Miss USA: Pole-dancing, Hezbollah-supporting agent provocateur?

(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

A very strange development this one is, indeed.  But we are besieged by the bizarre these days, including the Ground Zero mosque, which some are suggesting is a “flag of conquest.”

Anyway, a thoroughly modern American institution has now been handed to an individual with some particularly odd idiosyncrasies, including having a Muslim background that somehow also allowed her to wear a skin-exposing evening gown and bikini! According to “Detroitistan” resident Debbie Schlussel, this Lebanese-born beauty Rima Fakih also has Hezbollah connections up the wazoo, while her bid for the Miss USA Pageant itself was funded in part by an “ex- Muslim terrorist,” Imad Hamad.

In this regard, MSNBC reports that Ms. Fakih is a member of a “very powerful Shiite family” but asserts that they are not “radicals” and that Rima herself was raised in a very liberal background that taught respect for different faiths. Yet, MSNBC also validates that some of her relatives are Hezbollah members:

As is common among Lebanon’s Shiites, Fakih comes from a large, extended clan that includes everything from supporters of the Islamic militant groups Hezbollah and Amal to secular Shiites and even communists.

The funding by Imad Hamad is confirmed by another writer, Niraj Warikoo, who relates:

For previous pageants, Fakih sought — and received — support from Arab-American leaders in Dearborn, including Imad Hamad, head of the Michigan branch of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. His group helped once support Fakih financially, despite opposition from some who felt pageants are “not something they wish to see,” Hamad said.

In 2002, it was reported that Hamad was fighting deportation charges, citing his “membership in an organization prejudicial to the interests of the United States.”

So, many WTFs are in order here, such as also the disclosure of the lovely lady’s previous pole-dancing experience, which included receiving money in her cleavage.

Oh my!  How very un-Islamic.  Unless you’re from the Middle East and have become accustomed to the centuries-long practice of belly dancing, of course.  This, all the while OTHER women can’t show their faces in public because of some purported religious idiocy. Crazy world full of neuroses and psychoses.

Honestly, looking at the images of her pole-dancing, I’d have to say she’s just a girl having some fun. Who is also evidently (merely?) a pawn in a very serious game.

If this pretty young woman is innocently achieving this notoriety through “average American” means, then she could serve as a very effective good-will ambassador in a number of ways, including basically destroying the Muslim-woman stereotype so prevalent these days because of the fanatics. Under such a scenario, I wish her all the best.

(Photo resource: AP at Examiner.com)


  1. Where did I say she was a “role model?” She is what she is, and certainly she is a much better example of a Muslim woman than this:


    As I say, she is what she is, and I’m not about to attack her for just being a beautiful woman, as you apparently think I should.

    In the meantime, there are many more women of the type you have named – and I actually met Helen Caldicott. I’m sure she wouldn’t condemn this young woman for her chosen life, either.

    Actually, I did like her answer about birth-control pills – and that’s pretty much all I know about her intellect.

    Now, if she [i]was [/i]a supporter of terrorism and woman-oppression, then I would certainly criticize her perspective.

    And what “cultural problems” do sexy young women create? I actually lived as an attractive young woman in America, and I don’t see any “cultural problems” caused by any of her behavior. That sounds like misogynistic rubbish.

    1. Dear Acharaya,

      Could you please provide us a sample of what you mean by “I actually lived as an attractive young woman in America”? Any videos you can link to? 👿

      1. :s

        There are pics of me in a few place, Mo. Here’s one –

        MySpace pic ([url]http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/112/l_f2cba38301134e14a274910eb55e97bb.jpg[/url])

        There’s also a video of me on Consciousness Media –

        http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/interviews/acharya.htm ([url]http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/interviews/acharya.htm[/url])

        That only shows my face as of some years ago, of course. For the others, you will have to pay big money. 😆

