Jews in Prison

I thought this was an interesting article highlighting Jews in prison. Although we hear about the sensationalist busts of Jewish people involved in financial crimes such as Bernie Madoff and the ultra-orthodox “Kosher Nostra” crime rings allegedly involved in money laundering and organ smuggling, etc., we don’t frequently hear about other Jews in jail. The proportion of Jews involved in violent crime seems to be low, compared to other ethnic/religious groups, although a case could be made for the many mafia hits orchestrated by characters such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, as well as activities by the Mossad.

In any event, here’s a quote from this article:

Maximum-security prisons in the United States have relatively few Jewish inmates, according to the Aleph Institute, a Chabad-affiliated organization that reaches out to Jews behind bars. Most Jews in the prison system usually end up at lower-security facilities for crimes such as fraud or tax evasion.

The notion that most Jewish prisoners are in for financial crimes does not particularly assist in dispelling the stereotypical image.


Even behind bars, Jewish life flourishes


  1. It’s not true that most Jews in prison are there for financial crimes. I was there. I saw lots of drug and sex offenses among the Jewish population. I saw Jews with swastika tatoos trying to stay safe, non Jews with star of David tatoos to pick fights with skinheads, Jews convicted of murder. The number of Jews is also much higher than thought. Men who would not come to services told me about their backgrounds. I was able to be supportive while they kept their annonymity. I wrote an article on called Jews in Prison. You may enjoy reading it.

    The reason there aren’t even more jews in prison is because they can usually bribe their way out of criminal trouble. The jewish religion is a criminal enterprise. If you doubt this, just read the unedited versions of the talmud. This jewish book condones lying and stealing from Gentiles. It claims that Gentiles have no property rights and that Gentiles remain unprotected by the law, and that whatever a jew manages to steal from a Gentile he may keep. It also claims that it is o.k. for a jew not to pay a Gentile for work a Gentile performs. in other words, it condons theft of services.

    1. 🙁 Albert, that is crap. Jews are not permitted to lie or steal and are technically required to pay someone for the work they do before the sunsets on everyday that they work. Why don’t you read the Talmud.

    2. madhvi

      Oh my goodness–have you been hanging out with Jimmy Carter?
      I guess you’ve never heard of Ten Commandments?
      Given to the Jewish man Moses by G-d–Thou Shalt not Steal!
      The Ten Commandments are amongst the major teachings of Judaism.
      Having grown up amongst Jews my entire life, I never encountered a Jewish person who stole or condoned theft or fraud in any way.
      In fact, they were amongst the most moral, law-abiding and philanthropic people I’ve ever known. They were very big on social justice and helping the less fortunate-never complaining about prejudice against them or about bigots and ignorant people like yourself.
      They would have considered you more to be pitied than scorned.

    3. I have read the talmud in english and in hebrew and not once doesn’t mention stealing and lying to the gentiles. The talmud is a book on how to treat others witn respect and tolerance.

      1. well you have not read it well enough as many times it says so.

    4. Albert, if you had ever read the Talmud or had learned from rabbis, you would know not only that the Jewish community believes that lying, cheating and stealing are forbidden, but that it is considered even WORSE to lie, cheat or steal from a Gentile person, because in doing so you are not only breaking the Commandments, but you are also bringing shame and a bad name to the Jewish community.

      As for “it’s OK for a Jew not to pay a Gentile for work”, you might be surprised to know that not only is that absolutely false, but it’s forbidden for a Jew to set up a business near a similar business owned by someone else, because it’s considered a sin to take away another person’s livelihood.

      Don’t let the fact that you are unfamiliar with Jewish people breed distrust and hatred in your heart and mind.

    5. Happily, the Talmud is an arguable tradition, but not considered infallible doctrine by the majority of Jews. There have been contributors over the centuries, good and bad, to its writings. Some portions of Talmud are simply theological arguments, akin to angels dancing on the head of a pin, others were morality discussions, or advisement, some were outright ludicrous preachments. It’s difficult to find a “Jewish fundamentalist”, and many Jews in the U.S. are even staunch, open supporters of the Palestinian “cause”. Judaism, like Christianity, underwent centuries of reformation. Which is probably why in both societally Christian and Jewish nations, non-Jews, non-Christians, athiests, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. are free to live, to come, to go, to worship or not worship as they please. This is not the case in societally or politically Islamic nations, where Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc are either oppressed, restricted, or routinely butchered for the “crime” of worshiping as they wish. Though I am an adamant atheist, I recognize that, though all religions are equally mistaken, they are NOT all equally evil. Islam alone wins that door prize. Additionally, you may want to study the teachings of one Rabbi Hillel, who predated the putative Jesus by @ a century. His teachings are virtually identical with the original Christian message, even to using language that could have been lifted from Christian scripture, except for the fact that Hillel preached first. I also know from my own study that general Jewish tradition preaches against holding any book of writing as infallible, because all that has been passed along by the hand or mouth of man is considered at risk of being “tainted”. Worshiping any doctrine, as opposed to worshiping only their god, yahweh, is likewise considered an act of idolatry. I don’t pretend to know what percentage of American prison inmates are Jewish, but of the 150 to 200 people I know who are either hereditary or doctrinal Jews, only one has ever been to prison, and indeed, it was for a “white-collar” crime. I suspect this is because, from its inception, Judaism, as a belief was primarily concerned with rewarding virtuous or socially compliant behavior with personal or societal benefits for followers here on earth. In fact, it was only after the first and second diasporas that the pagan influence (Babylonian and Greek)introduced the concept of a human afterlife to Judaism, and thence to Christianity. The idea of an afterlife, with a heaven or hell, is a pagan, pre-Jewish, pre-Christian Babylonian/Egyptian/Greek concept, and no where appears in the first body of Jewish scriptures. In original Judaism, human life was deemed to end at death, and one’s soul simply returned, as breath of life, back to yahweh, from whence it originated. Personally, I do not believe any ethnic group or race is inherently morally or intellectually superior to any other. I do think that some cultures certainly are. But one is responsible as an individual for having the courage to embrace or repudiate one’s own ideological indoctrination based on an objective, rational moral evaluation of its teachings against objective observations of other systems, and how they do or don’t contribute to human happiness, protection of individual life, and longevity.

    6. that’s anti semitic and just that. you have completely misunderstood all those sources

  3. retired
    A Jew in prison bears a unique challenge, there is no community to shield him or place to hide. His worse enemies many times are Jew hating jailers who let sadistic inmates know that he is unprotected. The cornered Jew cannot help himself, and if he can afford it must quickly find a few bodyguards. The best choice would be an assortment of Rabbis, corrupt jailers , and gang leaders. If he is broke he better find something to offer or else he will be psychologically tortured and driven insane.

  4. jews in prison
    Most of them belong there . . .

  5. Bernie Madoff Hussein Frank

    I wonder if you vile dirty treasonous degenerate Jews will Spout Such
    nonsense & lies when you get to HELL? So will you scumbags? Most People
    do not understand the closest vermin to Dirty Fascist Semitic Muslimes
    are the evil Dirty Degenerate Self Consumed Jews.

    When I see the Evil Verses of your Talmud and think of all those that have suffered
    because of it……….. it makes me want to puke on your mothers.


    1. The master Jesus. Oh you mean Jesus the JEW. That master?

  6. Paul was a Roman. Maybe you should try reading a book.

  7. Don’t try to argue rationally with idiots full of hate and prejudice. It’s just a waste of time.

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