Message to Affleck: Ideology does not equal people

In the notorious fracas between actor Ben Affleck, comedian Bill Maher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, one thing became abundantly clear: Islam apologists seem incapable of distinguishing ideology from people. Here is an image I created to illustrate the point, which is not difficult to comprehend.

Ideology is not peopleMaher and Harris were correct, and Affleck was simply wrong. It should be emphasized that we are discussing an ideology, not “attacking all Muslims.” We critics are referring to Islam’s doctrines, not its devotees, except those who follow the violent and bigoted doctrines fanatically. That exception means that we are not talking about all those who do not follow these objectionable doctrines. By singling out the doctrines that are objectionable, it should be obvious we are not addressing those who do not follow them! It is apologists like Affleck who are lumping in ALL Muslims with the fanatics who do subscribe to these hateful, bigoted and violent doctrines.

It’s the IDEOLOGY, stupid!

Below are doctrines found within Islamic texts, traditions and history over the past 1,400 years, justified frequently by Muslim authorities of some kind – it is THESE IDEAS that we object to. A collection of IDEAS is an “IDEOLOGY,” which is not equivalent to people.

What is Islamic law/sharia?

Honor killings
Supremacy/global domination
Limb amputations
Genital mutilation
Death to apostates
Forced conversion
Sex slavery and rape
Women enslavement
Wife beating
Child marriage/rape
Brutality against homosexuals
Bigotry and hatred
Robbery and pillage
Extortion of nonbelievers
Persecution and/or death for blasphemy/atheism
Animal cruelty
Prohibition of music/singing
Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities

Affleck generalizes ALL people under Muslim domination

Affleck the dhimwitBen Affleck obviously knows nothing about Islam’s history, as its fanatical votaries swept out of Arabia and slaughtered tens to hundreds of millions of nonbelievers. He seems to think that being a Muslim is a choice for ALL Muslims. It is not. Millions of Iranians, for example, HATE Islam and don’t want this Arab invader cult in their country, much less dominating them.

Islamopanderers like Ben Affleck only help anchor the fetters of the millions of HUMAN BEINGS who want be FREE of Islam. He should be ashamed of his sorry self.

Here’s an Iranian ex-Muslim who actually KNOWS Islam, unlike the mouthy Affleck:

Here is a message I received from another Iranian:

An Iranian speaks out against Islam and 35 years of oppression

Those who are not receiving the truth about Islam may end up like the poor girls from Austria who joined ISIL and became “disillusioned.” I blame Islam’s non-Muslim defenders in significant part for such tragic episodes. If these girls had heard the unvarnished truth, they may never have ruined their lives and those of their children.

Ben Affleck open letter

Playing the racism card

By shrieking “racist!” Affleck is part of a movement worldwide that has essentially destroyed the meaning of the word “racism,” making it more difficult for those who truly are experiencing real racism. It should not need to be said that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE, but apparently we need to reiterate that fact repeatedly, since Islam’s apologists just don’t get it.

Islam is not a raceThis abuse of the words “racism” and “racist” is very unfortunate and shameful, to the point where the epithet is invoked whenever someone is losing a debate.

Shout racist!Moreover, because the Western world does not tend to abide by outdated and barbaric blasphemy laws, it is obvious that shouting “racism!” and “Islamophobia!” is now a substitute to oppress free speech.

Islamophobia is a blasphemy lawMocking Christianity is OKAY!

And while Affleck was freaking out and ranting about criticizing Islam being “gross” and “racist,” he seems to have no problem mocking Christianity, as in his film “Dogma.” If we are not being hypocritical, we must label Affleck as a “gross racist” for doing so. By Affleck’s “standards,” criticizing Christianity is an “attack on ALL Christians.”

Affleck hypocrite

And speaking of “Dogma,” Affleck’s good buddy Kevin Smith, director of the Christianophobic film “Dogma,” was questioned about a follow-up movie, which he said would have to include Islam. Smith  demurred, however, evidently because he is afraid of Islam’s fanatical followers attacking him and his family. Did Affleck vent a spleen at his buddy Kevin for daring to assert that Islam’s followers can be violent?

Kevin Smith on IslamStatistics bear out Maher and Harris

During the debate, when discussing the people who follow Islam, rather than simply the ideology itself, Harris and Maher appealed to actual statistics about what Muslims believe. Their claims are borne out largely by the facts according to various polls and scientific studies.

Not the least important of these shows a sexist and misogynistic trend, as we would expect, since Islam’s most commonly followed doctrines include the denigration of women.

