Jewish groups push ‘multiculturalism’

Jews and Muslims in the UKThe new buzz word is “multiculturalism,” which is evidently a code word for “Islamization,” as it is really the culture of Islam that is at the heart of the current debate about “multiculturalism.” Over the past few months, major European leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s David Cameron have come forth to pronounce “multiculturalism” a failure. Yet, Europe has been welcoming immigrants into its fold for decades and centuries, with no serious problems for the most part. Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Americans and many others have all settled in European lands, assimilating relatively well and contributing somewhat at least to the native cultures there. It is only with the flood of immigrants from Muslim countries that suddenly “multiculturalism” has become a bad thing.

One must wonder, therefore, why so many Jewish organizations have been pushing for “multiculturalism” in Europe and elsewhere, especially since the upswing of “anti-Semitism” in Europe, for one, is significantly traceable to the Muslim population there? If, as one group claims, forcing Europe to become “multicultural” is for the purpose of increasing “tolerance” towards Jews and to prevent another Holocaust, then the plan would seem to be failing miserably, as, because of anti-Semitic attacks, Jews are now fleeing once-relatively enlightened places such as the Swedish city of Malmö, which is now largely Muslim.

NOTE: Expressions of violence against any religious group will not be passed through. Nor will “white supremacy” comments or those supporting Muslims against Jews. Thank you.


  1. You say that ‘Muslims’ have forced ‘Jews’ to flee the City of Malmo, and cite this article [b]’Jews are now fleeing once-relatively enlightened places such as the Swedish city of Malmö, which is now largely Muslim.’ [/b] But the article states that the main cause of the Jewish flight from Malmo was in fact a growing number of Far-Right ‘Neo-Nazis’. You also state as if it is a ‘fact’ that Malmo is largely ‘Muslim’. This is simply a fallacy and invention. While Malmo has a significant minority of ‘Muslim’s, they are a ‘Minority.

    1. I guess you missed this part of that article:

      [quote]In addition to the far-left, Sieradzki said that a “very small segment” of the city’s growing population of Muslim immigrants from Arab countries in the Middle East are also responsible for growing anti-Semitism.[/quote]
      It doesn’t matter how big the segment is, these Muslims are acting on centuries-old anti-Semitism that is ingrained in their scriptures ([url][/url]). Other articles are more forthright in the declarations that it’s Muslims ([url][/url]) in significant part who are responsible for the upswing of Jew-hatred in Europe.

      “This new hatred comes from Muslim immigrants. The Jewish people are afraid now.”

      It does a great disservice to these Jews and other European natives to deflect the attention off the Muslim source of bigotry.

      I carefully used the word “largely,” not “mainly,” for accuracy. It remains accurate. “Significantly” is also a good word, but I had already used it above. An estimated one-quarter of the population of Malmo is Muslim ([url][/url]), which is certainly a large amount.

      Someone who has studied this subject would know these facts being reported in many news articles.

      1. Muslims are no more Anti Semitic than Jews are Ant
        Muslims are no more Anti Semitic than Jews are Anti Gentile!

        Take Rabbi Ovidia Yosef for example who recently said that “all non Jews are animals put here solely to serve the Jews”.

        Many will say that he is not representative of the Jewish viewpoint, but there is a lot of terrible racism abound in the Torah, the Talmud and Jewish culture. Just look at Israel, for Pete’s sake, there you have racist laws against non Jews, concerning marriage, immigration etc… Also the Yiddish and highly derogatory names which are used as pronouns for non Jews – even on tv programs such as Seinfeld! It is in your face, out and out, racism. If whites said those things about blacks there would be uproar, and rightly so.

        Professor Israel shahak, a Jewish Israeli Professor, wrote a whole book documenting the racism inherent in Judaism. Full text here:

        Being a filthy goy animal, I am more concerned about “Jewish Anti Gentilism” than I am about “Muslim Anti Semitism”.

    2. I am assuming you are a Jewish agent. Ok. Deny it or whatever, but consider this question: Why would the Jewish people perpetuate a genocidal conspiracy that seems to include themselves? In destroying their host’s Lebensraum, they seem to also be destroying the only host that will allow their domination, without noticing they are aliens and dealing with them accordingly.

    3. complete and utter bullshit.bullshit.
      neo nazi is a jew inspired phantom to allow eliciting a jewcry from blows they inflict.
      rank and file jews are vixtims along with all other races,to elite jews.elite jews could care fucking less about jews or anyone else in the world.all they care about is power,money and absolutely revel in pupeteering entire races.
      you are an utter fucking moron to believe that citizens of a neutral, an invaded nation ,are responsible for what jews have planned since 1949.

  2. I passed your message through in order to address it, but I will not pass through others of the same vein.

    What you are suggesting is absolute folly, as should be obvious from the massive destruction of Europe being caused by Muslim immigrants. The point is not to ally with those who wish to destroy our Western societies but to figure out why they are being imported in huge numbers into Europe in the first place, with tremendous detriment to the native cultures ([url][/url]) there.

    Islam is the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman ([url][/url]), and I will NEVER join ranks with such a vile ideology.

    1. figure out why they are being imported in huge num
      The point is not to ally with those who wish to destroy our Western societies but to figure out why they are being imported in huge numbers into Europe

      a divide and conquer tactic by jews. they are doing the same thing in the USA and every nation they inhabit.

      know the enemy

      1. Why must one choose an evil over another evil? There is no lesser of the two evil as evil is still evil no matter how you slice it. Yes, there are Jewish groups that view us “lowely goyim” in a horrid and wretched mannor and we should never cower to such fiends. However, joining with Muslim barbarians just because we see the evil that some of the Zionists groups represent isn’t the sollution. Both are enemies to western civilization. Had our European ancestors not succombed to the vile Semitic death cult of Christiantiy it is unlikely that either radical Jewish groups or Muslim immigrants would be much of a problem today. :s

      2. I completely agree that the push for multiculturalism and immigration is a divide and conquer tactic.

    2. As a white woman whose family came to canada in 1630 and are one fo the first settlers (and the true canadian) I deplore moslems and islamic culture. I also am half french and do not like how jews in the media talk against french people in quuebec when it is quebec who were the first in north america to let them in after WW2 and give them rights. White women are aligning against multiculturalism, because our rights are going down every day in Canada. Its unsafe on our streets now and nonwhites seem to have more rights than we do which is pathetic since it is our nation founded by our forefathers.

