More Orthodox Jewish sexual shenanigans

orthodox rabbi blond woman sex scandal

In the past few months, I have blogged on a couple of occasions about the sexual shenanigans of Orthodox Jews, whose misbehavior I have suggested is a result of the unhealthy view and repression of sex within typical religious fundamentalism. This fundamentalist religious sexual repression can be found in faiths other than Judaism, of course, including its Abrahamic branches, Christianity and Islam, as well as Buddhism and Hinduism. We find this pathology manifesting itself in the sexual abuse of children by the clergy of various major religions, including Catholicism, as is well known, but also Judaism, among others. Here is yet another case of an Orthodox Jew – in this case an important rabbi – abusing his position for sexual favors. To reiterate, it is a contention not only by me but also by mental health professionals over the decades that unhealthy sexual repression leads to obsession, abuse and perversion.

In my previous posts, I had recalled seeing Orthodox Jews at newstands in New York buying porn magazines, while hearing sordid tales from others, including one of my best friends, a lovely ex-Hassid, now unfortunately deceased. It is clear that there is a serious problem with sexual abuse within the Orthodox Jewish community, and what may also be apparent is that their religious fanaticism is in significant part to blame for this pathology.

Tal-mood for love: Sex-tape rabbi tries to ‘share’ hottie

A prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shiksa he was converting to Judaism — whom he allegedly also pushed to have sex with his friends.

Rabbi Leib Tropper of Rockland County is heard encouraging pretty, blond Shannon Orand of Houston to participate in phone sex and actual sex with men the rabbi knows, including one he calls “the Satmar guy.”

Tropper, who calls the woman “darling” and “cutie pie,” talks about his own love affair with her at one point, saying: “I want to squeeze you.”

He also fantasized about rape. “I could role-play a rape with you but I couldn’t actually rape you — you know what I’m saying, darling — does that make sense?” he asks….

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  1. Jewish perversions
    The Jews are Khazars, penis worshipers who adopted Judaism. They are not real Jews in the sense they are in no related genetically to the Jews of the Bible. Where the Jews find happiness, they feel they are obligated to leave grief, misery, woe, sorrow and death. If there is a Satan then the Jew is the Devil in human form walking the earth. Almost every problem facing nations today on earth can be traced back directly to the Jews and in particular, Israel.

    1. These remarks are entirely uncalled for. Who are “the Jews?” Such mindless generalizations destroy the rest of the argument. If they are Khazars and not Jews, then how can the rest of what you say about “the Jews” have any merit?

    2. No offense intended John…But by any chance…Are you an anti-semite?…..Jokin dude.

      1. Anti-semite?
        No, I think John is a well informed realist.

        1. olaff u should be called OAF..looks like ur another anti-semite…

      2. Are you an anti semite?
        Hell yeah, isnt everrybody these days? I mean to say the internet has been the downfall of these conniving, lying, “inglorious basterds” hasnt it.

        The internet has provided those who care to look with a plethora of hard facts so much so that the Israeli ministry of propaganda, ADL et al has had to employ tens of thousands of shills in an attempt to counter the “rising antisemitism”.
        The really funny thing is that has backfired to an extent that it has been like trying to put out a fire with gasoline!!

        Just in the last year we have had Cast Lead, Organ Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Medicare Fraud and the BIG ONES recently Denouncing The Goldstone Report, forcing the US congress to denounce it and Forcing the British Govt to ignore International law by removing an arrest warrant for War Criminal Livni.

        Israel and its minions seem to have a remarkable ability for shining a big ol spotlight squarely on themselves, and then instead of taking the approapriate and moral stance they make matters worse by peddling influence and using nuclear blackmail in an attempt to make the issues “go away”

        So as to being an antisemite, yes, I think that out of 6.7b people if everyone was honest, we would find probably 90% would have issues with the jews and Israel.
        The Jews of course have brought this apon themseves, by their own hand and actions, just as they have done throughout history….the Jews have learned NOTHING from their past other than cheap slogans

        “Never Again” YEAH RIGHT!!!!

