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Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness

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Here’s a great review:

“Because I am an astronomer and a student of the Bible, it is glaringly obvious to me that Jesus is merely another in a long line of Sun Gods. The evidence is right under the nose of anyone who takes the time and effort to read the Holy Bible. D M Murdock has just given everyone a cheat sheet. Use it!!!”

Loren Ball

And here’s some terrific observations about Bart Ehrman’s irrational and uneducated stance on this subject:

“This video destroys the notion set forth by Bart D. Ehrman that ‘mythicism’ is somehow debunked, illogical, or somehow non-scholarly, in relation to the ‘Jesus myth’ and its construction.

“Ehrman’s position is that the story of Jesus, and the ‘parallel god stories’ to Jesus, like the stories of Jupiter, Mithra, Dionysus, Apollo, etc., etc., etc., could not have been the same type of ‘mythology’….despite the early church fathers and historians showing clearly it was of similar disposition.

“Ehrman states that mythicists should be ashamed of such non-scholary positions, and yet his very own research has somehow skipped over the hard fact that early church fathers, themselves, stated these stories were similar to the Jesus story/myth, even stating that Jesus was worshiped as a ‘sun-god’, just as the other sun-god myths??

Perhaps it’s Ehrman that is not as ‘scholarly’ as he claims himself to be, or perhaps he is just saving face to keep his job in a largely pro-Christian college? Either way, it’s clear that the sun-god myths predating, and post dating the ‘Jesus story’, were in fact, very similar, and stated to be worshiped by many as a solar deity, (i.e., the Sun) by early Christian scholars and fathers.

“The quotes and evidence within this video starkly contrast the claims made by Ehrman.”

Alan Howell

12 thoughts on “Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness

  1. Hey I have a few questions if u can answer them. Why is the Bible banned in so many countries? What’s up with Illuminati? Why do people say they found Noah’s Ark but it’s being dismissed? Google is did they really find Noah’s Ark? I know the whole thing does seem like a myth especially if use logic with how they survived with accounting for the event occurring what would happen, intense pressure, how few people built it in short time & food to live etc… Also what about the Dead sea scrolls, aren’t they B.C? Does it validate the new testament as proof?

  2. Another question is The old testament links but how other than prophecies which anyone who follows something & believes will reinforce it. Making it fulfilled. People don’t know how perception is what life is in sense of belief systems. Life is all about perception…so who wrote the old testament & no one notices Jesus represents a different side of God if not entirely different. He never calls it yahweh. No more ruthless God in NT….also I heard u were Luciferian? Is that true?

  3. Hey what about the calendar dated off of Jesus & why do Muslims have it differently anyway with the whole he was just a prophet spiel? What about (I think) book of Job on Behomth which was considered as a possible dinosaur with tail like a cedar tree& lived among the trees & supported self with hind legs. Also when was the old testament written? Was it more valid then the new as far as being real & what was the dates? Why would someone write lies? If real, many died for the cause.

  4. Hey Stellar house
    I was wondering if you were familiar with a publication written by Hyam Maccoby called THE Mythmaker Paul and the invention of Christianity. I also wanted to know if you are familiar with another publication called GNOSIS OF THE COSMIC CHRIST by Tau Malachi. While in mythmaker’s thesis Christianity was created by Paul of Tarsus, who has heard of a rebel rousing Jew (Essene) in Judea who was crucified by the Romans for sedition. This rebel rousing zealot was just a mortal human being who was persecuted for his belief in Judean liberation from Roman occupation which has lead to some bloody battles between the Roman legions and the zealots. However St. Paul wanting to create his own religion for both Jews and Gentiles to follow used the character of Jesus the Judean zealot and added the supernatural God man from Hellenistic pagan Mystery religion to him and invented the Jesus Christ character of the new testament gospels, which sounds more like what you had referred to as evemerism.

    Believe or not according to some people I have spoken to the mythmaker’s hypothesis is more known then Jesus just being a mythical compilation of characters. Point made I never hear his name thrown around in the Mythicist circle, considering he thinks Jesus of the Bible is made up superimposing a mythical God from the mystery pagan religion with a historical Jesus who was a rebel against Roman occupation.

    Which brings me to Tau Malachi who hypothesizes that Jesus was a historical person but wasn’t born with supernatural powers but instead developed them when he became a perfect spiritual master developing supernal, or messianic, Christ consciousness which anyone who follows the mystical path of the Gnostic Christian Kabalah can obtain. What do you make of his teachings? If a person any person can achieve Christ consciousness by following a specific path, wouldn’t that validate that there is more to Christ then just being a fictional compilation of historical and mythical God men which are all anthropomorphic astronomical deities?