  3. [quote]NOTE: Expressions of violence against any religious group will not be passed through. Nor will “white supremacy” comments or those supporting Muslims against Jews. Thank you.[/quote]

    Supporting Muslims against Jews is forbidden?

    Why does Freethought Nation enforce only kosher thoughts?

    1. You are absolutely out of your mind if you think that I am going to support a violent, infidel-hating, women-enslaving cult founded by a man recorded in the hadiths as orchestrating the murders of hundreds of people, kidnapping their women as sex slaves and raping a nine-year-old child.

      Nor am I under any obligation to pass along any comments that support this cult, which is responsible for the deaths of some 270 million people worldwide. In fact, Freethought Nation is dedicated to exposing this sick cult, not encouraging it. And the stupid remark about “kosher” is just that.

      1. Shut up, you emotionally-driven, logic-deprived female. Why do you think wise men for centuries denied your ilk the vote?

        Go make a damn sandwich.

        1. Thanks for the sexist rubbish that only proves my point.

  4. How Does ‘Acharya S’ Define “White Supremacism”??
    Many people have been conditioned to angrily condemn any White European Male who actually stands up for his own people and unique history as a ‘Supremacist’.

    Where do you stand Acharya?

    And why are so many of your responses to the various comments of your readers so intemperate and occasionally insulting?

    The other day I saw you were diagnosing one of your commenters as needing psychological counseling. Are you qualified in these matters? And if you were, are such derogatory comments really necessary?

    Here’s my take on the situation.

    Perhaps someone in a position of influence, four or five decades ago, elected to open Europe’s doors to Muslim migrants in the hope they would offset the disproportionate power and influence “Elite Jews” have for too long enjoyed in Europe?

    This is speculation. I don’t personally know. But something very strange is going on vis-a-vis immigration into Europe. It would appear, some elite grouping is content to foment a race or religious war within one or more European countries, presumably in order to advance their own private agenda. For profit of course.

    1. If you are not interested in my [i]very tempered[/i] but sometimes humorous responses to the numerous people who feel the need to attack me with nonsense and calumny – or who defend or promote sick cults that enslave my gender – you don’t need to read them. Nor do [i]you [/i]need to write intemperate, unfriendly and challenging comments on my website that require me to respond in like manner. I don’t even need to put through such remarks, much less answer them.

      In the meantime, no, we don’t need expressions of “white supremacism” to prove a point. Yes, white people have the right to defend their culture, as I have already pointed out elsewhere, including in this thread here: Native French doomed to extinction? ([url][/url]) But one doesn’t need to rant like a neo-Nazi, does one?

      [quote]But something very strange is going on vis-a-vis immigration into Europe. It would appear, some elite grouping is content to foment a race or religious war within one or more European countries, presumably in order to advance their own private agenda. For profit of course.[/quote]
      I agree with you here, and that’s the sort of [i]tempered[/i] commentary I’m looking for, not the slew of insults I’ve received from some very sick people, the worst of which is a Muslim, whose IP has now been blocked. (What a surprise there!)

      Some have suggested these Jewish groups are trying to extract revenge on Europe for its “Holocaust denial” and “anti-Semitism.” Obviously, by flooding Europe with a bunch of Jew-haters, they’re not going to succeed, so it’s a very odd plan. Or perhaps, some have suggested, Jews are trying to give Europeans a taste of what they deal with in the Muslim population of Israel, so its critics can understand the difficulties there. These are the sorts of ruminations I’m trying to elicit here, not shouts of white supremacy, encouragement of Islam or demented personal attacks on me.

  5. That’s sort of what I’m trying to get at here, despite all the calumny and hysteria.

    I would like to know, for example, whether or not the following is true.

    [quote]Now let’s examine some facts about Israel.

    DNA testing is required of anyone who wishes to immigrate to Israel so that they can prove they are of legitimate heritage!

    Israeli citizenship law requires new citizens to declare loyalty to Israel as “a Jewish state.”…

    In Israel itself marriage between Jews and non-Jews is illegal.

    Israel is formally a theocratic state, and Jewish religious law does not recognise a marriage between a Gentile and a Jew in that country. A Jew who wishes to marry a Gentile must do so in another country, and then apply for entrance into Israel.[/quote]

  6. It’s Time…
    Jews are bringing Muslims unto Europe, because they hate European people more than Muslims. Seems we have a common enemy here. Time for White Nationalists and Patriotic Christians to officially ally with the Arab / Muslim World against JEWS.

    1. Islam respects Jesus and Mary, and is against interst (usury, the growing of money, and gaining without work).
      I suppose that as long as Chistians dont try to destroy their holy places, or insult what is sacred to them, that they might play nice.
      I suppose that their world has things we need, and ours, to them, and that diplomats from both sides could plainly express the needs of their peoples with candor (and in public), and that all the problems could be prioritized, and delt with.
      Its foolish to dwell on the sins of the fathers. It is twice foolish to make the same mistakes as our fathers.

      1. Insulting what is sacred to Islam is far too easy, such as criticizing its founder for orchestrating the murders of hundreds, kidnapping women for sex slaves and having sex with 9-year-old girls.

        Also, Islam insults Christianity because it demotes Jesus from the son of God to a mere prophet. It also equates Jesus with the Joshua of the Old Testament, and Mary with Joshua’s mother, Miriam.

        Moreover, the whole “usury” business is a smokescreen, because Islamic/sharia finance charges a fee that is basically equivalent to the interest. Islamic finance is used to finance Islam, period. It cares not a whit for anyone else.

        Islam will never leave anyone alone, and its most fundamental adherents will never play nice.

        Here are the solutions to Islamic encroachment in the U.S., written by ex-Muslim Persian activist Amil Imani:

        Ways to Defeat Islamic Jihadism ([url][/url])

  7. Destruction of white culture…
    Read Prof Kevin MacDonald on this very subject. He has nailed it.

    Archarya, why don’t you interview him? He’s already in the trigger hairs of the usual ‘cultural enforcers’, the ADL and SPLC etc, so he must be saying something worthwhile!

