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Virgin-born son of the sun god

Krishna’s mother’s status ultimately irrelevant to subject of parthenogenesis

Virgin-born son of the sun godThe world is falling apart, so it’s hard to believe there are Christian fanatics trolling the internet, arguing about THIS subject. Regardless of any specifics, the point is that the concept of the VIRGIN MOTHER PROGENITOR OF THE COSMOS is very ancient and predates Christianity by many thousands of years. We are dealing with an ancient myth, and myths do not have genitalia. This very ancient religious concept assuredly can be found in India as well.

See my extensive discussion here:

Was Krishna’s Mother a Virgin?

Note that I advised Peter Joseph of “ZEITGEIST” fame not to include this detail because of the controversy. He chose to keep it in, leaving me to deal with it, which I have done, as I say, extensively. My book Suns of God includes an entire chapter on “Krishna Born of a Virgin?” Since it was published in 2004, some excellent scholarship has been written on the subject of the virgin-mother creatrix concept.

Even if we take the literalist perspective that Devaki was a “real person” who actually had eight children – contrary to the comparative religion scholarship – the purported “debunking” of this one issue does NOT refute the overall Christ myth thesis in any way, shape or form. Indeed, the obsession with this ultimately irrelevant detail rates as irrational and unscientific, reflecting that the individuals agitating over it are unfamiliar with mythology to any significant depth and therefore are not experts on the subject.

Hair-splitting and nit-picking aside, Krishna’s mother’s status is ultimately irrelevant to this subject, which is that the virgin-mother motif predates Christianity by millennia, regardless of who it was applied to or the name of the goddess in question.

Ancient Virgin Mother Goddess

HERE is the concept at the heart of this debate:

Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity

Neith, Virgin Mother of the World

Here is another article demonstrating this pre-Christian motif that is not dependent on Krishna’s mother’s status in any way, shape or form:

Neith, Virgin Mother of the World

Isis, Great Virgin

Isis was a later incarnation of Neith:


“…[Osiris’s] parts were collected by Isis, and his body was duly resurrected by her, although the phallus was missing. This obliged the goddess to resort to parthenogenesis in order to conceive and bring forth Horus.”

–Dr. James S. Curl, The Egyptian Revival, p. 15.

Parthenogenesis means “virgin birth”:

“PARTHENOGENESIS. The myth that certain divine beings or culture-heroes have owed their birth to a mother without the co-operation of a father has been found to be widespread. For example, Isis, Cybele, Leto, Demeter, and Venus are all represented as ‘virgin’ mothers. The Chinese culture-hero Hon Chi was born of a mother who conceived by treading in the footprint of God. The principal deity of the Uapes Indians of Brazil, Jurupari, was born of a virgin who conceived after drinking a draught of native beer….”

–Maurice Arthur Canney, An Encyclopaedia of Religions, 278.

Attis, Born of a Virgin

As we can see, the virgin-mother motif was applied to MANY myths, including:

Attis: Born of a Virgin on December 25th, Crucified and Resurrected after Three Days

Buddha, Born of a Virgin

“To come to the Gymnosophists of India, the opinion is authoratively handed down that Budda, the founder of their religion, had his birth through the side of a virgin.”

–Jerome, Adversus Jovinianum (1, 42)

Dionysus, Born of a Virgin

And another one:

Dionysus: Born of a Virgin, Killed and Resurrected

“Dionysus, son of Zeus, is born of a mortal virgin, Semele, who later became immortalised through the intervention of her divine son; Jesus, son of God, is born of a mortal virgin, Mary…; such stories can be duplicated over and over again.”

–Cambridge professor and anthropologist Sir Dr. Edmund Ronald Leach, The Essential Edmund Leach, p. 108.

Lao Tzu and the Shooting Star

“…[Lao Tzu] was said to have been conceived by a shooting star and to have been born from his mother’s side (see Virgin Birth).”

–Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at the University of Connecticut, Dr. David Leeming, A Dictionary of Asian Mythology, 106.

Mithra and Anahita

The PERSIAN Mithra too had a virgin mother:

Anahita, virgin mother of Mithra

These figures are basically versions of the ancient Divine Mother of the cosmos who produced parthenogenetically.

The list of virgin mothers includes (not exhaustive):

  1. Anat
  2. Artemis
  3. Athena
  4. Cavillaca
  5. Chimalman
  6. Demeter
  7. Frigga
  8. Ganesha
  9. Gnostic Sophia
  10. Hera
  11. Juno
  12. Juripari
  13. Kunti
  14. Leto
  15. Maya
  16. Metis
  17. Mother of Hon Chi
  18. Nana
  19. Neith
  20. Nintud
  21. Ostara
  22. Pattini
  23. Persephone
  24. Rohini
  25. Sochiquetzal
  26. Vari
  27. Venus/Aphrodite

See also the forum discussion here: The Virgin Birth and the article “The virgin-born son of the sun god.” ‘Nuff said. Moving on.

2 thoughts on “Krishna’s mother’s status ultimately irrelevant to subject of parthenogenesis

  1. See The Hidden Story of Jesus by Robert Beckford

    “As Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, theologian Robert Beckford investigates remarkable parallels to the Christ story in other faiths, some of them predating Christianity by thousands of years.

    The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth, and was visited by wise men bearing gifts. He too began his ministry at about 30 years old and performed such miracles as walking on water and feeding 500 …..”

    See also: Scholars Prove Zeitgeist Correct

  2. PARTHENOGENESIS: women’s long-lost ability to self
    Hello Acharya,…so glad I’m not totally alone in researching this rare “subject of subjects”. I hope you’ll read my take on it in my non-fiction article that was posted in June of 2013 which, as it now stands, over 19,000 people have read, with several of them telling me about their own “mysterious conception” stories.
    Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

    Sincerely, Den Poitras.


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