• April 21, 2024

Ex-Muslim preacher: ‘I say to Muslims, get away from this evil religion!’

A person named “Samir” posted the following comments on my article “Dawkins: Islam is ‘one of the great evils in the world’.” I appreciate his courage and insights, and I have edited his remarks for clarity, spelling and grammar.

I grew up in the most conservative Muslim family in the Middle East. My father wanted me to be a sheikh, meaning “priest.” I was repeating and learning Islam from an early age, like an idiot parrot. Like all Muslims, just read, but don’t you dare question! If you question the Quran, you go to hell.

“If you question the Quran, you go to hell”

There are questions you cannot ask in Islam, [such as:] Who created god? Is the Quran really from God? What about if I want to choose different religion? Those questions are out of the question.

After learning Islam and the Quran in and out for over 20 years, I started teaching Islam and preaching in local mosques and gatherings. As I grew older, I started to realise Islam is really not the religion I grew to love and admire; Mohamed is not the prophet I thought he is.

“Islam is really not the religion I grew to love and admire.”

When I started discussing few verses from the Quran with other Muslims – like the verses that encourage killing and hatred – I said, this cannot comes from the merciful God! How come God does not like the Jewish and Christian [people], but still gives them the air we breathe, the beautiful nature we enjoy – as a matter of fact, he is giving them more than giving us, and that does not make sense!

Why does God want us to die as shahid [martyrs] and go to heaven with 72 virgin waiting for us and rivers of yoghurt and rivers of honey? Can’t he do the job on our behalf and kill all the Jews and Christians, or simply starve them or send some disaster their way?

Islam never fit with my brain. Muslims since then threaten me. They say: “We will kill you if you question the Quran again, you are kaffir [infidel].” Here is the best proof of the “peaceful” Islam.

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters“Muslims since then threaten me. They say: ‘We will kill you if you question the Quran again, you are kaffir [infidel].'”

I threw the Quran in the rubbish bin, and there is where it belongs. It’s only made-up stories of old times from various religions. Add to it the hatred of Ali ibin talib, who wrote the Quran – everyone in the Muslim world knows Ali, who hated women, loved killing and never married. This is the guy who wrote Quran and added what ever he wanted to it.

“I say to Muslims, get away from this evil religion before it take away your life!”

I say to Muslims, get away from this evil religion before it take away your life! You already spent a long time of your life being a slave to the religion and your system and your god – don’t wast any more of your time. Go and live your life, and see it through different eyes. See your life as your heaven. Love everyone, enjoy life to the full, and don’t worry about any sin from joy. Earth is made to be enjoyed – enjoy the beach show off your body; enjoy showing your beautiful hair and lips and legs. Don’t hide from the world. Love everyone, and see how the world will be a different place.

“Love everyone, and see how the world will be a different place.”

We hope many will take this courageous and insightful individual’s words to heart and enjoy life beyond bigoted and hateful belief systems!

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17 thoughts on “Ex-Muslim preacher: ‘I say to Muslims, get away from this evil religion!’

  1. Sounds like a good dose of enlightenment came his way. I hope he can maintain this and grow, live safely and show others a similar path.

    But, I guess he won’t be invited to speak at Brandeis. Oh, well.

    Welcome to life.

  2. The fruit from a poisonous tree is the metaphorical equivalent of the purest evil engendered by mythological belief. Not all theists/religions/believers bear that fruit; yet the tree is still poisonous and thus capable of yielding violence, hatred, misogyny, homophobia and even murder to further its tenets and to ensure its survival. The religious “moderate” is simply a failed fundamentalist after all. (God either wrote the book or he didn’t.) This is why I put the old lady who goes to church on Sunday in the same sphere of non-reality as the Islamic suicide bomber. Yes, the latter is more dangerous and the outcome pernicious, harmful and evil, but the former contributes to the credibility that sustains the lunatics position of literal biblical interpretations. By legitimizing the fantasy with emotion, political and financial encouragement, the so-called moderate is simple fertilizing the metaphorical tree allowing the “fruit” a place of nourishment.

    1. very well said. that is exactly what is happening. Acharya is the acclaimed leader in finding out the truth related to religeos beliefs

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more Jerry. The Fundamentalists have been using the moderates as shields for far too long; which is why I’ve had my aim locked on taking down the moderates for quite some time now. They are the foundation from which every level of evil and insanity springs..

  3. The so called apostate claims to have studied Islam but he doesn’t even know who Ali Ibn Abu Talib was or whether he married or not. He’s free to choose whatever path he thinks is best and say whatever he believes is true, except what is established fact… it sort of renders his argument against the religion weak when he says something that isn’t true and can be verified through a study of history.

    1. Thank you. The fact that this person would even mention such an individual reveals that he has been involved in Islam in some fashion, since very few non-Muslims would even know who that is. Whether or not you agree with his assessment or what he thinks about Ibn Abu Talib is irrelevant, as he clearly knows Islam and is an apostate of conscience with good reason.

      1. believing in any religion is a waste of brain and time. War is the same. A waste of time and brain. some think their beliefs are the best. some think their armies are the best. yet neither can survive. Time will eliminate both. If we could see the future as well as we see the past then we would know that beliefs and wars will be a thing of the past also. Alex

    2. You said – “except what is established fact”. Not a single Abrahamic religion is based on facts. Unless you don’t understand what the word FACT means. There is absolutely no evidence to support any religious claim, zero evidence or facts for the origins of scripture and their authors or featured by them gods, especially Quran and Islam, which is the least impressive of them all, and a total catastrophe when comes to science or historical timeline. there is a reason why islam is most successful only in the most backward and uneducated parts of the world and never lead its nation to economical and educational superiority, unlike the least religious nations of today. Any elementary school child can debunk islamic claims, no matter which one you choose to propose as “facts”.

    3. You are not a free thinker. You are a slave/sufferer to/of Stockholm syndrome. I have communicated with you before. You see only what you want see. You must change your e-name, it is misleading. It should say enslaved one.

  4. Hi Stellar House
    I have a couple of questions the first one is do you plan on writing a book about the mythological origins of Islam? Proving or presenting evidence that the religion of Islam is not a divine revelation from Allah all mighty, but instead an off shoot of JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY,along with ancient Arabian astro-paganism:

    I was also interested in knowing how the updated or revised edition of the Christ conspiracy the greatest story ever sold, will differ from the original version?

    I know I said I had only a couple of questions but ill keep this one brief, have you read Maurice Casey’s book attempting to sure up faith at all cost? And if so will you address, or better yet, debunk his theories as well as others, such as Chris White, Bart Erhman, and other mythicist’s who misrepresent your work and slander you with contentious libel?

  5. According to Wikipedia, Ali had a wife named Fatimah Zahra. So, which source am I to believe?

    1. Anybody can write Any thing, on Wiki ! – Will you believe if if I say the moon is made of Green Cheese (On Wiki of course,) Or maybe I should just write that Ali’s wife was a Man ! Who beat him daily, & That’s why he Hated Women, ’cause he didn’t know the difference. . . Or maybe I should. . . Do you get the Picture Now ?

  6. I was a member of Victoria Police for 26 yrs. down here in Melbourne Australia, I’ve said many times, I was NOT affiliated with ANY group political nor religious whilst serving, one of the most important attributes for any cop is to have clear free thought! I was raised a Christian and believed the mythical stories until I learned how to think clearly, and question, which religion does NOT allow. I am now Atheist and am concerned with any and all humans who state one must have “blind” faith in religion, well that is absolutely the worst thing any human can have is “Blind” faith! all humans must be able to have freethought and the ability to express matters of politics and religion without fear or threats of violence or abuse!

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