are not exclusive to Islam but in no other culture these days are they actually upheld by authorities citing formal tenets of justice” ([url][/url])

    No, No, it’s not Islam or the Muslims – it’s all the fault of the US and western foreign policy … yeah, that’s the ticket. 😮

  7. These Muslims should go to this site where they may possible learn a little more about tolerance

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