Muslim extremism on the rise in America

islam extremism radicalism radicalization america united statesJust when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… Actually, those of us in the know have known for a long time that the U.S. has not been safe from Islamic terrorism, 9/11 or not. Does everyone forget why we have metal detectors in our airports in the first place?  Remember the hijackings that began in the 1970s, largely committed by Muslim terrorists? Remember all the movies with Muslim terrorists being overcome by American heroes? We’ve had Islamic extremism in this country for a long time.

But, as is the case in Europe and other parts of the world, the wealth pouring into Islamist pockets from a variety of sources, including and especially oil and heroin addiction, has enabled mass immigration and increased “radicalization.” Of course, what is called “radical” Islam by some is deemed “classical” Islam by others. In any event, the news is not good but it is also not unexpected by those of us who have been addressing this issue for many years – much to our own detriment in the short run, as fanatical Muslim apologists and appeasers have been out in force attempting to shut down any acknowledgement of this longstanding and increasingly dangerous situation.

Muslim radicalisation gains momentum in US

Long feared by US intelligence, Muslim radicalisation is gaining momentum in the United States, which has had a spate of cases featuring youths recruited and trained overseas for jihad.

The latest case – five US nationals arrested in Pakistan on Wednesday on suspicion of plotting an attack – deepened concern that militant Islamist groups are successfully enlisting potential attackers inside the United States, much as they have in Britain…

“We also as a community realise there is a problem,” Nihad Awad told reporters while announcing that his organisation, the Council [for the Advancement of Islamic Radicalization] (CAIR), had steered worried parents of the five to the FBI.

He and others insisted that the problem involved only a small minority of the Muslim community in the United States, but the implications remain disquieting because of how easily US nationals can move across borders or within the United States….

the united states of islam

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  1. Hmmm!?!
    Interesting actually they were false flag ops by the covert government agencies from the U.K/U.S./IS_RA_HELL. And I think, you are promoting the GOVERNMENTS spin on, peoples compassion for the Arabic civilians that are being killed in the middle east by U.S/U.K./U.N./NATO ETC. and their own leaders who propagate for those whom you seem to be projecting for. Not every one wants to support this kind of mass sacrifice that is taking place in the middle east.

    So some one thinks they are bucking the system, by putting a bumper sticker on their car or putting stupid clothes on their kids with stupid slogans on them. The socialists have done this for a very long time, are you paranoid? So what, this does not make for a terrorist, nor terrorism when in fact the GOVERNMENT creates this kind of dung to keep us occupied, and then fills our heads with trash they call knowledge. Now I do understand that letting any belief system have any influence on laws is UN-American, but then we have to talk about the poor, poor JEWS if we open this curtain don’t we!

    I say do not ever let anyone have power over you, especially when they have such racist and disgusting beliefs! You want to talk about sharia law, how about the noah hide laws we are already living under thanks to BUSH!?! This for those who do not know is orthodox JEW law! And far worse than sharia laws could ever be, all though they do both allow some of the same VILE AND EVIL things to be, and be forced upon you and your children! All though they do not yet publicly enforce them, simply because we have GUNS and know how to use them as well!

    Just a suggestion, how about this the government has a data base for just about everything but missing children? Lets investigate where all these children have gone and stop fighting all over the world! Oh and stop worshiping any religion but that of our creation! Sorry, just how I see it, this playing out as one sided for the self chosen! But then religion is the very root of all evil today isn’t it!

    1. “Religion is the root of all evil?”
      If there were NO “religion,” what EXCUSE would THEY have for going to war? This so-called “war on terror,” is in truth, a “war on freedom.” Because of STAGED EVENTS, our rights are slowly, but SURELY being manipulated away from us. Ans since the so-called “terrorists” are SUPPOSED TO BE Muslims, it is Islam that is being “blamed.” Just as Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, McVey, Al-Queda, even as far back as Booth, there is always a “fall” guy, or “religion” to BLAME. George Duhh Bush made way too many errors with his BIG mouth, letting anyone with a FUNCTIONING BRAIN, know HE was “in-on-it.” What bothers me is, Congress appears to have NO CLUE? WHY is that? I’d like to keep my job too, but there must be a point you don’t go beyond! It seems Congress hasn’t reached that “point?”

  2. :dry: All religions are destined to have a minority male populace who lay claim at belonging, only to use their undeveloped minds to create hell in the name of some illusionary heavenly cause. Money and sex fueled by ignorance are always the main motivators. Women are retarded enough to marry these neanderthals and conceive their baby animals that often grow up as new neanderthals.

  3. Glenn Greenwald in his regular blog entry in Salon. com today complains that articles in the Los Angeles Times and others that report on increased Mulim radicalization fail to [i]cite reasons[/i]. By contrast, the NY Times article by Scott Shane from Saturday does so, to his approval.

