Larry David, Jesus and the Koran

larry david koran quranRegarding the recent brouhaha caused by “Seinfeld” creator Larry David “accidentally” peeing on an image of Jesus, Dr. Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine points out that the reaction from the Christian world, while infuriated, has not been violent and sensibly asks whether or not David has the cajones to do the same thing with the Koran/Quran. What about an image of Mohammed?

Would Larry David urinate on the Koran?

In a recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David accidentally urinates on a picture of Jesus while he is a guest in someone else’s home. This, in turn, leads to a misunderstanding in which the homeowners think they have a miraculously weeping Jesus.

Some Christians are understandably upset.

Just some thoughts on what this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has revealed:

Are producers of this show, or Larry David, or anyone else connected to it fearing for their lives right now? Are there Christian groups calling for the death of anyone in connection to this episode?

In comparison, let us say, to the Muhammad cartoons riots and death threats, what does this say about Islam and Christianity? Which faith is a Religion of Peace and which one is not?


  1. Modern Christians vs Medieval Islam
    However frustrated I am with believers that dig their heels in and defend their position that ‘Jesus existed because the Bible and their moms say so’ I must admit that these believers are for the most part peaceful and well intentioned. While the reaction of Christians may at most be disgust and verbal condemnation, the reaction of the Muslim community, if Larry had peed on the Koran, would have been venomous, hateful, and violent. They seem to be where Christianity was in Medieval times. I’d love to wait for Islam to evolve but I haven’t got 600 years to spare.
    (Weeping Jesus? That is just hilarious, almost as funny as the virgin Mary toast selling for 15k in Florida)

  2. Jewish perfidy
    I am rather thinking more along the lines as to why Christians are so tolerant of Jews defaming their symbols and beliefs in such despicable mannners, whereas any challenge to Jewish beliefs is a riotous offense similiar to the Muslim reactions to insults upon their relgion. Now you know I am not a Christian, but I see the hypocrisy of the Jew riding the Muslim Camel…lol!

    Seems only Muslims and Jews can get away with what is considered offensive. Jews just use a different tactic to assault their ‘offenders’ (and it does include threats, persecution/prosecution using legalisms and murder also, tho with much more subtlety than Muslims). Yet Muslims will get the heat more than Jews ever will! Hmmm….I wonder. What a great sheild!

    I would love to see a Christian or other pee of an icon of Judaism or a sacred political icon of Judeo-Zionism!! I got an idea of defating on some special symbols of Judaism and Israel. If I were to do that in a public arena, I am quite certain the reaction would be swiftly met with ‘Jewish love” and peace! :ooo:

  3. Really? How can someone mistake pee for tears? Didn’t anyone but me wonder where the heck this image was housed? Is the Koran there too? I wish I could see this place! I for one am glad to see that the Christian community did not respond in a violent way. Maybe they’ve finally learned . . . .violence in ‘the name of god’ is irrational and counterproductive. It only took the Crusades, about a thousand years to figure it out.

  4. terry
    Remember that hilarious comedy show where the guy gets caught out with an urgent case of diarrhea in a Holocaust Museum and accidentally sprays the displays of bodies and a Torah with a fountain of shit?

    Me neither.

  5. As funny as that episode of “Curb” was, I think Terry’s idea would be just as hilarious.
    Picture, if you will, Archie Bunker at his Jewish lawyer’s office accidentally wiping his ass with a copy of the Torah! Must see T.V.!

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