Man Made God

Man Made God by Barbara G. WalkerHere is a glimpse of a coming Stellar House publication, Man Made God by Barbara G. Walker, author of The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets! Man Made God is a collection of essays the wise sage Barbara’s written over the years, including some that have been published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Barbara’s included some great stuff on how life was back in the days when the Goddess ruled – much better for everyone involved.

On the right is the mischievous cover I created – click on the image to take a closer look! (The Eve intrusion doing her thing was B’s idea, but this is a spoof edition of the final, where she’ll probably be removed.)

Man Made God should be available from SHP in early spring – be sure to keep an eye for this exciting new book from one of the world’s great freethinking scholars!


  1. One of these days I would like to cook dinner for you and Barbara and talk and talk and talk. I can’t wait to get my copy.

  2. Got any stuff on the old religion of Crete? Their religion & general type of civilization are right in line with what you said here. To me they represent one of humanity’s high points.

  3. Blinded for eternity
    Jesus died for you too! You are not the only lost soul in this “man made” satan inspired darkness that we live in. I know that there are forgiveness for each and everything that might have been done on the face of the eath, so take courage, repent and live!

  4. God. He lives.

  5. Jesus never existed
    Lookup the website and it will set you rightJ

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