    Remember the formula:
    White = Bad.
    Any other ethnicity = good!

  8. Diversify Israel
    If multiculturalism is such a good thing lets diversify Israel, shouldn’t they also experience the “joys” of diversity.
    There are millions of Palestinians that would love to go back to their homes and land that was taken from them, and how many were murdered because the didn’t leave or didn’t leave fast enough?
    I know I’m an “antisemite” for even thinking such a thing, except that the majority of jews are from southern Russia (ancient Kahzaria)
    so they aren’t semites the Palestinians are the real semites and I have nothing against them.

    1. Israel already has millions of arabs within its borders you moron

  9. Tery Moser is right.

  10. Can we please use the very same phylosophy and apply it to Israel? Let Israel take millions of Immigrants that are of various races, “Multi-Culturalism I think you call it” This would make Israel so wonderful, prosperous and so very respected as a shining example of a “Multi-Cultural Society” that all other nations can emulate. Such fantastic ideals these Jewish porponents of Multi-Culturalism are, my goodness, now the World can be set straight with all races emmigrating to Israel to be granted equality with all of the Jews, Muslims, Christians etc. Finally, the Star of David will light the way for civiliization. No more wars on Earth because the Jews want to share their lands with every race on Earth. What took so long?

  11. A Shining Example
    I can’t say that I feel that strongly about multiculturalism one way or another. I certainly don’t know whether it is fair to say that the term is a euphemism for ‘Islamization.’

    Clearly, if our main concern is in the realm of equality and diversity, we should certainly decry and disavow Anti-Semitism, while at the same time condemning rhetoric that could be interpreted as encouraging anti-Muslim beliefs, too.

    If these Jewish women and the groups that they represent featured in the videos feel so strongly about encouraging multiculturalism, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to encourage it in Israel first?!

    After all, Israel, in particular, appears to be the place that struggles the most with the challenges associated with different ethnic and religious groups living together side-by-side.

    Equal rights, equal education, equal housing, and equal jobs are practically non-existent in Israel, especially in comparison to Europe.

    As a result, I would, encourage the two courageous women featured in these videos to make Israel the shining example of equality and diversity first, before taking on the much larger area of Europe.

    If a successful implementation of a multicultural approach can be achieved on the smaller scale of Israel, then think of the potential for peace, harmony, equality, and diversity that can be achieved in the rest of the world as well.

  12. Heir my yor
    Finally, a solution to the age old disparity in the land known as Palestine/Israel. The very people who I had thought were bigots and racists are advocating for “Multi-Culturism”. Now that we know who they are, Jews advocating for Multi-Culturism in Europe, then we also can deduce they are etremely willing to turn Israel into a Multi-Cultural State, just like Europe. I can’t wait for the news to get out that Israel wants all of the races of the World at their doorstep. Israel is, I must assume, willing to grant full citizenship with all of the rights that would entail, to any and all of the people of the World, no matter how many come. All with the right to vote for their choice of Politician. All with the right of a free education, social services, health care and to participate in the generous Israeli Pension Program. My God, what took you Jews so long to get this message out? We could have had peace far sooner if only we knew that the Jews wanted, no, desired with all their hearts, to have a Multi-Cultural Society in Israel, with no limitations, just as they wish for Europe. Way to go ladies. let’s get the ships, planes and trains loaded for Israel today. No waiting, do it now.

  13. Contradictions
    One section of a comment you made reads

    “The point is not to ally with those who wish to destroy our Western societies but to figure out why they are being imported in huge numbers into Europe in the first place, with tremendous detriment to the native cultures there.”

    Yet you wrote a blog about Jews being behind the mass immigration. Ben Gurion the Jew was responsible for placing Tony Blair in power as long as he didn’t go against Israel. It seems other deals were cut too.

    Why the glaring contradiction? It’s obvious that no race would willingly suicide – no people in the West want the mass immigration except the compromised leaders!

    1. There’s no contradiction on my end. I’m wondering why there are so many Muslim immigrants in Europe, destroying the culture there, and why Jews would be interested in such a development.

      1. The answer is simple.They do it for the same reason they did it in the US in the mid 60. Those are exact words of Jewish supporters struggling for thirty years before they succeded to let the mass immmigration from third world countries in the US … “LET’S THE FLODGATES OPEN”.
        The aim is simple…to destroy identity, culture, foment antagonism and infighting SO THE JEWS CAN RULE wihout hindrance since only white folks are perceived by them as the only true contender to Jewish power. In my simple opinion it is the result of JEWISH HATE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE, hate they are taught with the first breath they take as newborn. Jews can deal with primitive muslim culture, they have problems with MONOLITHIC cultures like Hitler’s Germany. This is why they promote mass immigration and please…. don’t play dumb, it does not sell anymore. So let’s call a spade a spade… it is all about upholding Jewish supremacy at the expense of white man.

  14. Do As We Say, Not As We Do
    Jews constitute the loudest voice in promoting multi-culturalism for Europe, the U.S., and everyone else, BUT NOT FOR ISRAEL!… why is that?
    If multi-culturalism is such a good idea, [b]why doesn’t Israel embrace it?[/b]
    This is the 64-million dollar question that’s never asked, let alone answered. It is the 800-lb gorilla in the living room that the media and our ADL-vetted politicians refuse to notice.

  15. For some strange reason they don’t want multiculturalism in Israel. Hmm? Why do think that is, guys? Why do they treat Arabs as second hand citizens, but ready to die for their rights here?

    1. People here keep saying that, but it’s bullsh*t, because Israel is full of Arabs. And there are plenty of other foreigners there as well.

  16. Trying to see it from all sides
    “What you are suggesting is absolute folly, as should be obvious from the massive destruction of Europe being caused by Muslim immigrants.”

    Not trying to be awkward, but it may then also be obvious that if the Muslim immigrants are promoted by the Jewish organisations, then it folows that Jewish organisations are responsible for the massive destruction of Europe. Wether its intended or not is debateable, but it is a possible conclusion and should at least be mentioned

    “The point is not to ally with those who wish to destroy our Western societies but to figure out why they are being imported in huge numbers into Europe in the first place”

    Maybe to exploit the fear and hatred produced by the clash of cultures, I dont know and can’t decide.
    But this clip of a Rabbi speaking to the EDL in Britain doesn’t help.