    1. Thanks. Yes, I know and have cited Maccoby’s book. I obviously disagree with this perspective of a historical Jesus, whether a rebel or a rabblerouser. This view of a Jesus who was mundane but whose biography was inflated by enthusiastic followers with all manner of supernatural attributes is called “euhemerism” or “evemerism.” My writings are designed in significant part to demonstrate that this perspective is erroneous.

      Scientific scrutiny shows that the “Jesus Christ” of the New Testament is a fictional compilation of characters, not a single historical individual. A composite of multiple “people” is no one. When the mythological and midrashic layers are removed, there remains no historical core to the onion.

      Evemerism v. Mythicism

      I know well about the concept of “Christ Consciousness,” which has been bandied about in the “New Age” community for decades now. I don’t consider a mythical character compiled from ancient attributes drawn largely from sun and nature worship to be “conscious,” and I find the concept to be a waste of time and a false promise.

      But, no, achieving some sort of “Christ consciousness” or nirvana, samadhi, satori and so on certainly does not prove the existence of any particular figure as historical. It is simply a state described for thousands of years by various individuals. This concept is being projected upon the Christ myth by wishful thinkers.

      1. You said ” A composite of multiple “people” is no one.”
        I say it’s entirely possible multiple authors molded the man they never knew, only hearing 2nd & 3rd hand stories about, into the person who achieves the authors view & agenda.

        1. Thanks, but, again, the gospel story is myth historicized, not history mythologized. There was no historical core to the onion, nor was one needed. Just a couple of centuries before the common era, priests created the god Serapis from Osiris and his bull aspect. This priestcraft was done in order to unite the warring factions of Egypt, including Egyptians, Greeks and Jews. Priests have been creating gods, godmen and divine heroes since time immemorial. Jesus is yet another in the same long line of mythical figures.

          1. I’d consider Jesus the latest in a long list of Dying Gods. And the concept of his virgin birth is a misconception of the Hebrew word Almah from Isaiah 7:14 when it was translated to Greek. Almah in Heberw refers to a young woman, not a virgin. Early Christians pillaged the Torah looking for anything that sounded prophetic for the birth of Jesus & falsely attributed scripture to him. Even though the gospels are filled with discrepancies & echo the authors own views, the fact that multiple authors created a different story to make Jesus fit the prerequisites for the prophesied messiah (born in Bethlehem & son of David) is strong evidence he was as historical person. In Jesus’ time & day the Messiah was longed for & kids probably grew up dreaming they could be that anticipated hero. There is much in the historical records about Galilee being home to many rebels & would-be messiahs.

  5. Hi freethought good evening.
    I watched a video on you tube wasn’t sure who it was by it’s called Zeitgeist religion Ray Hagins, Ashra Kwesi LIES EXPOSED. Long story short the person who’s speaking in the video strongly refutes claims which have been made by Pastor Hagins, and Ashra Kwesi who shares the same thesis as Mythicist position. To word it differently this video is a complete rebuttal to not only the mythicist/astro-theology position but a lot of what you teach as well which shares a similar if not identical hypothesis as the above mentioned.

    To name a couple of things you teach that the video refutes is the claim that Krishna was born of a virgin Devaki. According to the video the Baghavita claims that Devaki had 8 children before Krishna, and went on to name a university professor of the Dept of religion who’s attended the university of Harvard, FL, and Bombay, who’s never heard of Krishna being born of a virgin or being crucified. The video states Krishna died from being pierced in the foot by an arrow by a bore. The video also mentions another university professor by the name of Edwin Yamauchi B.A., M.A., Ph.D. at the university of Miami who claims Horus wasn’t born of an immaculate conception because Osiris was resusitated/brought back from the dead and copulated with Auset to conceive of Heru. He also refutes the claim that Osiris was resurrected from the dead, what do you make of such claims?

    He also mentioned a list of historical ppl in the time of Jesus who had spoke of his existence one of them you’ve never addressed in any of the publications I possess and read of yours one of them named Africanus. I’m not saying I believe the gentlemen who made the video over your position, what I’m doing is looking at things from both angles and not being biased towards a perspective which I don’t exactly agree with I LIKE TO HEAR BOTH ARGUMENTS and may the best and most factual win. What do you make of this video? Have you seen it? Did you know of it before I brought it to your attention? And what would be your answer to it? In other words it’s basically saying what you teach and write about are lies.

    Were they really men close to the era of Jesus of the bibles alleged existence who made mention of him you didn’t address? I know this is lengthy but please help me out, I’m searching for the truth and I will follow it where ever it leads me and whoever I think it’s coming from. I’m a huge huge fan of your work, and I’m interested in knowing how you will respond to these claims.