      3. Doug P. the Khazar, please enlighten us as to how John is being an anti Semite when he doesn’t say a word against the only remaining Semitic people on this planet – the Arabs.

    3. TRUTH
      There are elements of truth in all the various points Mr Taurus makes. Not pleasant by any means, but needs to be said ❗

      Of course that will be viewed as anti-semitic, but that terribly shop-worn (and inaccurate) phrase has lost its meaning :silly:

    4. sex abuse and jews
      What is this delusion that one single group of humans could have any particular influence or power? For all of human history our species has consistently behaved horribly which is why we want to make a saint when we find a good one. Its so sad that any one in this day and age still harbors anger towards Jews especially after all they have given us that is wonderful. Pick a subject from the arts to finance, from Science to charity the jews hit above their weight, But in the end they are just humans with good ones and bad ones. Try and lift your eyes up to a bigger picture and avoid hate, judgment, and conspiracy theories.

  2. I could role play gassing you, but i couldnt actually gas you…you know what I am saying rabbi….does that make sense?

    1. Oy Vey! YOU are an anti-semite…LOL.

    It’s good you are reporting this about Orthodox Jews; major media will not, although they report Catholic Priest’s pecodillos with glee 👿

    Even non Orthodox rabbi’s are caught en flagrante or setting up pedarist trysts. I believe their Talmud allows leeway on these things. 😉

    Lets hold their feet to the fire just like any body else. ❗

  4. [i]Fantasizing about rape?[/i] That alone should have sent her running- as far away as possible from the man and from the relgion.

    I wonder how long this went on? Why did she wait so long to report it; (it states in the link that she was near the end of the process) Conversion isn’t usually a quick process. And why would she [u]still[/u] want to join a group that had this man in a leadership role?

    Fundamentalists tend to be a bit out there and use/abuse their position of authority to get what they want. If you haven’t already checked out the information from JHChrestos you should. He posted information about a recent study suggests that when a person we view as an authority figure is present our ability to be critical thinkers diminishes greatly. This seems to be something many religious fundamentalists discovered and took advantage of.

    Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods, among others, can also attest to the fact that this goes way beyond the religious community.

    It won’t stop until our society begins to embrace a healthy view of sex and women.

  5. Report
    October 14, New York Times reporter Paul Vitello, exposed the sad extent of Child Sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community
    According to the article, there were Forty cases of such abuse in this tiny community last year alone.
    40 in 1 town!

    Yet the Catholic Church had just 10 cases in the same year across the entire USA.
    Smell the Hypocrisy & Kosher controlled media?

    Incidentally in 2 studies in the Christian Science Monitor & Penn State, Protest-ants Abuse rate is Double that of Catholics.

  6. So What?
    Wow! So non-religious people NEVER do bad things, huh? Haha!
    Yeah, sure. Why focus on people’s imperfections? Your hatred for
    Jews is obvious. Be sure to transfer your hatred to everybody else,
    especially those horrible Christians! Why, I hear they aren’t perfect, either! People who commit crimes should be prosecuted, simple as that. Why turn your hatred into something like this? I can hear your goose-stepping…

    1. Who are you talking to? No one here has ever said that non-religious people are perfect and never do anything bad, so that’s a straw man. Nor am I “focusing on people’s imperfections” or expressing “hatred” for any individuals, only criticism of ideology.

      On the contrary, in fact, I am attempting to absolve flawed human beings by focusing on the [i]brainwashing [/i]that is causing them to misbehave. But in your rabidness to smear me, you have misconstrued this effort, making it into the complete opposite of what it clearly intends.

      Are you suggesting that I am a “Jew hater” and attempting to libel me further with the “goose-stepping” garbage because I am criticizing the Jewish fundamentalist pathology? By your tactic of raising a straw man, I could ask you, do you therefore support this sexual misconduct by a prominent rabbi and so many others within the Jewish community?