    Please watch from 3:50, because just after the freudian slip about racists in the synagogue ” sorry mosque “, his following sentence about having “one of those scum” come up to him, who isn’t racist, has still got me baffled.
    It may be necessary to remind people that God in French is Dieu, German Gott, Arabic Allah.
    Not trying to provoke any grief or distress, but War is not Peace.

  17. To Jehova Kills

    In this case its not Jehovah Kills it s Twisting Christian sentimentality to get Euro natives to commit suicide.

    No nonWhite nations…i.e. rich countries…like Arab Gulf States and Japan and Korea etc..are asked to multiculturalize..why only us..

    Sorry if it makes me a bad person in anyones eyes but I would like to see Europe remain European in culture and racial ( I am not talking about aryan purity, we are not taking about one or two percent admixture from normal things..we are talking aboiut a policy of people replacement iwth mass immigration).

  18. Just monotheism at work, we’re all a big happy family. Jehovah demands no other gods before me, and thousands of years later the same ethic says we have to unite come hell or high water. One God, one system

  19. Israel is monocultural. What crap they are foisting on the rest of this world. Wow. This isn’t new by the way. Multiculturalism is just being ramped up once again.

  20. Three-way war?
    Hello Acharya S – we used to email on the existence (or not) of Jesus!

    I side with several of your emailers. There is a 3 way war of whites vs Muslims vs Jews. So far Jews have pushed immigration (see Kevin MacDonald on this, at least as regards the USA). It applies to Australia and New Zealand, Canada, all European countries; maybe not Poland as yet…

    Therefore there is a case for an alliance against Jews, who have caused in the last few centuries (arguably) more war, violence, and general harm than any other group. Including Muslims – if you add up the partition of India and other things, Muslim violence is less than Jewish, notably as expressed in the USA after 1945 (and the USSR before 1945). I’m agnostic about Jews and the start of WW1, but there’s no doubt they prolonged it after the Germans offered a return to the status quo in 1916.

    I’m not saying I support it, nor that I’m against. But it’s something that ought to be considered in view of the seriousness of the issues facing the world.


    1. Sorry, but if there’s any siding to be done, it is [i]against [/i]Islam. I submit that many of the people posting here have not a clue about Islam. They need to study it before they slit all of our throats – they are endangering their own freedoms and my gender to no end.

      One would think that one look at Saudi Arabia and a five-second glance towards what is happening in Europe would be enough. How on Earth are you going to turn to the very mobs who are destroying your countries and make allies of them against themselves? That makes NO sense at all. ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url])

      1. tgomorgan
        Multiculturalism is used to divide people. All people prefer others from thier own culture.

        What is happening globally? The wealth is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Its like the game monopoly. Public resources, utilities, water, public services etc. are being sold to private for profit interests and when the politician who facilitated the sell off is voted out he/she is parachuted into the corporation.

        Corporations control the politicians. Are these corporations Jewish only, Muslim or Christian? No, and niether are the shareholders. What crosses all religions and culture? Money and power.

        Massive immigration is used to divide and conquor, it has been used since the Roman times.

        1. Thank you. This is the sort of answer I’m looking for, without ranting and with historical perspective. I’d like to see a study of massive immigration as a war tactic since antiquity. That would be very useful.

          Now the unrest in Libya and Tunisia is sending yet another wave of mass immigration into European countries, such as Italy. One wonders if that was part of the plan as well. It could destroy Italy’s economy and have repercussions throughout the EU.

          1. Well yes the poster is quite correct, but as I have said the “brother hood” and all its branches as well the root, have been pushing this and fiat tactics since before rome actually. But the reason behind it is simple to use “man, the specie” as a shield they think if they hold them down and hide behind them one will not see them WRONG! But by accomplice as well complacent, man to is found wrong and against nature as well.

            The old tiered excuses “it was just a job” or” it was just business” and don’t forget “I did what I had to to survive” will not be heard one is deaf to such cries for appease appease, I’m not at fault, we all are at fault here! But will we change? Doubt it seriously, anyway one can’t allow such psychotic children to get out, and go off into the garden now can one! They would burn it to the ground and then eat each other, damn cannibals!

  21. anti-semitism… what about anti-gentilism.

    While i too like having ethnic cuisine on hand from all over the world and think SOME immigration can liven things up culturually….at the end of the day…each and every EUROPEAN country and I include America, Canada and Australia and New Zealand in that…has the RIGHT to promote policies that ensure that dominance of the native majority culture…i.e. WHITES have RIGHTS..its not about supremacy.

    So to me this goes beyond Muslims…Non-Muslim Africans and Asians are less problematic but still why should Europe with below replacement birth rates take in hordes of people and lose their native majority status for some utopian ideal foisted…largely by JEWS…no not all Jews are responsibile but most people behind this push are Jewish.

    (i.e. its a small group of powerful elite Jews in Finance etc who influence Gentile politicians…and Jewish ones..i.e Sarkozy is Jewish and Papandreou of Greece his mom is a Polish Jew…that does not mean i am saying all or most jews…but on the other hand you do find that even the lay people or lesser brethren fall in line with these wacko anti European philosophies.).

    Its possible perhaps they want Muslims to be a problem for Europe and to have a far right group that they control…i.e. EDL basically needs Kosher approval ..i.e the Rabbi in that video is brought on to basically say hey Jews we are not against you and we want your ok to defend ourselves…then and only then can we say something..

    How about I would like Europe to be mostly European..Jews can live here too.,..but not have disproportionate representation in Academia, Political life, influence via Finance..etc. And Any policy they want in Europe they must first insist their brothers an sisters in Israel implement first.

    Multiculturalism as its preached and taught = Anti-White Genocide…
    and the people behind it are mostly Jews (but NOT most Jews).

    Notice the rabbi could care less about Britain being flooded with other non-Europeans that are culturally alien and also tend to have high rates of crime etc..