    Is there any ancient Hindu text which predates the year 1 A.D which says Krishna was born of a virgin Devaki and had been crucified between two thieves? If so can you send me the link to where you address the above I WOULD like to look further into it, cause I want to make a rebuttal video of my own disproving his attempt to disprove the astro-theology mythicism position Thx. By the way here’s the link to this video if you haven’t seen it I’m sure you’ll disagree with it I would just like to hear why cause you go in, the video actually showed you in it briefly which is pretty cool you caught his attention here it is
    If this doesn’t bring you right to it which I can tell from here it probably won’t since I’m not good at copying links you can go to youtube if you wish and type in Zeitgeist Religion Ray Hagins, Ashra Kwesi LIES EXPOSED

    1. Thank you. I don’t know who Hagins and Kwesi are, but I’m quite aware of pretty much every attempt to refute the claims of comparative religion and mythology, as found in the first “Zeitgeist” film. I’ve written extensively about this subject. If you had done a search of this very website you are writing on, you would have found my rebuttals of the falsehoods in these videos and articles. You could have searched for “Krishna virgin,” for example, and your question would have been answered, sparing you having to recount these false arguments in detail. If you are a “big fan” of my work, you should know that I’ve written extensively on the subject of Krishna and the virgin birth, for example.

      You would also know that predating the year 1 CE/AD is a fallacious concept, because Christianity did not suddenly take over the whole world the moment Christ reputedly was born, a fallacious concept in any event because he assuredly was never born and the BC/AD timeline is false. It was not created until the sixth century. In any event, for many centuries afterwards, much of the world remained blissfully unaware of the purported existence of Jesus Christ or the gospel story. To this day, there are many places that are “pre-Christian.” Hence, this notion of needing to predate the “Christian era” is worthless, unless we examine the issue on a case-by-case basis.

      In any event, as concerns Krishna – a very minor element of this comparative religion and mythology effort – feel free to peruse this forum thread:


      I don’t talk about Krishna being crucified between two thieves, so that point is irrelevant. I may have included the contention of others in my earlier work, but it remains irrelevant. The point is that the deity or hero on a cross or in cruciform, often between two others, whether “thieves” or otherwise, is common in antiquity, as I’ve also discussed quite extensively, as here.


      The fervent and biased Christian Yamauchi is not an expert on comparative religion and mythology, and his “scholarship” on this subject is very shallow. His claims about Osiris and Horus are FALSE. If you knew my work, you would also know that fact, so again I’m curious as to why you are claiming to be a “big fan of my work.” I’ve written extensively about this subject as well, including in a nearly 600-page book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, which draws from thousands of primary sources in multiple languages, as well as the work of credentialed authorities in relevant fields.


      I have addressed the purported extrabiblical “evidence” of Jesus also quite extensively. It is worthless, including and especially Africanus. Again, you would know that fact if you actually had studied my work.

      The Alleged Evidence for the Historical Jesus of Nazareth

      Be sure also to see the links here:

      No, Zeitgeist has not been refuted

      Feel free to search this site for future queries.

  6. Good evening Free thought
    I read your whole entire article last night about the virgin birth of Krishna. I believe the same article is in sons of god, Buddha, Krishna, Christ unveiled. I’ve read sons of god, the Christ conspiracy, Christ in Egypt, The gospel according to Acharya S, and Who was Jesus from cover to cover, all together we’re talking about a couple thousand pages (if not more) I hope you don’t expect me to remember all of that do you?

    The reason I asked you cause you would know your work a lot better then I would. The reason I brought it up is I talk to ppl in various walks of life a lot of them Christian who haven’t read a Christ in Egypt or a Christ conspiracy and these believers are under the assumption that Jesus Christ is a historical person. For instance if I tell them that Christ of the bible is a myth based on a compilation of characters some historical, others mythological, for instance Krishna, they may say Krishna was copied from Christ, how else would I be able to prove he wasn’t copied from Christ unless there’s documentation about Krishna which predates anything written about Christ?

    Also in your virgin birth article you have on line, all of your references (not stating it’s wrong) are based on what some scholars said about it, as oppose to it deriving from an ancient sacred Hindu text, like the Vedas, Upanishads ect,. I wanted to know if there was any parallel stories between Christ and Krishna in any of those Hindu text’s as oppose to it just coming from what some scholar or scholars said about it, because they had to get there information from some where.