        1. Yes, I have seen your videos, and you are an attractive
          woman, but how can you say those Muslim women you depict are oppressed? They might view themselves as respected rather than oppressed. They also MIGHT just be dressed that way from choice– not from ‘fear of being beaten’, or any other such nonsense. Of course, they also might just be wishing intensely that they could walk around with half their breasts bared, or wearing a ridiculous bikini as well, who knows?
          Women in the western world are more (used-for-profit…I can’t think of that simple word!) and degraded than any traditional Muslim women. A woman walking around in a skimpy skirt is sexy, whether or not you choose to call it that. They are advertising themselves in ways that are unhealthy for their psyches, and many, many more beautiful girls are abused by their fathers or relations here than in Muslim cultures. They grow up with a traumatic attraction to sex, the thing that traumatized them in the first place, and are often the product of mutigenerationally abusive families.
          Why not thoroughly research this subject and do a demographic showing how much better adjusted Western women are? You just might be surprised.

    2. dangman
      Ah, but what fun it could be finally getting under one of those outfits to find a girl like her!!!!

  2. Muslim Miss America
    She could change the image of Islam. Hope the picture goes all over the middle east! :woohoo: :woohoo:

  3. what can she do?
    You view her as a role model?! Seriously?! You may think you want your women to behave as young US women do, but believe me the cultural problems that will create are enormous. Or perhaps you don’t read our news?

    If you want role models look at Helen Caldicott. Vandana Shiva, people who are educated, refined, who make the world a better place.

    Surely you can do better than this!

  4. She cannot change the CIA!!!javascript:JOSC_emoticon(“:evil:”)

  5. Debbie Schlussel…is a Zionist Jew.
    Nuff said.

    This is a liberated beautiful Muslim woman, who entered a contest, she was not a stripper by trade.

    Hezbollah is the party of the people of Lebanon, what dared resist Another Zionist Attack, and fought off the Israeli invaders, shaming the Israelis in defeat in 2006, when the Lebanese puppet government stood down.

    More power to them. They spit back in the face of the Israelis.

    1. if…

      “If the Muslims put down their weapons, there would be no war. If Israel put down her weapons, there would be no Israel.” Don’t know who said it, but love it nonetheless.

      1. then let there be no israel
        They have no right to exist except for a fairytale ancient book they themselves wrote, that wouldnt win in a court of law wouldnt it? then let the jews be welcomed in germany, usa, u.k and all those zionist loving countries and let the people who lived for millennia in the land of palestine ALONGSIDE other NON ZIONIST jews peacefully continue their lives there. that would be the logical, reasonable and civilized thing to do.

        of course the jews arent reasonable, logical nor civilized, and neither are the palestinians, but hey, they were there for a LONG time and no U.N and corrupt banker supported zionist should have the right to displace them like they did.

      2. And what a good job that would be for world peace

  6. This is our new country.

  7. pagentry?
    I wonder if she got the same treatment most little girls get that get sucked into this, very middle eastern tradition did. Yes this is how ALL of the middle east sold their surplus girls “the ones daddy didn’t want, or the shiek, king, mullah or rabbi for that matter”. If you have ever seen how the mothers really hate themselves and their kids”I’m talking about pagentites” and look the other way when step daddy wants some freaiksh traditions sicking really. I know many girls who now have mental prob for the rest of their lives because of this crap.

    Again sorry for the rant!

    May be she is just a pawn most who do this often are, any way I don’t think it matters the mass of idiots are cresting the wave in the soap scum around the tub so who cares. She pretty though.

  8. Christianity is pure repressed sluttiness
    It is evident that you do not understand the Middle East. You get most of your stereotypes from CNN and Fox news channels which are basically junk food for ignorant Americans, always given with Jewish inspired bias of Islam being terroristic. Technically, there is nothing wrong with Ground Zero mosque since there were no 19 Moslem hijackers and no hijacked planes; the site was nuked with three 1.5 kiloton nuke bombs placed underground. That said, one can object to a church or Synagogue just as well considering the fact the perpetrators were as such.

    It is also obvious that you too, like most Americans, know very little about the world and Lebanon. If you to go to Beirut, you will be shocked, and you will discover how backward you will feel. You will also get no respect, because Americans in the Middle East are known to be lesser than clowns and are avoided like a plague for their ignorance, incivility and lack of sophistication, so get prepared for it.