  22. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: 😛

    Why is it no one not a single one really gets it? There is and has always been sycophants and psychotic…… well in every form, of man that exists. I do support people to have a place just for them and only for them but I have not seen reason in any of the attempts made so far at having a land of one specie and for only one specie. Hmmm how to explain it, hard to put into perspective without all the back ground which is “verboten” by all sycophant and officialdom alike. Well you either stay apart and keep your numbers reasonable or you sit down and talk about peace but ah who you trying to kid with that, or do as you have done and well make a mess of your selves “genetically and culturally, and mentally before I forget” and the world which is not yours to claim nor destroy 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ! Well I feel you and your nose picking leaders will make short work of…everything!

    I guess it really is moot trying to reason with an UN-reasonable creature which was not “planned for nor really expected nor wanted :s :Pinch: ”

    I leave you a few reference to some songs by John Prine: First is well I you tube em for ya!
    “flag decal”
    well it’s not john singing but it’s his song “pretty good”
    “some humans ain’t human”
    “illegal smile” :silly: B)

  23. Intellectual Honesty – Equal Time
    To say that we don’t learn from History would be an understatement.

    Radical Islam is a threat to all other religions. History teaches such a threat has always come, in mass, from external regions. IE. tactical assault. Remember Saladin? Today, experts tell us they are a real, but manageable threat – ie border control, intelligence and strong military.

    Who the heck has been lobbying for weak border control? Same people pushing multiculturalism.

    Over the past thousand years, almost every Western nation has removed the Jews, some more than once, from within their borders, for being an INTERNAL threat to national security, social cohesion, and moral integrity. (all products of multiculturalism)

    DO NOT take my word for it. Research and read the legislation from Spain, France, Germany, etc. and see why the governments removed the Jewish people from within their borders. The final straw for most cultures was that, unlike an external invader they could readily defend against, the Jews presented a more serious threat, internally.

    Benjamin Franklin made it clear during the Constitutional Convention that he wanted to make it illegal for Jews to immigrate to the US. Why? He said that if they were allowed to immigrate here, within 200 years they would own the commerce of America through their money trading and, with it, control the government, bringing to our soil the very system of oppression the colonies had just fought to escape. Today, the financial power based in London (Federal Reserve System of banking) has reclaimed the colonies. Ask yourself if you pay more or less taxes than did the American Colonists.

    Ever wonder why slaves weren’t traded in the colonies on Saturdays? Ever checked out the owners and captains of the slave ships? Ever wondered who owned the dutch west indies company? Obviously, after doing your homework, you’ll see Jews really do have a special place in their hearts for minorities.

    Why do you think the US government gave your tax money to Goldmen Sachs? Who do you think runs the private Federal Reserve bank? Who has the most powerful lobby in the US? Who controls the media, Hollywood, banks, etc?

    Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) made it very clear. “Let me hold a nation’s purse strings,” and he cared not who governed the country.

    America, like Rome was, is capable of defending against any foreign invader. And, like Rome, can not withstand an unchecked cancer from within; particularly one so well versed in cronyism, racism, deceit, and loyalty to a foreign nation.

    All true Americans need to rise up against radical Islam and it’s inherent belief system. Study the Koran. It is a belief system based on honest declaration of faith. They openly admit they want to conquer us.

    All true Americans need to rise up against radical Judaism and it’s inherent belief system. Study the Talmud. It is a belief system based on lies, deceit, racism, and theft. They deny they want to conquer us. (and should you even ask such a question – you’re an anti-semite) Read the book. The Jews are God’s chosen people and America is the goyim, gentile nation (Nation of cattle to be owned and used as they please)

    The longest extent nation-state was the Bizantine empire. For more than a thousand years, they repelled more than one Muslim attack. They also had in place laws prohibiting Jews from being involved in public education, banking, and politics.

    Just saying,… it would be intellectually dishonest to recognize the Muslim threat and ignore the Jewish one; particularly when the latter has arguably been more devastating to life and liberty in the Western world.

  24. Jewish lies exposed
    👿 What are these ridiculous women talking about??? Globalism equals delegation of power from your culture to a foreign one completely isolated from yours. Not a good idea. Why do white europeans not have the right to defend their heritage? Why is this only the right of jewish people? Israel is an apartheid state that openly condones racist and discriminationary laws. These two women should be arrested for inciting hatred against people who live and have lived in a country without the threats of “manipulated politically motivated migration” for centuries. There is a clear agenda here. To destroy the christian societies who were for so long the host nations of jewish people. Jewish people who like to dictate political policy through manipulation of money markets and political discourse. Sheeple need to expose their agenda and expel them from the countries they live in!

  25. america has enough americans
    Only a nut would suggest that america grow its ranks when there
    are so many americans who dont have a job and are getting turned out into the street. Forced into the street, and forced to turn to
    charity, or public money robbed from their countrymen by force of arms, or jail, and confiscation.
    america is a special place, with its own traditional ways that dont need to be shocked by the introduction of vast numbers of alien forieign nationals into the population at large. Domestic labor is short of work to the tune of at least 22% not working right now. Lets get these americans off of EBT cards and employment insurance vouchers first, and when we need help again let the right foreign national WHO WANTS TO BE AN AMERICAN into our speciial land to do his or hers own work.
    Bad foreign policy is what got america in this mess, its time to let
    right reason guide our lost tradition of isolationism, and not the fad of the last 100 years.
    Thse state department needs a clean out from cellar to attic, and the sappers and miners—Georgetown, the CFR and the rest of the
    internationalists ought to have a strong wall built between their interests, and the interests of the american people.

  26. The jews want the whole Middle East
    There is a brain drain from the ME to the EU in an attempt to weaken both socities. If the smartest arabs can be shipped to Europe it will be easier for jews to steal in the ME.

    The Germans and the Ottomans were the last to punish the jews for their treachery so the jews want to destroy both whites and arabs. What better way than to turn them against each other.

    Acharya S, most of the things you believe about Islam are jew propaganda. Jew control of the media has brainwashed you. I live by a few Muslims and believe me the women are running the show. Stop and think about who owns the media that tells you Islam treats women so horrificly? Do you believe everything else the jew controlled media claims?

    Divide and conquer is an age old jew stragedy. Looks like they got you.

