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man made god barbara walker cover imageA brand-new review of Barbara G. Walker’s book Man Made God, which I edited and published – don’t miss it! Oh yes, and I also created the cover and added 140+ illustrations!

Man Made God untangles a great deal of confusion for those asking how an all-powerful god could allow such sadistic behavior towards innocent woman and children through the ages. These essays expose a sobering reminder of just how stuck in the shadows we still are….”

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  1. 😮 just reading a bit of the review i see a claim that under women there was peace before the male orientated religions ….sounds like the other side of chauvinism !i don’t see no religion , just a female claim to superiority that can be found in any femdom porn ! transsexual fantasy and basic castration or sexual abuse ! sounds like half truths and lies , not based on getting rid of religion and therefore not inspired by the correct thinking ! I’d say its not worth buying if you want real steps forward in human morality which has been destroyed by such crap .you will find some women just as cruel as any bloke . thank you !lets grow up shall we ?

    1. You would actually need to read the book to know what it says – presenting factual material – before you make derogatory remarks.

      Barbara Walker is a superb scholar who can actually put more than two words together in a literate fashion without numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

      1. Yes, I agree. If you actually want to talk about the subject, then you need to know the subject.

  2. if a queen is in charge you may find a goddess worship going on ! if a king then a hegod ! such as judaism . since we all know that god is a fabrication used for controlling and enslaving masses …we should never consider religions as any more than a political tool no ?

  3. doesn’t matter …long as my content is good ! i knew that was coming sweet one ….i threw that stuff in just in case …i do see freedom of speech here and i think your great too honey so chears … 😉 keep up the good work ! :s

  4. damian is the devilish liar here
    “Theologians” since Middle Ages claimed all PROOFS of more ancient events than the Bible itself (plagiarism or syncretism) were “because” Satan knew beforehand everything, and fabricated these events to precisely debilitate future Christianity. Of course besides this actually debilitating the power of God by increasing Satan’s power, is akin in a music industry plagiarism legal suit, that say Beethoven or The Beatles (assuming some of ‘their’ music was discovered BEFORE their days)
    in that case were conspired against in this very way by Satan… See how a judge would receive that argumentation…!? Or a murderer caliming Satan “planted beforehand” the evidence that inculpates him. This “argument” is called the “LAST RECOURSE” when all evidence proves Christianity wrong (same with other religions, they use same when confronted with proofs). Let me remind these outright liars, that physical matter and people’s lives in flesh, do follow 3D Time/Space laws; only LANGUAGE which is immaterial does not follow “Historical” sequential lines. But of course as when in my blog I prove sometimes that language from the future was prearranged to “fit” religious hocus-pocus, they will then use the inverse argument, that you must follow linear sequential historical lines, and that Language on earth is a product of history. Which way is it then…?

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