    [i]” Like many other specialists, [Georgetown University terrorism expert Bruce] Hoffman pointed to the United States’ combat in Muslim lands as the only obvious spur to many of the recent cases, especially those with a Pakistani connection. “The longer we’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said, “the more some susceptible young men are coming to believe that it’s their duty to take up arms to defend their fellow Muslims.”
    A few analysts, in fact, argue that Mr. Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan — intended to prevent a terrorist haven there — could backfire.
    Robert A. Pape, a University of Chicago political scientist, contends that suicide attacks are almost always prompted by resentment of foreign troops, and that escalation in Afghanistan will fuel more plots. “This new deployment increases the risk of the next 9/11,” he said. “It will not make this country safer.”[/i] ”

    Is this a piece of debate about whether violent radical behavior in the U.S., looking to the future, will be either a) prompted by vicious patriarchal and hegemonic militant religious extremism, or b) the “blowback” that is the consequence of 1st world interventions and oppression? I would assert that the question poses a false dichotomy perhaps to the point of an illogical bifurcation. Instead, the driving force of history of both a post-colonial militarized corporatization without boundaries and a creeky, pathetically anachronistic, wildly patriarchal and superstitious religion intersect to pose dazzling opportunities for an assortment of ravenously intentioned interests.

    In the west, why did the discourse of “energy independence” suddenly disappear in the Reagan years? What was a powerful and an insatiable military-industrial complex to do when the Soviet Empire quickly disappeared in the early 90s?

    [i]”Not surprisingly, the demise of the Cold War involving the US and the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s left military strategists in the West searching for a new enemy. To borrow Richard Conder, author of the Munchurian Candidate: “Now that the communists have been put to sleep, we are going to have to invent another terrible threat.” Former US Secretary of Defense, McNamara, in his 1989 testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, stated that defense spending could safely be cut in half over five years. For the Pentagon it was a simple choice: either find new enemies or cut defense spending. Topping the list of potential bogeymen were the Yellow Peril, the alleged threat to US economic security emanating from the East Asia, and the so-called Green Peril (green representing Islam). The Pentagon selected “Islamic fundamentalism” and “rogue states” as the new bogeymen. (3)”[/i]

    Just as in the novels of John LeCarre, adversaries share stunning mutual interests and the extension of “cat and mouse” games extended for as long as possible, pose mouth-watering opportunities.

    Who are the winners and losers in such a gambit of show case conflicts? [i]cui bono?[/i]

    international energy cartels aided by state incursions and invasions – WIN

    powerful military-industrial elites including retired “consultant” brass who sell efficient violence – WIN

    U.S. right Christian politicians who stoke fear and entrench superstition from threats both real and perceived – WIN

    authoritarian and autocratic rulers in Muslim countries who gain from assistance of the 1st world and sometimes energy business relations – WIN

    Islamic religious zealot militants overseas who stand to gain increased loyalty and support from poor masses outraged by the western interventions – WIN

    Islamic religious zealot militants [i]here[/i] who stand to gain authoritative respect and loyalty and prospects of leadership from an American Muslim population increasingly dismayed by this country’s interventions. – WIN

    the general American public – LOSE

    Islamic masses, in the 3rd world, especially – LOSE

    Would Muslim radicalization stand to gain if the U.S. had no interests in engagements in the Middle East? Indubitably! But when so many opportunistic elites stand to gain from cyclical conflict by pushing it along, what will truly be the root causes of violence and oppression here in the future?

  4. CHRISTIAN Extremism is a MUCH BIGGER problem, why don’t you write a piece about that instead?

    1. First of all, Kenny, if you knew my work, you would know that [b]I have written extensively about Christianity[/b] – and Judaism – and I have critiqued the pathology of both for decades. Again, asking me why I don’t write about Christianity is a reflection that you do not know my work at all. My books are mostly about Christianity, as are the bulk of my many articles on my websites and in hard copy. Take a look at my websites: ([url][/url]) ([url][/url])
      FreethoughtNation/forums ([url][/url])

      Secondly, you are incorrect in your contention that Islam is not the bigger problem. It may be a good idea to study the subject of Islam before making such claims. At this time in history, nothing is as threatening to our freedoms as Islam – and I as a woman am particularly threatened by it. I was born and raised a Christian, live in a country with largely Christian population, yet I am extremely free to do almost anything I wish. Within classical Islam, I would be enslaved, period.

      Islam is a FAR greater problem at this point in history – and it always has been, because its ideology is even more draconian and hateful than that of Christianity, especially in modern times. At least within Christianity, there has been an emphasis that “God is love,” even if it has not been manifested by the faith’s adherents. Within Islam, there is no such love to be found anywhere.

      Here are some good places to start your education about Islam:

      The Truth About Islam ([url][/url])
      The Religion of Peace ([url][/url])
      Faith Freedom International ([url][/url])
      Islam Watch ([url][/url])
      Jihad Watch ([url][/url])

      In today’s climate, it takes a great deal of courage to take on this un-PC issue, so those who are doing it should be lauded.

      1. Acharya S.
        My knowledge is very superficial and recent about these subjects. Yet I feel that your contention is quite correct. Both Christianity and Islam are a later religions and Islam being about six centuries younger than Christianity, a younger child tend to be more capricious and whimsical. Added on that, if the birth or genetic make up, alongwith the racial upbringing, may produce an over all such environment that the end result may be an undesirable and unproductive.