    1. Absolute nonsense, unless the Koran itself is Jewish propaganda. I can see with my own two eyes, as well as listen to countless Muslims themselves who not only live in Muslim countries but many of whom have escaped Islam. There’s this little thing called the “internet” that allows for communication from individuals all over the world. I have several friends as well who are Muslim or ex-Muslim, including Iranians who DETEST what Islam has done to their country, so your remarks are just plain ridiculous. Islam is EXACTLY as I have depicted it, with numerous links that have nothing to do with “Jewish propaganda.”

      Quotes from the Quran ([url][/url])
      The Religion of Peace ([url][/url])
      Faith Freedom ([url][/url])
      Islam Watch ([url][/url])
      Jihad Watch ([url][/url])
      Prophet of Doom ([url][/url])
      Islamic Crusades ([url][/url])
      Women’s Rights in Islaml ([url][/url])

  27. Actually in Israel its not just Jews who are not allowed to marry non Jews, Christians and not allowed to marry non Christians and Muslims are not allowed to marry non Muslims. This is not only to protect the Jewish culture which in case any of you didn’t know is about 16 million world wide, half of which reside in Israel, but all cultures, that is a “working multicultural society” with rules and regulations, not everyone hopping and skipping everywhere.

    Israel is only 76% Jewish, and 20% Muslim, who have every right that as a Jewish Israeli has. And if someone is going to say something like “why can’t this person or that person own land but a Jew can?”, well the answer is simple, no one can, they only lease it because its a tiny little country and people can’t go around buying it all up. Arabs have hated Jews for more than a thousand years before the ‘State’ of Israel was a twinkle in the eye of any Zionist. Also if someone wants to bring up the absolute bullcrap that is the “Palestinian plight” then again, you would be barking up the wrong tree. the people of Gaza for example are born and raised on the fictitious “Protocols” book along with the Qur’an, it is the best selling book after the Qur’an and Mein Kampf in the middle east and its completely fake, just like the Qur’an as Acharya knows only too well. I am not a Jew, Christian or Muslim never was and never will be, I am a strict atheist, but I do not disagree with a damn thing Israel has done as a country and I will tell you why. The only thing that stands between you and I and the wave of inevitable suicide bombers, is Israel, they are a firewall to the virus in the middle east. They are not behind multiculturalism, they are not behind 9/11 they are not behind a global financial crisis, yet more ridiculous theories from the blowhole of leftist nobody’s.

    Jews “putting” people in power is again bullcrap, votes put people in power, so stop wasting your vote by claiming it does no good to vote while Christian fundamentalists NEVER miss an opportunity to vote and because they do, they always seem to get what they want and vote how they are told via religion. Ask yourselves a question, why would Jews jeopardize the support they get from Europe by flooding it with Muslims? To dilute the white race? once again BULLCRAP! I am so sick of my fellow white people thinking that a long future history of inbreeding will be the answer for all the problems. It won’t yield anything other than an evolutionary dead end. Genetic diversity is what made the human race what it is. Every single one of you has middle eastern DNA, I guarantee it, you also have African in their too, oh yes BLACK PEOPLE!, I can hear the gasps of denial already.

    Western society isn’t a culture and I am sick of people thinking that, western society exists out of a refusal of middle eastern religious culture and has striven to get further and further from it and the further it gets the better it is. It simply said “no” to theocratic governance and when it did it placed a long road towards freedom over culture. Western society is culturless and its time people realized that. Freedom and the quest for it does not have a culture, religions and rituals beget “culture”, freedom should remove religion, and that includes the disgusting emotional manipulation crap known as Christianity, in all its guises.

    All this blame on Israel for the worlds problems is an obsessive compulsive disorder, and then people wonder why Jews try and get involved in any thing they can, maybe because somewhere without fail for thousands of years some lunatic is always plotting their demise. How long should people take sh*t? How long should we in the west take sh*t from Islam? Should we take the sh*t from Muslims for as long as the Jews have? Would that make us better people or bitter people?

    Quite frankly if any other nuclear armed nation had taken the crap Israel has it would have went cataclysmic long ago. Israel had nuclear weapon capability when it was attacked on all boarders at the same dame time and still it didn’t use them. Regardless of how the country was formed they won their right to the land when they defended it on all boarders simultaneously.

    Take a good long look at “the Jews”, and instead of wanting rid of them, try and expand your feeble little minds and ask yourself a question. How is it that they excel at almost everything. and your “culture” is a “culture” of whiners, who only response is either racism or antisemitism or a good dose of both?

    Get your goddamn thumbs out of your asses, go to school get a degree, form a committee or whatever you want that deals in facts not fallacies and conspiracy theories, better yourself your family and your community, just like “the Jews” do and suddenly, the world won’t seem so set against pathetic little you.

    You want to marry a white guy or girl? no one on earth is stopping you, how anyone can blame a Jew for someone marrying someone they love is beyond arrogant stupidity.

    1. dont know
      King David hotel, Lavon, Deir Yassin , Plan Dalet, etc, etc, etc, etc,,,,,

      They’re some of the reasons

      The nukes, disregard for IAEA, UN resolutions and international community some others

      I totally agree Jews are not to blame, neither all the ‘muslims’ or all the ‘west’.
      Infact there are plenty of jews who say ‘Israel’ will only exist when God says so and until then to stay where God put them, following His Commandments, like thou shall not kill, steal, etc,,,,,,
      What about those ‘Jews’

      1. Dave2, you may be interested to check the idea that ‘nuclear weapons’ are yet another jewish fraud. See for example the forum (now frozen; with about a year’s work on it) which includes examination of the myth of Hiroshima being nuked, and of Cuba, and endless other stuff. I’m disappointed people in this forum haven’t examined this material. Free thought has a long way to go.

  28. Commenter, Angela, says it best.
    Read Angela’s comment!
    In reaction to the videos by the two Jewish women, Commenter, Angela, says it best. She took the words right out of my mouth.

  29. Stop blaming others
    “Take a good long look at “the Jews”, and instead of wanting rid of them, try and expand your feeble little minds and ask yourself a question. How is it that they excel at almost everything. and your “culture” is a “culture” of whiners,”

    I certainly agree with that and one of the first groups that can start doing this are Blacks. They can stop blaming whitey for all there problems, as Bill Cosby over the years has urged them a number of times to do, and instead look to the Jews (they wont look of course to Whites for this except maybe secretly in their hearts) for an good example of how to be united and achieve without blaming others.

