Muslim fanatic: Accept sharia law and Islamic domination, or live in a state of war

Here is what we’re up against, from the horse’s own mouth! Forewarned is forearmed. Notice that Omar Bakri has a huge “raisin” or purplish, bruised “prayer bump” on his head, from hitting his forehead on the floor in prayer. One wonders what all that head-bumping is doing to his brain – and that of millions of other devout Muslims worldwide. I’d estimate this guy’s IQ at about 90, max. (See more fanaticism from this deranged lunatic here.)

Now, the woman in this video, the courageous ex-Muslim Dr. Wafa Sultan, on the other hand, whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, clearly has a genius IQ, over 140.


  1. My guess would be that Omar Bakri’s IQ is WAY lower than 90. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me if his IQ turned out to be a single digit number.

  2. Ten Bears …
    “or live in a state of war” … Well, all righty then, it shall be war. (To slightly modify a statement from Ten Bears in The Outlaw Josey Wales)

    Putting Wafa Sultan up against one of these cretins is like putting Julius Sumner Miller up against a Johnny Carson audience. The words “devout” and “pious” have begun to make me nauseous when it comes to describing the religious, esp. Muslims. I find that “devoid” rather than “devout” fits my perception better. I’ve not come up with a good one for “pious” yet.

    They come off looking so abjectly stupid, except for uncontrollable ego, I can think of no reason why one of these animals would even think about “debating” her. I mean, seriously, they’re little more than bugs on her windshield.

    Their views are literally infantile … everywhere I go and I can go anywhere, everything is mine, I deserve all the attention, you don’t … and, oh, the I can marry a Jewish girl but a Jewish guy can’t marry a Muslim girl … this is only a slight variation of Oedipus Rex incarnate … I can have all the mommies, but no one can have my mommy. Hahahahahahahah! :s Go, Wafa!

    1. “Julius Sumner Miller?” Could you come up with a more obscure reference? Who the heck is that? :s

  3. The islamic sword is transmogrified now!
    Dear Acharya,
    The terrible essence of the Abrahamic cults of Judaism and Jesus and their final form in the shape of the
    Mohammedan cult; – all born in the fertile imaginations of desert inhabitants of the middle east. and as far apart from reality as are artificial flowers from the real ones.
    The sword of islam now manifests itself in two forms:
    1. The incessant islamic migrations and muslim parasitic population proliferation in whichever society they are.
    2. The threat of the islamic nuclear bomb of Pakistan and Iran, all done surreptitiously via help from China and who knows which other perverted minded country.
    Imagine these two transmogrified weapons of mass destruction acting against peaceful human civilizations all over the world! Imagine these in every major city in the world!
    The previusly dreaded sword of islam is now nightmarishly transmogrified.
    Let’s see how the world deals with the new swords of islam.
    Political correctness and ostrich like head in the sand attitude will get the free world nowhere.

    1. Are you kidding ?
      Jesus never promo gated death or violence by any who follow after him , how can you possibly associate jesus with any other , however it is to be true that many wear the uniform and do horrible things they are definitly not on the team , just more like fair weather fans. How terrible it is this day and age when ideal philosophy becomes fanatical unthinking! If you don’t belong die!!!, the truth is that we all belong to this place and time too bad life’s experience jades us instead of empowering us to take right actions that renforce our both belonging and responsibility to each other . Your comments are that of a fanatic seeking to do harm to a whole group, and you can now hate me too if you want but that would be welcome as opposed to a whole group of any. Peace , hope you can find it cause we ALL deserve it .

  4. Dr. Wafa Sultan is truely a strong, intelligent and brave woman! I admire her so much. The two of you are alike miss Acharya..!

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