      In the meantime, another rabid and ill-informed person ([url][/url]) has just posted that I am clearly a “Crypto-Zionist” and “leering racist Zionist.” That’s what happens when one allows bias and irrationality to rule one’s mind.

      1. ADL, the US State Department and the government of Israel are now claiming that staggering numbers of the world’s inhabitants (particularly in Europe) hold anti-Semitic opinions. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments are mushrooming in Europe.” The Post cites a German study which found “41.2% of Europeans agreed with the anti-Semitic statement that Jews are exploiting the Holocaust to advance their own interest.” When asked “if Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians, 45.7%…” agreed.

        Israel’s increasingly reckless name-calling and stereotyping of critics during its recent Jerusalem conference does not honor the possibility that many, including Jews, are speaking out of concern and love for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. These may employ “tough love” language in order to bring Israel to what they believe is reality. They want Israeli leaders and war makers to realize the extreme danger their policies and actions may have, not only on the future of Israel but on the safety of all Jews. Many Jews are concerned that a backlash of real, old-fashioned, violent and vulgar anti-Semitism may result from Israel’s cruel and repressive policies toward the Palestinians.

        Couple the belligerent and reckless behaviour of the so called “jewish State” and the ever increasing reports of anti social behaviour and arrogant self promotion and disregard for all things non Jewish by Jews all over the world and what you have is a situation akin to the situation in Germany in the 30’s.
        By that I of course mean that jews had amassed sufficient power financially and economically to give them the arrogance to “Declare War On Germany” and “Boyciott German Goods” not to mention very public and open calls by prominent rebbe to exterminate the German people and destroy the nation of Germany….. what we saw then is what we are seeing now….as I recall that did not work out well for them.

        “Never Again” Yeah Right!!

        1. Sorry, but I dont’ believe anybody here gives a rat’s ass about the Palestinians. You are just using them to feel hatred for the Israelis. These brutal barbarians you are pretending to love are despised by the Saudis, but the Saudis are also using them in order to raise sympathy for the Muslim cause as a whole.

          I have no love for Israel, but you are brainwashed by leftist propaganda about the Palestinians, and I have even less love for them.

          Next To Jews, We Hate Palestinians The Most’ – King Fahd ([url][/url])

          “Simply put, the Saudi Government was laundering money through Florida charities run by the University of South Florida – Tampa Professor Sami Al Arian for the support of terrorist groups in the Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and others, the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

          “The Saudi purpose was twofold: the destruction of the State of Israel and the prevention! of the formation of an independent Palestinian State.”

          Oh, and by the way, that link is on Rense too.

    2. “So What” said: “…transfer your hatred to everybody else, especially those horrible Christians!”

      Seems to me this transferring of hate to Christians has been done and is still being done very well by Jews themselves. Who else spits on Christians, into the faces of Christian clergy, and on Christian crosses? 😛 :-?: 🙁

      The torahs are filled with Christian or Gentile hate, both the Torah SheBeal Peh and the Torah SheBich Tav; especially the Talmud 🙁

      But in terms of hate, have you heard of any Christians spitting on Jews :-?:

    3. D’you jew me
      Ok Frankie, tell us how a faith started with 100% plagiarized myths and legends from their surrounding cultures can be considered a good faith when they deny the sources of their stories myths and legends? BUT then if we are to take their text at face value ( BARPH ) their inbred hatred for others for the sake of just being another and for no other reason that they are NOT A JEW,,, should make normal people BARPH all over the jews sacred books of faith then wash them off with a little urine and maybe preserved in a little scat I’ve heard your type revel in.

      Is that last picture a little oh I dunnOh, disgusting?? Well that is the extent of your precious Talmud there Framkie. You can find the same and far worse within that text book of thee jew supremacy crap, which I shall remind you and others is nothing but a work of plagiarized lies.