    I guess it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask you to address the historical ppl who the historicist’s use as proof of Jesus’s existence if they haven’t addressed the ppl you’ve mentioned which they haven’t, to disprove their historical claims. I notice whenever I bring them up to you, you always point me back to your publications which address some of the ppl the historicist’s use for their historical claims, but not all. My question is if these so-called non experts use these historical people to rebut your claims for non-historicity, why haven’t you dealt with those claims as you have dealt with others?
    I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m just pressing you for information you haven’t addressed, is that I’m so much a fan of your work I look for you to shut the debunkers down at every turn; and it makes me wonder, why stop at the most popular historical people the historicist’s attempt to use for historical claims as oppose to addressing the others the historicist’s use to rebut the mythicist’s cliams for non-historicity. I will read the articles you gave me and if I have any other questions i’ll know what to do. I know iv’e read all of those articles before cause they’re in your publications but as I said before I need to constantly reinforce what I learn cause it’s a lot of info and I can’t remember every single thing you have written. I will also take it upon my self to go on the non-expert Christian radical’s website to bring up some of the things you and other mythicist’s have addressed which they haven’t and see what they say, because it wouldn’t be fair for me to just do that to you and not do that to them as well if it makes things any better.

    1. It isn’t a question of you remembering everything in my books and articles. You can go back to them and look up the answers yourself – they are right there. Of course much of the Krishna story predates Christianity – but do not forget what I said about the meaning of “pre-Christian.” It sounds as if you completely ignored my previous response.

      In any event, I cite the pre-Christian texts and discuss precedent on repeated occasions. In Suns of God in particular I discuss this subject of dating extensively. If you have a copy of that book, you can always go back and review it – that’s the purpose of writing a book! I can’t be expected to rehash here the same discussions I included in my books. If you actually read my book Suns of God and other writings, you would know that it is false that “all of your references (not stating it’s wrong) are based on what some scholars said about it.” You do not seem to be reading what I wrote. I cite the Mahabharata as well as an ancient story about the teenaged Devaki eating half a fruit and becoming pregnant. The Mahabharata is relevant because the author is called “Krishna” and was said to be born of a virgin. I also have a lengthy discussion of the Rig Veda, which is at least 3,000 years old and which contains elements of the Krishna myth, as well as the virginal dawn goddess archetype. I give many reasons – based on ancient texts – to suspect that the same mythical motif as can be found elsewhere was part of the general Krishna mythos or at the very least appears within Indian religion, as in the Kunti story also in the Mahabharata.

      In any event, as I have also stated, this issue of Krishna’s birth is irrelevant ultimately and should not be something to get hung up on. The point is that the virgin birth predates Christianity by many centuries, demonstrable through many other myths, so forget about Krishna. Please see my writings here:

      Neith, Virgin Mother of the World

      Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity


      Dionysus: Born of a Virgin on December 25th, Killed and Resurrected after Three Days

      Attis: Born of a Virgin on December 25th, Crucified and Resurrected after Three Days

      Anahita, virgin mother of Mithra

      Again, you could do a search on my sites to find these articles.

      I’m well aware that there are hundreds of millions to billions of people worldwide who believe that Jesus was a historical person – that’s another reason I write my books and articles, to address this erroneous notion.

      I guess it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask you to address the historical ppl who the historicist’s use as proof of Jesus’s existence if they haven’t addressed the ppl you’ve mentioned which they haven’t, to disprove their historical claims. I notice whenever I bring them up to you, you always point me back to your publications which address some of the ppl the historicist’s use for their historical claims, but not all. My question is if these so-called non experts use these historical people to rebut your claims for non-historicity, why haven’t you dealt with those claims as you have dealt with others?

      I have no idea what you are talking about. I have already provided you with a link to a series of articles that rebut the value of Josephus, Suetonius, Tacitus, Pliny and others whom apologists erroneously claim provide “evidence” of a historical Jesus of Nazareth. Of course, I’m going to refer you back to those articles – that’s what they are for.

      I think I’ve done quite enough, frankly. I haven’t stopped at anything over the two decades I’ve been doing this work, so what are you talking about? You have said nothing specific whatsoever, and you will find no one as thorough on this subject than I am. Are you talking about the fallacious claims regarding Thallus, Phlegon and Mara bar Serapion? I’ve addressed them in my books and articles, as here:


      You can find others there addressing these fallacious claims as well. We have left no stone unturned, so why do you presume that we have and take the side of Christian apologists?

      To be frank, you do not sound like a fan. For one thing, my name is not “freethought.” It’s D.M. Murdock aka “Acharya S.” You sound like you are a Christian apologist, plucked up the titles of my books and are indeed trying to harass me with falsehoods about my work and the subject matter in general. “just do that to you” – you are obviously aware that you are “doing something to me,” which is indeed harassing me.

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