    Unlike what CNN and other Jewish trashy news media tell you, religion only play minor part in the life in the society. The strict Moslem rules you hears about it are generally government instituted as a mean of oppression and people just obey the law. These governments are almost entirely supported by the United States and without this support they could not rule for one day thereafter. It is common for women in the Middle East to dress with the sleaziest and skimpiest of outfits under a dark colored, non formative coat that meets the requirements of the law. Here are some examples that can give you some insight. That is if you to remove the Jewish CNN and Fox news horse and donkey eye patch guide that had focused you straight on what they tell and show you. Where I grew up in Syria, the two girls that wore the shortest mini skirt are the town Moslem religious leader daughters and no one pay any attention to that. When I was in Kuwait, girls will flash that black coat and you can see the glitter and flesh for fun. On the other hand the sluttiest bitches I dated in other places in the West, wore a cross, attended churches and even did pole and backroom private dance. One in particular, is the daughter of well known big church leader in the South (USA), she was married to one of the young Church accountants, but felt I am much more fun…LOL … You should see the surprise on my face when I found Jesus name and the cross is tattooed on here sweet clit.

    Does this put things in perspective for you now? I hope so, and hope you will work out that sexual/religious repression that is consuming you. Start look at people as Human, not a religion or a sect.

    1. Your slew of insults and vulgar language will hardly win you any fans here.

      The only thing your deranged rant puts into perspective is your own misogynistic mentality.

      1. What vulgar language is that? Sounds like quite a well balanced person to me.

  9. focus on fact not grammar
    by calling out the fact that this person has poor english skills and a dirty mouth and ignoring the point this person is making proves there point to be far more powerful than your elementary tactics. I have respect for much of your work but messages like this prove that you like those you berate are spreading filth and propaganda.

    1. Who are you addressing? I am under no obligation to answer anyone, much less someone who is writing a slew of insults and using vulgar language. Please set up your own website and do as you wish there, especially by having all your time occupied with people making vulgar and insulting remarks, while other armchair quarterbacks hypocritically sit by and pile on.

      1. UMM 1.5killaton nukes?
        You should have asked him, “have you ever seen a nuclear blast?” if you think nukes were involved with 9/11 you have a problem. No one but the profiteers really know what happened that day, and only a few have let a Freudian slip get out I.E.”PULL IT”! Or the fact that all the Bin Ladins got the only flights out of town as well the MOSSAD perp’s along with them. All should really get the fact that the rich and powerful could care less about any one on the ground. I’m no supporter of MSM but they do let some glimmer of fact get out ever once in a while.

  10. The Road from Washington Is Full of Potholes
    The USA beauty contest was a publicity stunt intended to wow! Muslims worldwide into accepting Western perceptions of beauty, status and fame. Unfortunately for U.S. policy wonks the Islamic faithful adhere to beliefs that run much deeper than curvaceous surfaces. It will take more than Disney porn with its carnal addiction to immediate gratification to turn the Muslim masses to their way of thinking.

  11. This is a good start. Now if we can just start dropping pallets of Jack Daniels, porn and feminist literature on Afganistan and Saudi we could stop the use of carpet bombing. 👿

  12. Ramen sister Acharya! I couldn’t agree more about all that sexist tripe! Women are powerful sexual beings NOT sexual objects!

    I kinda like what this woman is doing, she is showing muslim women that it is OK to be beautiful and sexual. I hope she has what it takes to claim her power and not let men shape her into what they want. I’m rooting for her! If muslim women are going to come to America then they must take advantage of the freedoms it offers women!! I can’t say that enough! They have to shed the burka and embrace their femininity without shame!