        The [b]16 unknown years of Jesus [/b]has revealed from the recent researches that Jesus went to a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas near Kashmir at about 18,000 to 20,000 ft hight. He stayed there and penanced till he got the enlightenment. There he lived and trained himself under those Buddhist Monks. This may be the reason that Jesus always practiced and preached Love and Peace. He promoted the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. He did not envisage wars as far as my knowledge goes. Though the followers of Jesus have commited a lot of atrocities in the name of Christianity to spread their wings. The politicians used it as their machination tool to achieve their ends through the misuse of religion (Cf. Hitler and Pope Pious XII in WWII). In Christianity, I think the religion and Politics were never [b]directly[/b] mixed. Although one used the other [b]tacitly[/b] to promote each other.

        In contrast, the [b]Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)[/b], on the other hand, He himself became the [b]religious preacher as well as the Political gangman[/b]. This reduced him completely to a level of aggressive promoter of his cult by by ruthless politico-administrative machination. I feel that his direct involvement in the socio-political dimension was totally against the principles of “Spirituality”. The theme of religious practice should be the “Self Enlightenment” or “Self Realisation”. I am afraid, the preachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are directly opposite the path to subserve the very core of fundamentals of the aim of “Spirituality”.

        Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) directly guided and led the armies of warriers in the battle field. He laid down thesis and anti-thesis in and out of Islam. He seems to have talked of peace on one side, but then immediately, he goes on to talk of of a battle and enemy. In the practice of “Spirituality”, all these notions are derogatory and unproductive. In fact harmful.

        In this respect, I would like to guide to the “[b]Patanjali Yoga Sutra[/b]” and his unique “[b]Eight Fold Path[/b]” of “[b]Sadhana (Penance)”. [/b]The first path is called [b]Yama[/b]. This lays down the further five subsets of practices that are to be strictly followed; not just by actions, but by “[b]Thoughts, Words and Actions[/b]”. For example, “[b]Non-Violence[/b]” would mean that even if you ‘think’ of violence against any creature ( Please mark – any creature), uttering of words and carrying out of the act of violence are far behind. Such strict is the code of conduct. Now it is for you all to compare the true path to the “Self Enlightenment” (Of Truth). Unless the “[b]Truth[/b]” reveals “[b]Herself[/b]”, all your practices of “Religion” remain a mere show of self promoted addend of worldly and political agenda. Through this method, we can advance our worldly gains. But by fooling oneself and everybodyelse. Revelation of Truth is a must – by “Spirituality”.

        This is how I define the modern practices of “Religions” as [b]”Organised Religions”. [/b]They have become a sear business by creating a false “[b]Aura” of “Ego[/b]” – the most dangerous make up of “Mind”. This will lead to disaster. The “Truth” will only delude the disciple. I came across one blogger on the internet where he used this very of “Delusion”. I explained him the same way. Both the Sadhana and Delusion are states of mind only, but in different dimensions.

        Another thing is that the “Spiritual” practices are absolutely a subjective
        phenomenon of individual experience solely dependent on “[b]Control of Mind” – the monkey mind[/b]. One may have the experience in a short span of time, whereas the other person may take longer. As it is briefly summarised – “[b]Concentration, Contemplation and Meditation[/b]”.

        This is where the Vedic Knowledge scores above all and without any malice, this is why, all the varieties of alien people coming to this land (also called land of Spirituality) have never been bothered by the natives
        unless they have been directly attacked and interfered with their life. I do not want to get involved into this argument further lest someone may mis-interpret it.

        The “[b]Vedic Cult[/b]” expounded in India for millenia is a practice also called “The Eternal Truth”. You can give it a name of Religion but I have been trying to avoid the use of word Religion, lest it get mixed up with other (pseudo) Religions – whose whole concept is divergently opposite and uncomparable. The [b]Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence[/b] are the five basic pillars of the practice of “[b]Eternal Truth (or Religion)”.[/b]

        I have given a brief scatch for your own individual understanding, what exactly the meaning of “A Religion” should extol.

        Greetings from me and India on this auspicious day of Winter Solstice. Have a wonderful time of your “Self Conciousness”. The true Religion to
        tell you – “Who am I”. If you have known yourself, you have known everything.

        I apologise for a little long post. But it became necessary.

        God bless.

        Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  5. Im not really sure but i think they are trying to shut out your vision. there is a problem with users addresses for download and boo as the title. also “Ali, they say, keep your enemies close, but keep your friends closer.
    Hope your business is going well, we shall be nipping over soon :D.” not what i expected but from some of your posts you’ve had issues.

    1. Apparently, Dr. Sina’s site has been hacked by some evil people. Since the site largely criticizes Islam – and helps to free millions from its grip – we can only guess who may have been behind this illegal cyberattack.

      I highly doubt this crime was carried out by Buddhists.

      Such a loving religion full of honest and gentle individuals – who wouldn’t want to be a Muslim?

      Somehow I’m reminded of “Lord of the Rings” and the battle against the Orcs…

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