Israelis brutalize Palestinian kids

We have heard much about the brutality on both sides in this battle over a small piece of land at the heart of so much trauma globally. In the massively slanted media widespread around Europe and the American “lefty liberal” media, we constantly hear about abuses by Israelis against the poor, innocent “Palestinians.” Such lopsidedness unfortunately has a tendency to numb one to atrocities committed by individuals when they actually occur.

In this case, we find accusations that Israeli soldiers are continuing a patter of brutality alleged earlier in the works of such writers as Ralph Schoenman in The Hidden History of Zionism: To wit, Israeli troops are accused once again of abusing Palestinian youths.

Israeli troops ‘ill-treat kids’

A former Israeli military commander has told the BBC that Palestinian youngsters are routinely ill-treated by Israeli soldiers while in custody, reports the BBC’ s Katya Adler from Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“You take the kid, you blindfold him, you handcuff him, he’s really shaking… Sometimes you cuff his legs too. Sometimes it cuts off the circulation.

“He doesn’t understand a word of what’s going on around him. He doesn’t know what you’re going to do with him. He just knows we are soldiers with guns. That we kill people. Maybe they think we’re going to kill him.

“A lot of the time they’re peeing their pants, just sit there peeing their pants, crying. But usually they’re very quiet.”


  1. Irsraeli treatment of Palestinian kids
    Israel is a country based on one religion, Judaism. Any religion worth it’s salt monitors all violence by it’s representatives. Make your own conclusions!

  2. Oh dear. Here we go again. The “poor Palestinians” have been subjected to the Rothschilds creation – namely the Zionist State of Israel for some 60 odd years now – and its very presence is an affront to their nation and sense of community.

    Naturally, the placing of Israel has been coldly calculated to cause maximum irritation and outrage amongst the Arab states. Why wouldn’t they be a little miffed at this massive US backed fascist-like creation being dropped on their doorstep with its continual demands for more land – always more land. Anything that promotes a young child to adopt an explosive belt as its only means of expression must be pretty ugly. And yes, the Fascist State of Israel is very ugly.

    And yes, are you going to answer any of the comments or sit smugly in your ivory tower pumping out more Ialamophobic material ad nauseum?

    Yours sincerely

    A former admirer

    1. Israeli’s Brutalize Palestinian Kids
      javascript:JOSC_emoticon(“:zzz”) Radical:
      Judging by your judgment, you appear to also be a jerk with no courtesies.
      The Israeli’s are not free from criticism for sure.

  3. Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

    I believe you are misreading my work.

    I have already answered many of the comments here, including what appear to more your fallacious smears about “Islamophobia.”

    There’s no need to be nasty.

    There are many forums where you can go spew anti-Israel rhetoric, make personal attacks on others and toe the Islamist party line. No need to do so here.


    1. Well, sorry if I have spoiled the party. I do not believe that commenting accurately about the current state of affairs in Israel is rhetoric. I fear that for anyone living in Gaza at the moment such comments would be very mild indeed.

  4. Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

    While you continually post insulting remarks about my criticisms of the atrocities of Islam–which actually take courage, rather than sticking your head in the sand and sniping at others–you are apparently oblivious to what many Gazans are now suffering under [b]fanatical Islamic rule[/b] ([url][/url]).

  5. Bravo!
    Former admirer: Bravo to you sir(or maam)! Yer right on target concerning that state of israel!

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