    And that tired old “emotional “argument gets under my skin! grrrr!!!
    It is emotions that help us make EVERY choice in life! You can’t function without them. Infact, emotionless people are considered to be sociopaths in the fields of psychology. If you think about it….all patriarchal societies are sociopathic, because it devalues emotions as weakness, and exclusively female. And we wonder why the world is so f%&#Ked. lol

    As for the twin towers….I lean toward it being global terrorist. I think the worlds terrorist are all in cahoots, and that includes America’s government terrorist, or whatever they are called. What do we call American Terrorists? I know in Chile they are called the “Chicogo Boys” whose leader is Milton Friedman. I don’t think its a conspiracy, just a naturally evolved relationship, cuz war is VERY, VERY, profitable for the powerful men of the world. And it needs to shock and traumatize the common to keep them in their place as slaves.


    I loved your work in Zeitgeist and the film maker was right in a lot of ways about 911. Naomi Klein’s book ‘The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’ delves deep into the politics of capitalism and the terrorist regimes it creates throughout the world. Anyone who has seen Zeitgeist the movie needs to read the ‘The Shock Doctrine’.

  13. She deserved it.

  14. oh for god’s sake
    that is miss USA? oh for god’s sake even kate moss isn’t that skinny – eat a cheeseburger moron!

  15. death to israhell
    there should never have been a state of israel. only palestine should exist. Israelis are killers and murderers of women and kids.

  16. Guilty by Association

    Primitive minds
    How can you possibly leap to such absurd conclusions on the basis of such ridiculous premises? You somehow manage to confer upon yourselves the right to incriminate this woman — for participating in a spectacle you plainly admire, moreover as if it belonged to you! The moral presumption of my countrymen is staggering. Total blind conceit. The girl did nothing wrong. Does that even matter? Maybe you just don’t like how undeniably beautiful she is, since you love slobbering over your inane feeling of superiority. Nice to see a beautiful Arab girl wearing appropriate attire for a change. More power to her. Shame on you rubes for being so crude in the first place.

    1. Who are you talking to? You couldn’t have read my original article or even the comments here before making such kneejerk reactions that have nothing to do with anything we’ve said here.

  17. Syrian Nationalist Party

    Your site is miss-titled
    Your site should be called hatethoughtnation.com, because that is all it is, a Moslem hate site desquised as freethought. Or do you intentionally try to pick this stand to get promoted on other hate sites to sell your rather insignicant books.

    1. Do you always go to the websites of insignificant people and spew mindless hate speech and vile misrepresentations of their work at them?

  18. There is nothing “beautiful” about looking like a ho! So sick of men rushing to get their dicks hard defending anyone having a disrespect for morality! This is a pageant competition so if she didn’t want these picture to haunt her then she shouldn’t have never pole danced especially with her legs so wide open! Slut!

    1. What is a “ho” is dependent on the individual who is perceiving it. I have no proof this woman is a prostitute, and I doubt you do either. Calling her a “ho” because she is sexy and beautiful smacks of sour grapes and jealousy. It is also libelous.

  19. Inflame inflame inflame…
    Freedom to choose what to where when you want to is a myth, even in america. Try going to work in a bikini and see how fast you get fired. Or see what happens when you try to go nude in public down the streets of new york.
    Freedom to wear what you want is very much like freedom of speech. There are venues that are appropriate for such things, and venues where it is not appropriate. This is mainly to maintain social order.
    I’m not trying to specifically defend Islamic/Arab culture of course, but then again, it would be sort of hypocritical of us to point the finger at other people without first looking at our own culture and our own faults and shortcomings.
    There are both negative and positive consequences to any choice or position that is taken with in regards to freedom of speech or freedom of clothing. Freedom to do anything you want to, even if means infringing upon the freedom of others is counterproductive.

  20. The burkha is not necessarily a symbol of oppression. It is only oppressive if the women doesn’t want to wear the burkha in lou of something else.
    If France and Belgium, for example, were really for women’s rights, then they would make a law that would uphold a woman’s right to chose what they wear, as long as it conformed to certain standards that are acceptable within those societies. They wouldn’t go out for an all out ban. That seems to be more of an attack on a culture than it is an attack on oppression. I’m not implying that freedom of course was France or Belgium’s original intent in drafting these peices of legislation of course.
    If a woman wants to wear a burkha, Islamic or not, then let them. And if they choose not to, but are coerced to do so by their Islamic husbands/relatives, then make a law that upholds the rights of the women and give them practical avenues of grievance.