      The fact israel allows the kidnapping of women and children for their perverted brothels (too ugly for normal human relations they need to pay a pimp??), the killing of young healthy men and boys for their organs for the sick and dying rabbis in the organ donations units,,, go cry us a freakin rivuh Frankie. Good jew, yeah right where WHERE. The same goes for the other two fantasies that come from the ju works of the christians and muslums. No good fruit can come from a bad tree can it Frankie, and your jew tree is rot from the root to the last leaf on the top, Frankie.

      If there is a devilish being, another name if it is Abraham.

    4. In reply to Frankly So What I put it to you that Judaism is THE premiere vehicle for racism and hate on the planet bar none, in short Judaism is the religion of supremacist genocidal HATE.

      As one commenter recently put it with regard to Israel…. ” Soon the occupiers will become the occupied” in that eventuality how do you imagine the occupiers will treat the occupied?……I imagine by using the former occupiers actions as a measureing stick for their own wouldnt you?
      The saying “reap as ye sow” and the unavoidable and indiscriminate law of the universe “cause & effect” will come into play with a vengance. The torturers will become the tortured, the opressors will be the opressed and given the actions of Israel since 1948 i feel the world will rather than viewing the eternal victims as such will instead collectively shrug and say “The brought that shit aopn themselves”

  7. Right on Himmler

  8. Motive
    Read the talmud and you will discover that this type of behavior is actually taught as “acceptable”.

  9. “jews” have wrecked every nation that was stupid enough, or blackmailed enough, to take them in. They are the scum of the earth.

  10. Jewish & Muslim perversions
    You won’t hear alot about Jewish perversions in the media because the Jews control the media in the Western world 🙂 . Also you won’t hear much about the sexual abuse of children and women from the Muslim world because none of them are real democaries with a free press. Journalists in Islamic countries including the more liberal ones like Malaysia and Egypt can end up in gaol or worse for telling the truth.

  11. Sh** stinks!
    Jus or atheists, stinks, as long as they’re not genuine, at least. The original jews are called “Palestinians, these days, and they’re still percecuteed.
    Friendship, consenting sex, natural trances, good intoxications. Anything not tainted by societies and organised insatity & depravation, is good, tells the heathen, anticratic, sociopath, nature worshiper.

    Anything written in a book of rules -is bad, freedom and insanity (by the systems standards), is the only holy gift of the existence, in this “concentration camp” of the thought, you worship as your “free thought nation”!
    I belong to no nation, but MYSELF. Worlds are my playground, but within, and outside my mind. Don’t worry so much about other people, if they don’t try to frame you, or youre mates. Nobody can be the conscience of everything.

  12. I don’t understand why people are so intimidated at expressing hatred aned revulsion at a people who murder young Palestinian men in order to harvest their body organs for profit, who murder innocent women, men, chilldren and infants with white phosphorus, who steal people’s life savings, who steal lands from the Palestinians and set fire to their orchards and bulldoze their homes, –If all this revulsion at this barbarism is called antiSemitism, I am a proud anti-Semite, even as a Jew myself, I am revolted and ashamed at these Nazi practices all in the name of MY Judaism. They claim the Talmud allows this barbarism against Gentiles. No wonder they have been kicked out of every country they lived in for 2000 years. They exemplify evil.

  13. Doug P, wake up to yourself f**ktard, IT’s true.
    If jews can celebrate hoonoka on the whitehouse lawns when christians will go to jail for the same thing tells me we have lost
    to religious fundamentalism and we are going to get raped if we down stand our ground. Doug p. Plz move back to israel and kill some children. Sounds like your game.

  14. What the…?
    Could it be time to play cowboys and ‘Jews’? What will it take for Americans (you) to actually learn from history, see the present, and THEN DO SOMETHING?

    Our future is being derailed by thieves and con artists, who’s numbers are as small as they are evil.

    “Tell a lie big enough…” is frequently attributed to Hitler in the MSM… Joseph Goebbels actually said it describing Jewish influence on pre-war Germany. (he was not advocating, but denouncing it.)