    1. racist
      Er, actually that’s not true. “Jews” do not “excel at almost anything” whilst other fail to excel so much.

      There are plenty of Jewish people who do not excel at anything. Look at the porn industry, for example. Unless you call becoming a porn actor “excelling”. Look at drug trafficking, in fact, even look at drug use!

      Some Jewish people excel at some stuff, the same as any other peoples.

      Your statement is utterly racist – and offensive to all non-Jewish people.

  30. Mulsims immigration into Europe
    The reasons so many Jews would be willing to let so many Muslims, in mass, leave the Middle East for Europe should be obvious. It’s because the less Muslims there are in the Middle East the less Muslim there are i n the Middle East to oppose Israel and it’s plans for future expansion. Plus, the Jews have always wanted to destroy White Christian civilization so they would be killing two birds with one stone. Well actually more like reducing the threat of one bird (Arab power in the Middle East) while killing the other bird (White Christian civilization in Europe and eventually America) An increased level of anti-semitism in Europe would be a small price for them to pay to achieve these two goals.

  31. facts about Israel
    please check this out:

  32. Supporting Muslims against Jews is forbidden?
    Supporting Muslims against Jews is forbidden?
    Why does Freethought Nation enforce only kosher thoughts?

    the obvious answer is that they are jews

    1. What a completely stupid comment. This very post is critical of Jews pushing “multiculturalism” in Europe, and you make these asinine remarks.

      Your rabid Jew-hatred has obviously turned your brain into mush.

      In any event, the point of criticizing the behaviors of any particular group is not to turn into a goosestepping moron as you’ve displayed yourself to be here.

      Exposing bad behavior serves to enlighten people as to how they are affecting others. Your post here is more of the same trashy and low-class behavior. Don’t bother posting here again.


  33. Naivity
    The purpose of mass immigration and multiculturalism is to eliminate nation states by causing internal strife/divisiveness.
    Then to spread that divisiveness around the globe until there is a war between the 2 major religions: Christianity and Islam.

    What ever historical wrongs that both religions did there is also the good that they did. They bring moral seperation from those that would do harm to others. The vast majority of either religions are good decent people. These good people oppose ie: pedophilia, child porn, child sex slaves, etc. They counter the UN current attempt to pass agreements which will become global law when the NWO is fully in force. One such proposed agreement is on child rights which includes the age of consent to be 10 years of age. The controllers of the NWO UN know that the 2 largest opposing forces to the commoditization of human life are Islam (1.5 bil) and Christianity (1.2bil) persons. The Roman Emperors feared one thing: The Mob. NWO UN cannot control nearly 3 billion persons that oppose what they want to implement in a new world order so they are attempting to create hatred between the two religions so they will wipe each other out and then the NWO UN will implement a 1 World Religion….will it be nice?

    The Jews that were taken into Iran during the Nazis era and the Muslims have over a 1000 year history of getting along and the Jews have their own elected representative. They are largely anti zionist and do not fall for the anti-semitic labelling of Muslims. Acharya maybe or not an expert in her field of archeology based religious views but she is naive when it comes to political reasons for gov’ts approving the end of their countries mono-cultures and implementing multiculturalism, I was also until my country lost it’s culture. Depopulation is being advanced with diseases and this is stated by Kissinger and Brezenski in the Counsel of Foreign Relations publication for those that want to access it. Divided we are conquered and two members of AA, Acharya and Arhata, contribute to this divide, perhaps without knowing it, but genocide of one or both groups is the end objective of the creators of this and one or both have been made aware of this agenda. UN agenda 21.

    1. “Acharya maybe or not an expert in her field of archeology based religious views but she is naive when it comes to political reasons for gov’ts approving the end of their countries mono-cultures and implementing multiculturalis”

      Right, so naive that this VERY blog post is about just that. Did you even read it before pretending to know what I know about the subject of politics and political agendas?

      It is obvious you do not know me in the least, so please do not post comments pretending to know my psychological state. I’ve possibly been on this planet decades longer than you, and I’ve been wide awake for many years.

      “Divided we are conquered and two members of AA, Acharya and Arhata, contribute to this divide, perhaps without knowing it”

      What a despicable remark – what is “AA?” I am not a member of any such thing, and my work destroying division is certainly not contributing to any divide.

      Again, you don’t know me (or Arhata), do not know my work, and obviously do not comprehend its value. If you would like to stick your head in the sand while we are destroyed by retrograde factions, then that is your prerogative, but please don’t go around pretending to know who I am and making insulting remarks about my person and my work.


  34. multiculturalism
    Jewish liberal agenda has promoted of multiculturalism in western counties as central platform. For an obvious reason, because full cultural assimilation has never been possible for jewish minorities that strongly maintain their seperate cultural identity – however this minority has also sought full participation at all levels within those dominant christian cultures. To resolve this contradiction jewish liberal groups advocated platform of multiculturalism, requiiring that minority groups enjoy same levels of influence in culture whatever their actual proportion of population.

    Genuine multiculturalism has actually existed in world, but it is a fractual & organic consequence of geography & crossing cultures & empires. These places are the exception though, not the norm, & are always fragile societies, as were often fought over long & hard, ie whole of Balkans. Geographically they were militarily strategic or trading centres, where competing cultures interacted. The key thing is they were historically organic developments, not political impositions on otherwise largely homogenous cultures.

    There will always remain one very large exception to the influence of multicultural idealogy, the billions in homogenous China!

    1. Many Asian countries including Japan, Korea, etc. all believe homogeneity or ‘pure blood’ and find multiculturalism to be bizarre and illogical.

      According to Kevin MacDonald in ‘The End of White People’, no people should ever give up their political power.

  35. According to Dr. Tony Martin, an American professor, Jews played a significant role in importing Blacks to America and were largely responsible for the African Slave Trade.

    Please see: Youtube African Slave Trade Jewry Tony Martin for three great videos

    Makes perfect sense why Blacks were segregated, Whites (Gentiles) didn’t really want them here in the first place. Our media has given Whites a collective guilt trip. Now Christendom is in chaos.

