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Acharya on Alan Eisenberg radio program, 10/27/2013

UPDATE: Here is the link to Mythicist Milwaukee, where they’ve got the MP3 of my radio program online. Note that Alan worked as an attorney, so he has a unique style in “interrogating” his guests. Also, note that he chimes in quite a bit. Overall, it was a pleasant and interesting show, I think.

I will be doing a live radio program tonight, 10/27/13, for an hour beginning at 9PM EST/8PM CST/6PM PST/1 AM GMT. The program is hosted by Alan Eisenberg out of Milwaukee. We will be discussing the recent Facebook fracas, in terms of the issue of virginity testing.

Eisenberg is an old-time reporter, and he’s surprised this isn’t big news. While my FB account has been restored, the issue of virginity tests remains germane. The program will be available globally, streaming live, at:


The radio station itself reaches from the Milwaukee area to Chicago, but you can listen through the internet as well. The program will also be archived on the same site, if you miss it live.

Thanks for your interest!


2 thoughts on “Acharya on Alan Eisenberg radio program, 10/27/2013

  1. The Alan Eisenberg – Acharya S interview on WJNR r
    The Alan Eisenberg – Acharya S interview on WJNR radio.


    I listened to your entire Alan Eisenberg interview.

    The clarity of both your voices was excellent. What good is a radio interview if the voices can’t be heard.

    He was tough on you as though you were on a witness stand. But that kept me on edge because every time he trounced you by demanding an answer, he was making me think that he was going to come back denouncing your work. So he had me sweating away for your survival on HIS witness stand.

    I began to wonder: Is he interrogating her or interviewing her? But when he said that he was lawyer, his Perry Mason interrogating style became understandable to me.

    When he said he was Catholic and went to Marquette U and that Marquette probably wouldn’t allow your thoughts in their curriculum, that’s when I thought he’d, at least somewhat, oppose your books.

    You both had me biting my fingernails. I was waiting for a fight to break out.

    At the end he surprised me again when he enthusiastically and kindly asked you to return. I was relieved to hear that.

    And he excitedly said he’d like to read your next book so to be better prepared for the next interview.

    Excellent interview!!! A listener wouldn’t fall asleep listening to the exciting style of HIS interviews.

    A college Mythology major, with Jesus Christ as part of it, would be great. The question is: What would be the first college to open such a department???


  2. I’d like …
    To see you and Sam Harris have a discussion, not a debate, a discussion. You’re the two most articulate people out there in this realm in my opinion.

    And, oh, if you’re not a scholar, I’m a one-armed paper hanger.

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