    Funny how your world view changes when you lose your job, house, retirement…

    Just wait til they try to come for our guns…

  15. 666
    if six is sex thats all we get;sex sex sexThe basic control mechanism for beastman is penis and vagina,and breasts.use these to pavlov your way into a persons mind,soul and body.then you have them;they are your servant.command them.Six is is wealth and health;wealth is solomons gold.The temple of this religion is the Medoff bank of New York.

  16. Acharya, I don’t envy your efforts at trying to bring some sanity and reason to a world full of ideological chowderheads. It’s a nice try, really, but you are becoming a beacon of intelligence in a typhoon of ignorance.


  17. Frankly, I think if everyone gave the Torah and its history a deep, and more importantly, [u][b]HONEST[/b][/u] look, they’d find that just as much of this claptrap is as warranted as is unwarranted.

    How many hate mongers have heard that there were Rabbis during the holocaust who were telling their own people that Hitler was a punishment from G-d for falling away from their gift and sacred responsibility? The Torah?

    Any of you equally sketchy Christians out there looking for a group to hate giving a second thought to what John the Baptist was like when he began his ‘career’ as a prophet? He scared the shit out of the Pharisees of his day, and even Chr-st suggested to them that he (JTB) was the Messiah they had been waiting for (Elijah), but that they simply overlooked him. Todays Jews *may* have missed the point, but which ones? Can you classify them all as ‘Jews’? For that matter, if the common ancestor of Jews and Muslims (Abraham for those too preoccupied to look it up) ultimately produced both faiths, what does that tell you? JTB, Jesus, and Muhammed were history changing figureheads — what have any of you hate-mongerers done that makes a difference on the world scale that measures up to any ONE of these three guys?
    For the record–(and I can’t confirm or deny this from G-d’s point of view for anyone other than myself)–Jews to this day believe themselves beholden to a minimum of 613 commandments, whereas the rest of us are alleged to be beholden to 7, in our common heritage as Jews and Gentiles to Noah.

    For G-d’s sake, if not your own, STOP trying to sell hatred, people! Open your eyes and talk with some of these guys. You may be surprised at the source of your rages!

  18. For the record, the one person in this discussion who has given all sides of the argument an honest appraisal and deep study is Acharya, and it should be painfully obvious from the comments above…and thousands of more like them…that it is senseless and, indeed, a colossal waste of one’s time trying to bring the results of such efforts before the vast majority of ignorant, brainwashed people.

  19. Who are the Jews Really?
    Let’s just stop there for a Moment.

    Who are the Jews?
    They are the Children of God. OK.
    So Who is God?
    Answer: God is an Alien!
    There you have it.

    The Real Jews are the Windsors the Rothschilds the Rockefellers, the Freemasons and the Satanic Bloodlines.
    They want to create a Climate Change so they can Assent and be like Lucifer, because Lucifer is real, it is and Alien living on earth and it is the Jewish “God” and the Islam “God” and the Christian “God”.

    “God” is an Alien that loves you TO DEATH, TO DIE.

    We are born with original Sin.
    What is the Sin?
    To be alive.
    f**k THAT.



    1. Gods
      For the last 20 centuries the Chinese lead the west in all but 4. They are back. Stop looking at the world and humanity as exclusively a phenomena of Europe and its off spring, mainly the Americas. The Christians, Jews and Muslims will no longer obsessing about its idiosyncrasies and watching Asia taking a lead.

  20. bokertov…i beg your pardon ? Religion goes back 9 thousand years or more ! Jews go back about 500 bc ! We didn’t invent God ! He or she go back to cave man days ! How can you blame us ?Who are the jews ?Even we don’t know ! Please , as you age you’ll find yourself right on some things and wrong on others , but please , in the process, don’t be arrogant ! muzzle tov and lilatov . I have a bahmitzva coming up .

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