    Multiculturalism was started by Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

  36. Trinidadian born professor, Dr. Tony Martin. 🙂

  37. Yes alot of us hate trudeau for what he has done to our country. I could sit and cry. NO one speaks english anymore or follows or even attempts to learn about white culture here. Minorities keep their cultures and get paid to. Womens rights have been pushed back 100 years in ontario- the province with the highest amount of immigrants. You cant even look at some black women and they scream racist comments I have had this happen myself here. ITs very unsafe in canaada now as we have a growing moslem population. There were 3 murmers at xmas in ottawa the capital all were foreign. There are gangs all over canada now and its swept under the carpet. Single women are repressed in some of the bigger centres its like going back to live in 1880!!! And they dont even wear our clothes….

  38. Israel’s fault
    When world wide opinion was against Israel they decided to change that by having the muslims opting for the Western countries. What do you call it Pay Back Time. Multiculturism came about because Israel wanted it that way. They are to blame.

  39. I would think that, deliberatly and systematically both causing, and fuling mass immigrstion of Islamic, or Arab immigrants would suggest that the Jews are “unburdening” themselves from a constant threat within their own region/race; while creating a living feed-back loop for creating a mass influx European Jews to Israel.

  40. Mossad did the towers
    Are you jocking ? No. My guess is you are supported by and probably a function of Jewish Supremacist hate organizations ; ADL , SPLC ect…As a half Jew , I grew up knowing full well of the Jewish conspiracy for world domination thanks to my openly Marxist Hebrew school teacher , friends and neighbors. You are a coward and a traitor. Of course this comment won’t be passed through as you Jews love to hide the truth.

    1. Who are you addressing? Your remarks are very rude and have nothing to do with reality, if you are addressing me, the author of this piece.

      What utter nonsense to post on an article about Jewish complicity in multiculting Europe to death. How does that make me a Jew?

      In any event, I don’t appreciate such hate speech on my blog.

  41. Ahaa, its nice discussion on the topic of this paragraph here at this web site, I have read all that, so now me also commenting here.

  42. You anonymist are a liar as western society and particularly america has a rich cultural history that owes itself to white European ancestry much to your chagrin. And that white Christian people that you so despise is the only reason you are alive commenting today. This is the thanks we get for rescuing jews from the holocaust and defeating Hitler. This gross generalizations of white gentiles as social constructs undeserving of a culture or a majority demographic in their own homelsnd is why so many of your biggest financial supporters in the west w ho again are white and Christian are becoming disillusioned with supporting Israel’s flagrant jewish promotion and sovereignty when they vehemently deny us that same right through their consistent financial lobbying. That is all too typical of jews who are subconsciously acting out holocaust revenge fantasies against the very people who saved them from ideologue s. The violent waves of mass immigration is killing real people and the large jewish community now wants to flee to Israel from the destructive ideology they largely promoted in the name of multiculturalism. Unfortunately your socially constructed Europeanwhites ddon’t have that luxury afforded to them. And you really wander why the rise in antisemitism. No fuckhead its not due to jewish exceptionalism but rather jews lobbying blatant destructive and violent multicultural policies in their host countries. Jews did this with the inventionof communism and then fell into their own trap. Sadly so did 40 million ethnic russians. That trumps the holocaust by leaps and bounds but I don’t see russians declaring jews as social constructs demanding multicultural policies in israel. So yes I deduce Jews like yourself have a vested interest in white hatred that is all too disturbing unfortunately unlike neo nazis they get to lobby and support that hatred openly. Shame on your racist prejudice asshole.

    1. megan: “white Christian people that you so despise is the only reason you are alive commenting today … This is the thanks we get for rescuing jews from the holocaust and defeating Hitler”

      The Truth about Judeo-Christianity

      ; )

      1. Exactly. Holo bull$hit just served to finally claim the Jews “promised” land and eternal protection by all nations.. and the financial leeching especially of Germany.
        The Zionist Jews were the ones who messed with the German people (WW I/Treaty of Versailles).
        All countries that militarily served Zionism to achieve its goals are also victims by the end of the day.

  43. Would any of you be interested in hearing the view of an Arab Muslim? As Muslims, we value the beauty in the diversity of creation and the different races that exist as a clear sign of the greatness of their Creator. The agenda of race-mixing pushed by the Jews is plain evil as it is an insult to the Divine order of creation. God created races of different colours and tongues so that they may wonder at each other, get to know each other and live in peace and harmony alongside each other, not destroy each other! That is a Jewish lie that Muslims want to destroy the white race as no Muslim on the face of the earth today would ever contemplate such ungodly absurdity. Muslims love and respect all races and what you see on your TV screens today of Muslims savagely beheading whites in the name of Islam while screaming Allah Akbar is a grotesque JEWISH SATANIC MASQARADE! Do me a favour, switch off your zombifying TV screens for a moment and switch on your brains for a minute! You are being deceived, you are being blinded from the truth that we Muslims actually are good people who are just guilty of saying God is one! We hate what is happening to you today as much as we hate what is happening to us and truth is that both our races are being targeted by the Jews. Can’t you see that we are as much victims as you are? We were living in peace in our part of the world practicing our Islam in peace, not seeking to impose it on anyone until Satanic Jews came along and destroyed our countries pushing us to migrate to your part of the world against our will. Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen…all destroyed! It was all engineered by them from the start! Arabs never wanted to leave their countries and anyone who believes so is greatly deceived! Why would we want to leave?? We have more resources than you anyone else does, petrol, gas, agriculture, cattle, we have it all in our strategically located ME, cradle of civilizations and birthplace of all prophets! The truth is that the Jews want to destroy the Arab race just as they are planning to destroy the white race. And how will they do it? By pitting us against each other through those staged FAKE terrorist attacks they are making up every few months in the west whether in NY, London, Paris, Madrid, to make the whites hate us. They have succeeded in their evil plan as the media is hypnotising the masses and making them beLIEve the lie. The whites are now calling for the extermination of terrorist Muslims and meanwhile the Jews are dancing rejoicing in the evil power of their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. It is sad to say but I believe the Jews are looking up to the day when the Arabs and the whites will fight and mutually destroy each other. I hope neither I nor my children or grandchildren see that tragic day…

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