  21. totally unattractive
    i don’t see anything attractive about this woman. she looks like a 2×4. no curves, no softness, just bones coated with skin. bleh. since when are bones an attractive feminine quality? i don’t see how any real man can find these anorexic women attractive. it can only be the result of severe brainwashing by marketing and media.

  22. Syrian Nationalist Party

    It is all in the eye of the beholder
    I like it pink on the inside and white on the outside with blond v shape trim and my millionaire buddy like it bald, black on the outside and pink on the inside. But that is not the issue here, it is “S” accusation of the young lady just on race and sect basis, a typical Judeo-Christo fascists means and method. Read Jewish news below:

    Hezbollah less than impressed by Miss USA
    Newly-crowned Arab-American Miss USA Rima Fakih’s native Lebanese town hails her election, but Hezbollah insists on raining of her parade

    Newly-crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih may be the pride and joy of her native Lebanese village, but the 24-year-old beauty contestant is far less popular among some leaders in the Middle East.

    According to a Fox News, Hezbollah official Hassan Fadlallahwas was less than impressed with Fakih, who became the first Muslim American on to win the title.

    “The criteria through which we evaluate women are different from those of the west,” Fadlallah told Lebanese television.

    Fakih emigrated from Lebanon to the US when she was seven years old. In her hometown of Srifa, which is largely ruled by the Shiite militant group, residents have reportedly hailed Fakih as an “honor” to the region.

    “She is an honor to us, an honor to all of southern Lebanon,” her aunt Afifa Fakih told AFP.

    “We are so often described as terrorists and killers, but we Shiites love life and beauty – and mainly the beauty of the soul, which is what is so special about Rima,” she added.

  23. oh mu god
    When did the time come that Miss America and Miss USA needs 2 look like strippers in order to win. I remember the time when the women were of substance. Listen to some of the clips above and the way she carries herself. Every woman of all types should be disappointed. No wonder no one hardly watches pagents anymore.

  24. You are still beautiful
    You make yourself sound like and old ugly battle ax. You say you Used to be a beautiful young woman in America. Stop that silly talk!


    Take care Acharya


  25. I see this young man of 17 is seeking trouble
    😯 I am sorry to read such stuff on your site Acharya. Young men all the time think they can get a rise if they speak with a lack of civility. I understand this as I used to work with them.

    To you young man: Everywhere we travel throughout the world, what goes on behind closed doors would shock many people to death. You can say what you said in a civil way and still be respected in this forum.

    Whether you are Muslim, White Atheist or any other, you are still a human with emotions of love, hate and disdain for the consequences of your life. If you feel that people hate you, it is probably not true. If you are Muslim, I do not hate you. I read the Quran and see all the truth that is in it. I read the bibles of other religions and see truth in them. But, I show no hate toward any of their people.

    It is time for you to start understanding that you have within you the seed that can grow you in to a wonderful father with beautiful children one day. You may learn to embrace your woman as a precious gift given to you by your kindness and love toward others.

    Carry hatred no more. Be a man of great love and affection that will bring change to your world.

  26. Finishing a thought….
    I have so little time to read all of my favorite news and updates, letalone finish a thought. grr

    I completely agee with a lot of you guys here about how thin Miss USA is. I chalk it up to the collective male conscieousness and male narcissism. Man thinks he is the standard of beauty and his youth is the epitome of youthful beauty. He projects this idea on woman. Thus, creating the mainstream ideology that women should look like thirteen yr old boys. Of course not all men, nor women, buy into this BS, as we can tell from the many comments here. BUT, it is a HUGE problem! And what a big relief that so many of you think she is disgustingly thin. She is!!! I do cardio 3x a week for an hour and my job has me on my feet, lifting, running and all kind of strenuous activities throughout the day and I eat fairly healthy(I cheat with apple fritters once in a while) and I could never get that thin without starving myself or being in a highly stressed out state. I drop weight fast under a lot of stress. So either this girl is starving and needs to eat or she is under extreme stress. We need to recognize it as a problem and not as sexy or desirable. I’m not saying that she isn’t beautiful, she most certainly is! However, she is DANGEROUSLY thin! And I’ve seen many documentaries on how women in these beauty pageants diet and starve themselves down to “competition weight”. Not healthy and nor does it give a realistic idea of what women should naturally look like.

