Italy forced to remove classroom crucifixes?

crucifix italian classroom banAlthough I find the crucifix repulsive – especially since there’s no evidence that the crucifixion actually happened and the preponderance of the evidence points to the man on a cross as a pre-Christian mythical motif – I’m not sure how I feel about this issue.  Should Italy be forced to become increasingly secularized, at least as concerns Catholicism? (Watch Islam proponents use this  ruling as an opportunity to push their agenda.)

If Italy can be forced to become increasingly secularized, why not Saudi Arabia? It is obvious that an enormous amount of the world’s social ills are being caused by religious fanatics, especially of the Islamic persuasion, so why should not the world in response compel the Islamic nations to become secularized? While the fanatics are attempting to Islamize Europe, we should be attempting to secularize Saudi Arabia and Iran in response.  How’s that?

European Court Of Human Rights Bans Crucifixes In Classrooms In Italy

Italy has reacted furiously after the European Court of Human Rights ruled crucifixes should not be displayed in the country’s schools.

The landmark judgment could force a Europe-wide review of the use of religious symbols in state-run schools

panel of seven judges in Strasbourg said the display of Christian crosses, which is common but not mandatory in Italian schools, violated the principle of secular education and might be “disturbing” for children from other faiths.

European Court Of Human Rights Bans Crucifixes In Classrooms In Italy

The European Court of Human Rights strikes a blow against the continent’s Christian heritage. It is likely that the court would not be this chary toward granting the use of Islamic symbols — and certain that Islamic expression in Europe will continue to grow as Christianity continues to wane….


  1. I am nothing but appalled when the legal system can be used to impose or modify culture. It’s society itself that should be at the helm of determining the direction of the culture, and this is what I would really label a tyranny. This is [b]not[/b] the correct way to move toward secularism.

    1. TPTB
      I seems more and more, the WEATHY ELITE have taken over evry single FORM of government and have taken away “rights” given us, by our creator. (That is to say IF…there IS a “creator?”) “WE” have ALL been raised on the same LIES and “fantacies” as were our parents, and theirs before them and so-on. Unless or until, SOMEONE, ANYONE, with the ability to change this BS about a “male” So-called “GOD” that “listens to every prayer, and knows the name of ALL the stars, I mean please, get real! But this BS story has lasted over 2,000 YAERS and isn’t ;likely to change ny time soon. Long ago, TPTB discovered a “CONTROL MECHANISM.” THAT “CONTROL MECHANISM” IS KNOWN AS religion. “DIVDE and CONQUER.” THAT is the very reason for “Religion.” Keep “the people” from joining together against the “establish-MINT.” This world does NOT NEED a “One World Government.” Oh, that was the term Hitler used. The one Osama, (I mean Obama) and George H. W. Bush used was “New World Order.” This (BIG) “idea” (to use G.H.W.Bush’s terminology) has been around since before the Romans. It aint likely to “go away” until THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD “unite” under a single purpose. That purpose is to make ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL! PERIOD!

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