Muslim body parts litter Russian streets

As if pollution weren’t a big enough problem…

Sorry to be so cynical, but I’m sick of this pathology running rampant in the world. The people who created it should be ashamed of themselves. Calling this pathology “religion” is disgraceful.

Female suicide bomber strikes Chechen capital

The early morning blast was caused by a “middle-aged, female suicide bomber” who approached a police car, she said. Russian news agencies said the bomber’s head and other body parts were found at the blast scene….

“We should not focus only on the North Caucasus. Wahhabism is everyone’s problem,” he said, referring to the strain of Islam dominant in Saudi Arabia but commonly equated with militant Islam by Russian officials.

“In London people arebblowing themselves up, and in America — everywhere they are blowing themselves up,” said the leader, known for his outspoken comments.

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 10:24 pm


  1. Muslim Body Part Litter Russian Streets
    :-?: :-?: We don’t know if it was her conscious choice or a set up with a ‘pusher of the explosive button’?

  2. I’ve often wondered what would happen if most non-Muslims carried or wore an object or artical of clothing made of pigskin. Would suicide-bombers be so eager to blow themselves up in a crowd if they knew their cells would forever be mingled with swine DNA?

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