Powerful 9/11 slideshow: ‘Never forget’

Regardless of who you believe committed the attack on 9/11/01, these powerful and moving slideshows are difficult to watch. Highly recommended, however, especially as days pass by and memories fade…

Never Forget: 9/11 slideshow

9/11 Aerial Photo slideshow

The sight of all the people at Ground Zero is heartbreaking, to say the least, as are the astounding images from the air. And the “Amazing Grace” soundtrack certainly evokes emotion.


  1. Not Exposing the Truth = spreading untruth
    No, I’m not saying anyone is consciously lying in creating / sharing this.

    However, if one has reviewed the details of 9/11, there are are number of details that are simply left out here.

    1. Did you notice how many pics were included of WTC 7?

    2. If one studies the videos which include some of the same shots of the planes which are shown in the pics here, the evidence about flight paths and what actual type of aircraft impacted the towers becomes a major unsolved question.

    As I said, I have no reason to believe that the person / people behind this slide-show know enough to be aware of the massive evidence that causes reasonable suspicion about the story told by most media, NIST, the 9/11 Commission, etc.

    However, the real issue for the American people should be about a proper accounting of the events of 9/11, including what happened at the WTC, Pentagon, and Shankesville.

    I don’t have a problem with grieving, and a reasonable observance honoring the fallen.

    However, the true honor we are owe is to search for and share the truth. This obligation is missing in this presentation and missing in American society.

  2. The Mossad
    Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a former head of studies at the U.S. Army War College, has said that our military has incontribertible evidence that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by Israel with the complicity of our own government, particularly the Vice President.

    A group of Arabs with box cutters, several of whom are still alive today (see the video “Loose Change”) did NOT comandeer those planes.

  3. Repudiate (or as Palin says refudiate)
    I condemn both parts of rtaylortitle’s comment.

    1. The “orchestrated by Israel” part is not proven, and does not account for anywhere near the totality of the related evidence.

    2. Whether there are “hijackers are alive” is a tiny and extremely weak part of the discussion.

  4. Evidence?
    Without evidence @giltner and @rtaylortitle in the form of references and/or links, what you mention is unconvincing at best. You might be interested in reading through http://skepticwiki.org/index.php/9/11_coverup. Any skeptic who is wrong probably wants to know about it, so I’m sure Skeptiwiki would offer a perfect forum to field your evidence against an extensive set of peers who will review it and decide for themselves what to believe.

      As far as 9/11 is concerned, I have one single comment: how comes there are no demonstartions to demand a thoroug investigation. How comes that people are so apolitical. Especially, since we know about nanthermite found at the site by danish and swedish scientists…

      1. It’s no wonder that there were traces of thermite after the thousands and thousands of welds used to weld re-rod together thats uses thermite. The amount of re-rod inside concrete structures is phenomenal.

  5. Bye. You really wanna be taken seriously? Really?

  6. Your picture stating “Imagine – no religion” presumably includes the Satanic religion of those who really perpetrated the atrocities on 911. In fact, this would be most apt as it is this religion, and this one alone, that is in various ways confounding humanity and leading to our ultimate enslavement (unless we all wake up to what is happening pretty quickly).

  7. Syrian Nationalist Party

    I sure hope you stay ignorant and deceived.
    The hell with ignorants, let them think Osama did it. But for those few good people never forget the truth. And here is the truth for you in this link, missing parts but you can get some facts: Dimitri Khalezov, watch all 29 videos if you can find it, here is link to #2
    watch it while you can:


  8. Syrian Nationalist Party

    That is the nicest words ever said about me or SNP
    LOL. thank you for the kind words, how sweet and gentle. Ahhh, just can not wait util Armagedon starts and ahhh ends. Those Georgia Guide Stones (search it) F…k, they planning on keeping 500 million two legged sheeps as slaves for the elite alive. It is still going to be a hell of place to live on this earth with that many ignorant slaves.

  9. As far as any atheist party line goes, I’m not sure there is one aside from the nonexistence of god. I can only speak for one atheist.

    I’m not really into the whole conspiracy scene but it’s hard for me to believe that Bin Ladin (an Islamic fanatic) wasn’t involved after he videotaped himself bragging about it & sent that tape to us. The 19 hijackers were also Islamic fanatics literally dying to murder non-muslim civilian strangers. All of these murderers gave religious-based reasons for their actions. So yes,in my book religion definitely gets most of the blame for this atrocity.

  10. @ Jeff

    The “videotape” you’re referring to of Bin Ladin was fake. The only video of him mentioning 9/11 was him telling us he had nothing to do with it. It was then a month later when another conveniently blurry video came out of him now saying he did it. Even though the man in the video is clearly not Bin Ladin. Darker Skin. Larger nose. Using his right hand to write when Bin Ladin is a lefty etc. Many inconsistencies with that video.

    As for the 19 Islamic hijackers, it’s been proven (Loose Change) that not all of them are dead…

  11. People who manage the Wealth know who did it, and who did it not. It is civilians who get tricked, or not, anyway, get influenced by the Medias’ propaganda (which is at the service of those who manage the Wealth. Matterial Richness and Knowledge, leaving others miserable and ignorant).

  12. when the masses of the population is in a deep sleep..by being conditioned by society and any god religion that founded is on beliefs..then the results is the mentality of the herd and they will always be easily manipulated by those in power… it (the top monkeys) is in their interest..to have the herd(sheep) thinking and doing what they want them to do..hence this 9/11 cover-up will never be accepted by the retarded herd..they will remain idiots to the end…with the planet of the apes- barbarians..remaining in charge

  13. who did it?
    just guessing by what ive heard i think the government did know that the 9/11 attack was a probability but didnt take any precausions to stop it because they were breaching conduct to investigate something at this level and were trying to cover their own butts and underestamated the enemy or let them do it to to spark a change toward a new world order.

  14. 9/11
    hi when 9/11 started who where the people that trashed the buildings and they where hated people because they hurt people 🙁

  15. 9/11
    Wasn’t 9/11 the biggest part that has ever happend to this United States Of America!!!!
    9/11 was the most thing that could ever happen in my life but not in other peoples life!!!!

    But some day it might be a big important part of this day or days but some people care!!!!!
    But i do belive that 9/11 was planed by terrorist the same day or mounths is what i believe that happend and i hope those people feel bad for what they did to women and little kids and men in that building!!!!!
    But so far I feel sorry for the humans that were in the building the day it was happening!!!!!!! 🙁 😯

  16. Investigation is fine, but let us keep in mind that millions of fanatical Islamists themselves love to claim that 9/11 was an attack by Muslims, empowered by the Muslim god Allah as a sign of pending victory over the filthy infidels. In this regard, they cite Quranic verse 9:111 (9/11/01):

    “Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for the cause of Allah, slay and be slain.”

    9/11 is Enactment of Quran 9:111

    These Islamists find it quite useful to speak out of both sides of their mouths, blaming the U.S. government, CIA and Mossad for 9/11 when convenient and then taking credit for this atrocity as a successful “act of war” on behalf of Islam.

    These fanatics call the supposed WTC attackers the “Magnificent 19” and hail them as martyrs:

    Group hails 9/11 ‘Magnificent 19’

    Pursuing truth is great, but feeding into this violent religious psychosis can be a perilous move as well.

    Moreover, from the popularity of this image, it seems that many atheists also believe 9/11 was committed by Islamic fanatics:

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