Malaysia: Christians can use ‘Allah’

malaysian christians allahOne for the “WTF?” category: It actually required the High Court of Malaysia to decide that Christians have a right to use the Arabic word “Allah” when describing God! Imagine that a language now is to be confined to the use of Muslims only – what will be next, the air?

I can see it now, signs along the roadways:

“Only Muslims allowed to breathe here.”

Court: Allah not exclusive to Islam

The High Court in a landmark ruling today, declared that the word ‘Allah’ was not exclusive to Islam and allowed Catholic newsletter ‘The Herald’ to use the word ‘Allah’ in its publication to refer to God.

High Court judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan also declared that an order by the Home Minister banning the use of the word as illegal, null and void.

Lau, in her oral decision today, held that the Herald had the constitutional right to use the word in the magazine to propagate the Christian religion but not Islam.

She said that pursuant to Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, it is an offence for non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah’ to Muslims to propagate the religion. But it is not an offence for non-Muslims to use the word to non-Muslims for the purpose of religion, she added….


  1. HUH
    This is why I more apt to side with world elitist, that at least 99.0% of the so called Human race need not be, although I include them as first to go! They are just as UN-educated as the rest of the sewage walking around, they think they are perfect. People no one can be perfect, but we can strive to be!

    As for myself I am hardly literate and I do not deem to breed anymore like me, I never graduated High school much less any established education. Having read only 1,500 some odd books on varying subjects by my 12th year on this planet I lost all hope in life, or for the rest of us.

  2. It Can Happen Here
    I lived almost 10 yrs. in various Islamic countries so I am not surprised fm this article that is most accurate. Muslims have a cause higher than their country & that is their religion that will be forced on the world until all become muslims or die. There is no religious tolerance of other religions & I’m shocked to my country tolerate this.

    One thing to always remember, where Islam goes then terrorism will follow. That is a fact through Asia, Africa & now North America.

    There is a new, underground book just out that shows a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny (not standing up to Islamic terrorism) & they end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. Great book if u want to see what’s coming up in 2010.

    If our govt. can’t protect us fm Nigerians, without a passport to get into the country & kill innocent people, then it’s time for change.

  3. Again I am hardly literate
    I meant to say: had read 1,500 books on varying subjects by my 12th year on this planet, and have lost hope in life and for all so called Human beings on it. Not to mention the crap I went through as a child 😡 🙁 🙁 ❗ Sorry just pissed off at the wor-no actually I-I’m mad at not just myself but all of you out there, it is up too us to change this sh-t but we refuse to do so!

    I truly wish I had not just given up, and went to some crappy job making someone else rich. Wish I had kept on learning/going to the library and getting new books to read, sad to say I was born in the same home town as Eustace Mullins and had never heard of him till I was 14 and was given one of his books. Instead of him being a local hero for kids to look up to we have the sports creeps-child rapists-animal abusers as well drug dealing trash that the High schools and Universities pump out! No if our country fails it is because we have failed!

    Sorry for the rant.

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