    As for why beauty contestants looking like strippers these days,…thats all Trump. That man LOVES him some strippers. I think he seeks out contestants from stip clubs. Just a theory. lol

    And my last thought to complete….The Twin Towers. I think putting up any religious building near the sight is slap in the face! 911 was the result of religious and political ideologies. What we should put, right smack in the spot, is a monument that describes how patriarchal religious and political ideologies killed thousands of people, in hopes that we won’t let something like that happen again. Just my opinion.

  27. Reverse Profiling
    It was politically correct to choose her. It’s now called reverse profiling. To prove you are not profiling you choose the politically correct candidate.

  28. Politically Correct
    Let’s be honest, it was politically correct for the liberals to choose her over Miss Oklahoma (she is a white christian). Both were talented, but Miss Oklahoma was thrown a political question that did not go alone with the judges personal bias.

  29. I went out dancing Friday night.

    I’m sure I danced with at least a dozen different women.

    I was was quite surprised to find the woman that triggered my SHWWWIIING response :woohoo: was by far the biggest woman in the club.

    She did have a pretty face , which is why, I suppose, I asked her to dance, but she was BIG. She was having such a good time with me that her husband started paying her attention and never let her go the rest of the night. LOL

    But Damn she was BIG. I actually had to stop and analyze what happened. First she had a pretty face. But she was also comfortable with herself and (without wanting to sound too new age) I think she opened up a sexual frequency/sexual channel/sexual openess with me because obviously we were having a good time swingdancing 2 songs. (lot of touching) I can’t prove it but I know she was doing some invisible vibe thing. Which was cool with me because she was confident in herself and knew she had that “I don’t know what” goin on.

    I am not a man that has a natural attraction to Big Beautiful Women. So I just sort of laughed that she was able to get me sexually excited and I shot her a psychic “Good for you” as she looked at me over her husbands shoulder.

    Women that complain or are bitter about skinny attractive women are just clueless. There is a whole ‘nother something that wise women have in their toolbox that they use to attract men.

    Here’s to all the ladies that generate their beauty from within. :silly:

  30. Isr-el did 9/11
    .. so having a Mosque is a sign of conquest, for whom? Muslims don’t control congress and the US govt, Zionist J-ws do.

    google ZIOFASCISM

  31. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, current Israel’s PM

  32. Well, that’s one of the most repulsive loads of propaganda I’ve ever seen in one place. What makes you think I’ve not heard all these ridiculous apologies before?

    I can tell with my own two eyes that Muslim women are highly oppressed, so please don’t insult my intelligence. I’ve also known that Muslim men will force their women through insults and abuse to “testify” that they are not oppressed. Who do you think you’re kidding?

    I also know what it is like to be free, and I can tell you that bowing down to a man and accepting that your “God” finds you “inferior” to that man is not somehow liberating and empowering. What a perversion of logic!

    Here are the facts: Islam is oppressive of women in a variety of ways, from its sacred scriptures to its sharia law. That’s a fact – now you must get over it and start being constructive by exposing this fact, rather than tossing up clouds of obfuscation that only serve to allow for further misogyny, abuse and enslavement.

    What part of these Quran quotes ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url]) do you not understand?

    “[b]Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please[/b].” Quran 2:223

    “[u][b]Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other[/u], and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and [u]beat them[/u][/b].” Quran 4:34

    “[b]A male shall inherit twice as much as a female[/b].” Quran 4:11

    “Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282

    “[b][Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom [u]you own as slaves[/u].” Quran 4:24[/b]

    Translation: Women are inferior to men, who can beat them and have sex with them whenever they wish. Women are worth one-half a man, who can own women as sex slaves.

    Yep, that really sounds like a woman’s paradise ([url]https://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url]).

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