Here’s the original debate.

Sam Harris’s follow-up interview with Lawrence O’Donnell brilliantly summarizes the issues. He says pretty much what I would have said.

David Wood is a Christian apologist, but he’s got the facts about Islam.

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  1. Hey Acharya nice post as always. I want to ask if the group “Human Rights for AAS” will make a new video since UN has a new commissioner for Human Rights? Also, what scholarly books do you recommend about Islam mythicism? I can find a lot about Christian myhticism but it seems that Islamists have done a damn good job in censoring scholarly works like this.

    I can’t help but quote a bible passage whenever their religion is criticized.
    “Have I now become your enemy for telling you the truth?”-Galatians 4:16

  2. It would seems most people are like Mr. Affleck, if the poll is to be believed. But then, most people once subscribed to the Church’s view of the world and the universe, and they turned out to be wrong.

  3. Religions don’t necessarily follow a “maturation curve”. That is a ludicrous assumption or even question by Lawrence O’Donnell. I also wonder what specifically makes anyone think that there is even a remote possibility that Islam could or would go through some sort of reformation. There is simply no provision in Islam for Islam to do such a thing. If it went through such, it would no longer be Islam. Individual Muslims can become apostate through their own efforts or enlightenment, but, as we know, they are extremely, extremely rare. Yes, Christianity went through a reformation, but within historical context. Even if there was a possibility for Islam to change its spots, I simply do not see the context for it to happen currently. Furthermore, it essentially hasn’t changed in 1,400 years so why should it change now? Personally, I think it would take something as drastic as a nuclear holocaust to get the Muslim world’s attention and even that might not prompt them to realize and change their retrograde, barbaric position in the 21st Century.

    At least I’m glad that O’Donnell had Sam on his show to give him an opportunity to elucidate his position. Such is becoming rarer and rarer in this short attention span sound bite world.

    I’d still like to see Sam and Acharya have a televised discussion on Islam and religion in general.

    1. How I wish Sam Harris and Bill Maher would sign the petition to get rid of barbaric blasphemy laws. But hey, I would look forward on day when Acharya S would be on TV and talk about the subject matter that criticizing belief is not equal to abusing people. I don’t know if Acharya has some projects about Islam mythicism. I think she can pull the same scholarship as she did on her previous books on Christ mythicism. Maybe a book that shows the anachronisms, contradictions, and repellant sayings in the Koran. Then, the problems in Muhammad’s historicity and how he is just a copy of pre-Islamic mythical/evemerist heroes as well as how moon goddess had a sexual reassignment and turned to a male tribal god Allah.

  4. I still don’t understand as to why Ben Affleck cherry picks Christianity and makes a special pleading about Islam? I guess I know where he is coming from trying to show that we should respect religions but what happens if those three Abrahamic cults are causing immense suffering while throttling knowledge and scientific innovation, are we just going to ignore it and show respect? I bet one million dollars if Ben Affleck comes across a cult that still does cannibalism or human blood letting just to honor some anthropomorphized god, he will be the one to shriek condemnation to that. It is quite hypocritical for his part.

    Did he even bothered reading the Quran? I bet he has a smartphone, he can just download a Quran app. Also, animal killings to honor a transgender god named Allah is plain barbaric and vicious. That belief is no different from poachers killing animals to sell. Why would a male god require animal killings to please him? Truth be told, religious fundamentalism will make you dumb.

    1. I’ve not seen a liberal yet who didn’t trash Christianity while defending Islam. It’s partly because it’s just what liberals have been taught to do. It’s partly because most Muslims are darker-skinned people and it gives liberals gut wrenching angst to be critical of them. But mostly, it’s not about Christianity or Islam at all, but about liberals defending the indefensible, the liberal agenda. Without defending their fragile, tenuous liberal sanctimony, narcissism and arrogance, their world crumbles in an instant. Personally, I think they know that their position is nothing but a house of cards and that’s why they become so angry when even a slight wind begins to blow against it. Same thing with Muslims and Islam. If liberals and Muslims were comfortable in or had confidence in their “beliefs”, they certainly wouldn’t go berserk every time someone takes issue with them.

      1. I’m now starting to question his EQ and IQ. Does he have a Twitter account because I want to send Acharya S’s articles about Islam, Islamophobia, and the lunar Astrotheology of that religion.

  5. I think I will skip the next Batman movie?

    1. Me too! Don’t give this guy your money, as he panders to the world’s most misogynistic cult. Sickening!

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