Koran an alternative to ‘absurdity’ and ‘obscenity?’

I understand that my posts here may appear to be Islam top-heavy, but there’s just so much to write about this cult of enslavement and death. Such as…

An Egyptian cleric, Mahmoud Ashour, objecting to Egypt’s increasing openness in airing provocative subjects on TV, including people talking about abortion, divorce and sexuality, had the gall to remark,”We should boycott all this absurdity and obscenity and read the Quran.”

Riiiight. The Koran, which is barely comprehensible and full of obscene calls to violence and oppression, as well as enticements in heaven such as virgin girls and boys with earrings–that’s a great improvement.

(Shakes head.)

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  1. Islam
    How can a freethinker have a reasonable understanding with people that have been raised since birth on the duty of Muslims to convert, subdue (dhimmitude) or behead those who do not convert or submit?

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